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Best Restaurants in the U.S., According to Customers

TripAdvisor ranked the top ten restaurants for everyday dining in the United States based off customer reviews. You'll never guess where number one is!

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Pane & Vino restaurant
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Best Restaurant #1: Pane & Vino

One of the best restaurants in the U.S. is this Italian joint. It’s is ranked as the #1 restaurant in Miami Beach, and for good reason. The most talked-about subject for Pane & Vino is how fresh the homemade pasta is. According to reviews, customers rave about the restaurant’s attentive service and its tiramisu, the dessert you must have if you go. The restaurant is described as having a great atmosphere, friendly service, and food that’s not overpriced. There are also plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options, making it a great spot for every type of diner.

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Mon Ami Gabi
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Best Restaurant #2: Mon Ami Gabi

With close to 17,000 TripAdvisor reviews, it’s clear that Mon Ami Gabi on the Las Vegas strip is most popular for its brunch. Customers say the staff at this French bistro-style eatery is warm and welcoming. Be sure to sit outside for fantastic views, directly overlooking the beloved Bellagio fountains. For those eating here for dinner, the steak frites and French onion soup are the way to go.

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Hog Island Oyster Co
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Best Restaurant #3: Hog Island Oyster Company

If you’re talking about the best restaurants you have to discuss this one. According to customers, Hog Island Oyster Company in San Francisco is a must-try for tourists and locals alike. Since it’s one of the best restaurants, there can be a long line—but it’s well worth the wait. Hog Island Oyster Company serves up quality, fresh oysters in a variety of styles and is perfect for either lunch or dinner. It’s located along the Embarcadaro and is next to the Golden Gate ferry port that you can take to nearby Sausalito.

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Phil's BBQ
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Best Restaurant #4: Phil’s BBQ

For some of the best BBQ food in America, head to Phil’s BBQ in, not North Carolina or Texas, but…San Diego. The always-busy local joint is filled with people lining up to get a taste of their ribs, onion rings, brisket, and more. Even though there may be a wait for a table, the staff is friendly and the service is quick. Customers rave about the quality and portion size of the dishes, saying that it’s not too greasy like other BBQ spots.

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Spice Symphony
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Best Restaurant #5: Spice Symphony

One of the best restaurants in the United States is in the heart of the Big Apple. This casual dining Indian restaurant is a must when in New York City. Continuously described as the “best I’ve ever had,” Spice Symphony leaves a lasting impression on customers after their dining experience. Foodies love the midtown east restaurant’s typical Indian staples including samosas and garlic naan, along with its broad wine list and waiters who know how to expertly pair them with the flavorful dishes. Find out what 17 professional chefs say they would never order at a restaurant.

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Duke's Waikiki
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Best Restaurant #6: Duke’s Waikiki

Have you heard of Hula Pie? According to the consistent praise in customer reviews, the owner of Duke’s Waikiki created the Oreo-crusted Hula Pie dessert long ago, and it has been Hawaii’s most legendary dessert ever since. The restaurant is located right on the beach, perfect for viewing the sunset and chowing down on their delicious fish tacos and poke bowls. If you’re lucky, you’ll even catch live music.

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Blue Heaven
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Best Restaurant #7: Blue Heaven

This charming outdoor restaurant is described as having a tropical atmosphere and fresh food, especially straight-from-the-dock seafood. Blue Heaven in Key West, Florida, one of the best restaurants for brunch. Plus, the chefs cook up some local favorites: lobster grilled cheese and lobster benedict. According to customers, the restaurant is vegan-friendly and offers great alternatives for eaters with dietary restrictions.

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Santa Barbara Shellfish Company
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Best Restaurant #8: Santa Barbara Shellfish Company

Seafood fans should head over to Santa Barbara Shellfish Company. It’s one of the best restaurants in the United States and boasts a superb location and even better food. The portions are very generous, and customers love eating the crabs taken directly from fresh tanks. This restaurant seems to be a favorite for families, as kids love the experience, and there are many menu options for them. It’s a super casual and delicious spot with ocean views. Check out these 10 restaurants with the weirdest dining experiences in the world.

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Oceana Grill
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Best Restaurant #9: Oceana Grill

Who doesn’t love breakfast served all day? Located in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans is Oceana Grill, loved for its renowned crab cake and gumbo. According to customers, it does stay open late and gets pretty busy, so call for reservations beforehand. The staff is very hospitable and the service is quick once seated.

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The Pink Door
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Best Restaurant #10: The Pink Door

Seattle’s The Pink Door makes the cut, thanks to customers’ rave reviews about the restaurant’s unique vegetarian twist on lasagna; it’s permanently featured on the menu. The ricotta-orange ravioli is also a top favorite. There’s also a more lively bar section in the back, for those who want a more casual dining experience at one of the best restaurants in the U.S. Next, don’t miss these 57 things your restaurant server isn’t telling you.

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