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Not a Fan of Valentine’s Day? Here Are 7 Ways to Boycott the Holiday

Try these fun things to make the 14th a little less miserable.


It’s that time again…

There are two types of people in this world: Those who love Valentine’s Day and those who wish their calendars went from February 13 straight to the 15. If you’re part of the latter, this article’s for you. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday so you could easily go into the office and pretend like it’s any other day. Of course, you’ll have to shield your eyes from the bouquets of flowers getting delivered to your coworkers then come straight home after work to avoid all those lovey-dovey couples in restaurants. Or…you could take advantage of this holiday that begrudgingly comes every year while boycotting it. Here’s how:


Learn to love something new

Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love for your significant other with lavish gifts and treats. Boycott Valentine’s Day this year by learning to love something new. Try out that yoga class you’ve been meaning to go to for the last couple of months, or pick up a new hobby such as drawing or writing.



There is no better way to make yourself feel good and appreciated than giving your time to others. Instead of sitting in a crowded restaurant filled with couples gazing into each other’s eyes, volunteer at a local food pantry or animal shelter.


Go out with your friends

To take your mind off of the pressure of Valentine’s Day, spend time with people that you love and make you happy. Invite your family over for a wine and cheese party or go out with your friends.

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Save your money—clean out your kitchen

Valentine’s Day is unnecessarily expensive. People spend ridiculous amounts of money on not only jewelry and flowers, but also dinner at an upscale restaurant. Take advantage of the foods you have in your pantry and refrigerator and make a creative meal. You’ll save money, and clean out your kitchen in the process. Need some ideas? Try these 20 delicious burger recipes.


Read your favorite book

Reading is the perfect single activity. Boycott Valentine’s Day this year by crawling into bed and cracking open a good book.


Treat yourself

It can be hard to watch everyone else besides you get spoiled on Valentine’s Day. But who needs a Valentine to go on a shopping spree? That’s right; Take this opportunity to treat yourself to a spa day or buy yourself a new pair of shoes. If you plan ahead, you could even have a package delivered to yourself on the 14th so you can have something waiting for your when you come home from work.


Visit or call your loved ones

Let your family and close friends know that they are loved. You will definitely feel better after being able to catch up with your grandma or friend that you haven’t been able to get together with for a while.

Morgan Cutolo
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