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10 Things to Keep in Your Purse to Be Insanely More Productive

Your purse is the keeper of everything you need on a given day. But let's face it: Do you really need 20 pens and two half-empty bottles of hand-sanitizer? Probably not. What you do need? These awesome products that help you multi-task like the powerhouse you are.


For bright ideas

There’s no way to predict when that stroke of genius will hit: Maybe while waiting in line at your local coffee shop or maybe while driving and stuck in traffic. Instead of jotting it down in the notes section of your phone (and forgetting about it approximately five minutes later), consider collecting your big ideas in a nice journal, like one from Valfre, designed by a Mexican-born artist. Small enough to nestle in your bag without causing a bulge, this beautiful pad, will keep you inspired 24/7, and may even help you reduce stress.


For your java habit

As cute as those tall plastic tumblers with the straws are on your Instagram feed, they’re not very practical for commuting and running from meeting to happy hour. Instead, you need a leak-proof, insulated travel mug that’s small in size, but great in value. Whether if you fill it with water, coffee, or vodka (shh… we won’t tell), you won’t have to worry about having a wet bag, and you’ll stay fueled all day.


For focusing and jamming out

Once you’ve boarded a plane more times than you can remember, you quickly come up with a personal routine. From how early you get there before takeoff to how you pack, travel habits are unique and at times, comforting, to your experience in the friendly skies. But next time you want to do a nice balance of shooting off emails and getting some sleep, consider these noise-cancelling headphones. They’ll keep out the sounds of the mouth breather in the row in front of you, and allow you to tune in to your daily jams when you need a pick-me-up.


For never having to worry about Wi-Fi

Kind of like dating, the quality of Wi-Fi service comes in all shapes and sizes and provides plenty of surprises and disappointments. But if you’re someone who needs access all the time, no matter what, Skyroam might be your best new friend. It’s available in dozens of countries; you simply pay for Wi-Fi as you need it ($10 per day for Internet), and you never have to worry about your cell phone bill going over or finding a local cafe that has a hotspot. It’s all in this nifty, portable carry device.

networkingpixelheadphoto digitalskillet/Shutterstock

For networking

As old school as business cards may seem for keeping up with potential clients, future bosses, or even potential tailors, painters, and plumbers, a place that houses contact info in your purse is a must. (It’s not exactly professional to spend two minutes digging in your bag while you try and discuss your career background, eh?) What we love about the Perch Business Card Snap Case isn’t just that it’s cute and simple, but that it can double as a credit card holder too. Done and done. (Here are some networking tips that even introverts will find helpful.)


For preventing hangovers

Regardless if it was that final margarita that did you in or your co-workers peer pressured you into beers you didn’t actually need, your alarm clock is now reminding you that it’s 7 a.m. and well, you’re hungover. What’s a better way to multi-task than to drink and prevent your hangover the next day? Made with B vitamins, Milk thistle, Chicory root, Zinc, Magnesium, Chinese date extract and more, Over EZ Capsules help prevent that next-day headache. How does it work? Take one with your first alcoholic beverage (and some water) and enjoy freedom from tomorrow’s bed-spins.


For whiter teeth in a minute

Whitening strips sound great in theory, but if you’re swamped, how can you sit still for 30 minutes a day, waiting for your pearly-off-whites to get whiter? You can now multitask while you drive (or sneak away to the bathroom in between meetings) with AuraGlow On-The-Go Teeth Whitening Pen, a one-minute whitening pen. All it takes is 60 seconds to start seeing a brighter smile.

dateEugenio Marongiu/Shutterstock

For a perfect hair day

So you’re headed out for date night with your main squeeze or for an evening of wine and chit-chat with your friends. You want to carry a clutch instead of your typical carry-all bag, but you’ll also need a brush to make sure your blowout stays in line. The miniature Brass Tile Mirror Go-Comb fits in your wallet, since it’s the size of a credit card, for easy travel. Talk about good hair and a good time. These are the beauty supplies you should always keep stashed in a desk drawer for midday touchups and a smooth day-to-night transition.

atworkESB Professional/Shutterstock

For staying professional (but prepared)

In sweltering heat or just because your long locks are annoying you for no good reason, sometimes you just need a hair tie on the spot. But finding a place to keep one where you can easily access it, all while looking put-together too, can be tough. Let this Hair Tie Bracelet multitask for you: It holds your hair tie and is also a cute accessory.

For working out and going out

As much as you wish (and hope and dream) for more hours in the day to get everything done, sadly, those 24 hours will keep coming and going. But if you’re trying to fit in a workout in the morning and you don’t have time to shower before your first meeting, consider using dry shampoo (like this travel size Batiste Dry Shampoo) to fake a great hair day. Trust us, no one will notice.

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