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Betty White’s 6 Best Zingers on “Hot in Cleveland”

From our partner: On the TV Land series, the nonagenarian comedian shines in the Emmy®-nominated role of Elka Ostrovsky, dishing quotes and one-liners with impeccable timing.

Courtesy TV Land

On texting

“GTGTPIRIO—it’s senior text: Got To Go The Price Is Right Is On.”

Courtesy TV Land

On appearances

“Sweats, pizza, and wine—it’s like the cover of Giving Up magazine.”

Courtesy TV Land

On attitude

“Don’t put yourself down, dear—that’s my job.”

Courtesy TV Land

On staying active

“I feel like an energetic 40 year-old—in fact, I could go for one right now.”

Courtesy TV Land

On actors

“If God wanted actors to think—he would’ve given them brains!”

Courtesy TV Land

On men

“If the guy’s a cutie, you’ve gotta tap that booty.”

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