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The 13 Best Products for Left-Handed People

Navigating the world as a leftie can be challenging, but these products can help.

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Can opener

Finding kitchen utensils can be a challenge for lefties. But the Left-Handed Manual Can Opener is made to fit on the left side of a can and rotates counter-clockwise, making it easier for lefties to turn. One reviewer wrote: “I bought this for a friend who is left-handed and was having trouble opening cans… Now with this, opening cans is a breeze!”

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Got some bottles of wine to open? This Left-Handed Corkscrew can help lefties make sure no cork winds up inside your merlot. The corkscrew also comes in a cute minnow shape. One reviewer wrote: “Works exactly as advertised. Great buy and very clever design.” Then check out these hilarious tweets only left-handers will get.

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Bamboo utensil kit

Cooking as a leftie can also be challenging, but this Bamboo Utensil Kit is designed with southpaws in mind. The kit includes a spatula, stir spoon, wok tool, and pot sitter—and the bamboo material doesn’t conduct heat. One reviewer says: “Very nice quality. Was afraid the wood wouldn’t hold up, but very durable and a unique cute gift for a leftie.”

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College-ruled notebooks

The traditional spiral notebook is challenging to write in for lefties. With the Left-Handed College-Ruled Notebook, though, the spiral is on the right. A reviewer wrote: “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It could be cheaper but… I was able to comfortably write my notes and I didn’t have any pen marks on my hand which was a huge issue I had with normal notebooks.” Here’s the real reason some people are left-handed, according to science.

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Calligraphy pen

Looking for a nice gift for a leftie who loves words? Check out this calligraphy pen designed for left-handed people. A reviewer wrote: “It was very difficult to locate a left-handed calligraphy pen, so I was delighted to find this pen. It made a granddaughter very happy.” Think you know everything about being a southpaw? Find out the myths and truths about lefties.

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“Being a leftie, finding hand tools that are comfortable is always a challenge,” one reviewer wrote. “The Fiskars Left-Hand 8 Bent-Left is perfect. I don’t have to contort my hand to have it fit my thumb.” Ideal for cutting through fabric, these stainless steel scissors are ergonomically designed to fit lefties. Here are just a few more myths about left-handed people—and two surprising truths.

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Computer keyboard

It may seem like the workplace is designed for righties. But this keyboard features the numeric keypad on the left instead of the right for ease of use. According to one reviewer: “I wanted a keyboard that would allow the mouse to be closely positioned to the keyboard, but still had keys on the right that I was accustomed to using with my right hand, e.g., home, end, and control. This keyboard is it.” Now that you’re finding out some of the best products, make sure you avoid the 20 worst products for lefties.

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Now that you’ve got the keyboard, you can also use a mouse. This mouse is ergonomically designed for lefties and it’s also wireless. But even righties appreciate it. One reviewer wrote: “I am right handed and learned to use a left-handed mouse to give my right hand a break. Plus I now can take notes with my right hand while using my left hand on the mouse. It took me a month to learn to use a mouse with my left hand with proficiency. Now, all my employees have them.”

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Laptop bed tray

If you spend a lot of time on your computer, you’ll appreciate this laptop bed tray designed especially for lefties. A reviewer wrote: “I purchased this desk to use as a standing desk in my office at work. Sitting at a desk 40 to 50 hours a week was starting to take a toll on my health. After three weeks it seems to be holding up well and matches the office decor, and has me standing most of the time instead of sitting.” Here are 7 ways a left-hander has advantages over a right-hander.

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Measuring tape

Doing some home repairs? Make sure you get accurate dimensions with this measuring tape designed for lefties. One reviewer wrote: “I finally found it. I was so happy when I was finally able to hold a tape measure in my dominant hand, pull the tape out, and see the numbers right-side-up. I just kept opening and closing it over and over again.” While it may not be as easy to find products that work for you, there are lots of advantages of being left-handed.

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Pruning shears

Just like scissors, it’s important to have pruning shears designed for lefties to make the most out of the tool. One reviewer wrote: “OMG! Love having a left-handed gardening tool and these are really difficult to find. This pruner is heavy duty, fits in my small hand and is comfortable. Wish more tools could be made for lefties.”

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Playing cards

Lefties don’t want to be left out of the fun, either. The numbers on these playing cards appear on the right instead of the left. One reviewer wrote: “My grandson is left handed. We were playing cards and he said he thought it would help him if the cards had the numbers on the other side. So I ordered them and we are very pleased.” Here are 83 brain games guaranteed to boost your brainpower.

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Baseball glove

Playing baseball as a southpaw is a breeze with a left-handed glove. One reviewer wrote: “I’m 37 years old and my son is just getting into baseball. I needed a new glove so we could play catch. This is a beautiful glove! It comes pretty broken in and soft. The smell of the leather is heavenly.” Then learn the 15 things you never knew about left-handed people.

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