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25 Breathtaking Drone Images That Will Indulge Your Wanderlust

Gawk at the world's beauty right from the comfort of your own couch.

Top view of Horses RunningArctic-Images/Getty Images

While traveling isn’t really an option on the table right now, photography may be a way to take a mental vacation from all the stress in our world. Everyone could use an escape from reality during such difficult times and maybe the ability to fantasize of the beautiful places that have been explored, and most certainly will be explored again, is just what we need right now. The images below captured by drones encompass the adventure, nostalgia and ticket to dreaming of the future right from your couch. Be sure to also check out these breathtaking photos that will help you appreciate the beauty of life.

Aerial view of road through Danxia landform, Xinjiang, ChinaEastimages/Getty Images

Danxia Landform

An aerial view of the Danxia landform in Xinjiang, China, where the landscapes are uniquely red and branded by steep cliffs.

Shark Bay coastline shot from a drone point of view , AustraliaAbstract Aerial Art/Getty Images

Shark Bay

Shark Bay is found on the coast of the most western part of Australia with a distinctive combination of wildlife, plants, and beautiful scenery.

Aerial view of coral reef, Caribbean Sea, AntillesRoberto Moiola / Sysaworld/Getty Images

Caribbean Sea

A coral reef peeking through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea in Antilles, Central America. Don’t miss the most incredible underwater photos ever taken.

Aerial view of river and karst peaks, Phang Nga bay, ThailandMatteo Colombo/Getty Images

Phang Nga Bay

A stunning sunset over the Phang Nga Bay in Thailand.

Kerid craterrenATE photography/Getty Images

Kerid Crater

This crater in Iceland boasts neon blue waters surrounded by rare volcanic rock.

Aerial view of Aogashima Island, Tokyo, JapanIppei Naoi/Getty Images

Aogashima Island

This island just south of Toyko in the Pacific is a volcanic crater with another small volcano within. See the professional explanations of the most surreal natural phenomena.

Aerial View of Taxis, Manhattan, New York CityDong Wenjie/Getty Images

Manhattan, New York

The concrete jungle in the Big Apple showcases a different kind of beauty and a sense of wonder than the natural world.

Trollstigen (Trolls path) in sunsetBaac3nes/Getty Images


Also known as Trolls’ Path in Norway, this scene looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.

Bird eye view of Surat Thani fly in the morning.Peetatham Kongkapech/Getty Images

Surat Thani

A calm morning along the canal and through the forest in Thailand. Check out these perfectly timed nature photos that look fake but aren’t.

View of walking paths at South Beach, Miami, Florida at sunrisePola Damonte via Getty Images/Getty Images

South Beach, Miami

No need to leave the United States for white sands and crystal-clear water.

Remote location- Blacks Sands by Riverbeds, IcelandArctic-Images/Getty Images


The black sands in Iceland are picturesque in an eerie kind of way.

aerial view of whales swimming among icebergsMonica Bertolazzi/Getty Images

Arctic Ocean

Two humpback whales swimming in unison among the icebergs off the coast of Ilulissat, Greenland. Check out these travel movies that will make you feel like you went there.

A farmer tills a field with his tractorDennis Fischer Photography/Getty Images

Southern Germany

Germany isn’t all densely populated cities with an abundance of beer and giant pretzels. The agricultural landscape is just one of many lush green spaces across the country.

Mountain Pass Road, SwitzerlandAchim Thomae/Getty Images

Mountain Pass Road

A windy road snaking through the plush and charmed Swiss Alps.

Soccer field, Eidi, Eysturoy island, Faroe IslandsRoberto Moiola / Sysaworld/Getty Images

Eysturoy Island

Imagine trying to focus on the soccer game with the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other on this island in Denmark. Don’t miss the most colorful natural wonders on Earth.

Drone point of view over the red earth of the Australian OutbackVicki Smith/Getty Images

Australian Outback

An aerial view of the drylands and red earth of the Australian Outback.

Above of Fjadrargljufur canyon in summer, IcelandFEBRUARY/Getty Images

Fjadrargljufur Canyon

A magical canyon in Iceland with a name most of us will probably never be able to pronounce. Check out some more jaw-dropping photos of Iceland.

View from above, stunning aerial view of an old and beautiful lighthouse located on a rocky coast bathed by a rough sea. Faro di Capo Ferro, Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy.Travel Wild/Getty Images

Capo Ferro Lighthouse

An old lighthouse in Italy situated on a rocky coast surrounded by the rough sea.

Aerial view road cutting through forest.Nazar Abbas Photography/Getty Images

Waitakere Ranges

A road slicing through the stunning trees of the regional park in Auckland, New Zealand.

Aerial View Of Crowd Camping On MountainSupriyanto Felix / EyeEm/Getty Images

Ngablak, Indonesia

Visualize falling asleep on this mountain in Indonesia within a tent along with hundreds of your closest friends.

Sand dunes taken from a drone in the Arabian desert, United Arab EmiratesAbstract Aerial Art/Getty Images

Arabian Desert

These sand dunes in the desert of the United Arab Emirates look like the crinkles in a well-loved blanket. These real places look like optical illusions.

Aerial view of Paris city with streets and rooftops, Paris, FranceAlexander Spatari/Getty Images

Paris, France

Even the streets and rooftops from up above in France appear romantic.

Aerial view of people standing on pier at lakeNico De Pasquale Photography/Getty Images

Castle Gandolfo Lake

You can see the gorgeous textures under the water with this aerial shot of a lake in Rome.

Aerial View Of Cityscape During SunsetSven Hansche / EyeEm/Getty Images

London, United Kingdom

The enchanted lights of the energetic city of London featuring the iconic London Bridge. On the contrary, see some strangely satisfying photos of empty cities during coronavirus.

Aerial view of the Beach in Calhetas and GaibuWerner Büchel/Getty Images

Calheta and Gaibu

A touristy village and beach on the coast of Brazil. Next, see how nature untouched by humans is rebounding during the time of coronavirus.