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25 Breathtaking Drone Shots of Animals

These drone shots capture the beauty of animals all across the globe.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…drone!

And it’s capturing some of the most incredible images of animals to date. From polar bears on ice caps to dolphins in the ocean to sheep in a field, these high-definition images will give you a newfound appreciation for nature and the animals that live in it. After, check out these 30 photos of the rarest animals on earth.

Polar bear on sea ice

Have you ever seen a polar bear in its natural habitat in real life? Highly doubtful, considering these furry creatures populate the Arctic Circle. And with polar bear facing extinction threats due to climate change, catching a glimpse of these spectacular animals through a drone shot is even more important and exciting.

Common frog sitting on a water lily

We bet you’ve never seen a frog look this good. Although native to the United Kingdom, the common frog can be easily spotted all throughout Europe—although we can’t promise it will look as bright and vibrant as in this stunning photograph. Here are 60 of the most adorable animal photos ever.

Moth on stem

Moths are most easily identified by their unique markings. Hard to believe that at one point, this little guy was a caterpillar tucked away inside a cocoon. Do you know these butterfly facts?

Blue morpho butterfly on plant

Fun fact: The blue morpho butterfly is one of the largest in the world, with a wingspan of five to eight inches. They’re most commonly found in the tropical forests of Latin America. These are the most beautiful animal photos you need to see right now.

Seals on a sandy beach

From afar, this drone shot looks like a beautiful abstract painting, but zoom in and you’ll see that it’s merely a cluster of seals enjoying themselves on the beach. Life really does imitate art! Can you spot the animals camouflaged in these photos?

Gemsboks running over a sand dune

The gemsbok is a large antelope native to Africa. They tend to travel in herds, as shown by this stunning photo captured in the Namib desert in Naukluft Park, Namibia. These are 23 desert landscapes that look like paintings.

Koi carp swimming in a pond

For centuries, Koi fish were revered and desired throughout Japan. Today, they’re becoming a universal symbol of peace. The Koi in this particular image certainly looks peaceful as it floats through the crystal water with ease. Here are some of the most incredible underwater photos ever taken.

Brown Labrador in a field of grass

There’s a reason why they’re known as man’s best friend! If you’re having a bad day, looking at this adorable chocolate brown lab lying in such vibrant green grass is sure to lift your spirits. And if you really want to make your heart melt, look at these 30 adorable photos of dogs and babies playing together.

Group of camels crossing Arabian desert

Talk about perspective! Most camels tower over humans, with an average height of six feet and weight between 1,320 and 2,220 pounds. But in this aerial view from the United Arab Emirates, these mammals look no bigger than ants. These are 23 of the biggest living animals in the world.

School of dolphins cruising in tropical waters

Dolphins are extremely intelligent creatures, with a highly developed form of communication and a sense of culture—which is why it makes sense that they travel together in groups like this photo depicts.

Honeybee from above

We usually don’t get close enough to bees to admire their intricate beauty—and for good reason. Thanks to this drone shot, we can admire the honey-making insect up close without fear of getting stung. Ever wondered why the world needs honeybees?

Tigers in a swamp in the forest

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Well, in this case maybe just tigers. These majestic cats provide a stunning contrast to the green swamp they’re cooling off in. These are some of the most majestic tigers from all over the world.

Lesser flamingos flying over a lake

Just because this particular breed of flamingos is called “lesser” doesn’t mean they don’t compare to the other pink birds in the family. In fact, lesser flamingos are not only the smallest but the brightest of flamingos. Their bright plumage can be seen even from far away, like in this aerial shot of a group flying over Lake Magadi in Rift Valley, Kenya. We debunked the age-old mystery: This is why flamingos are pink.

Horses in the Mongolian steppe

Did you know that horses play a huge role in Mongolian culture? Actually, there’s a popular saying that goes, “A Mongol without a horse is like a bird without wings.” Good thing there are so many beautiful horses in the country like these clustered together on a plain. Baby horses (also called foals) can walk minutes after they’re born—do you know which other animals can do the same?

Aerial view of giraffes

Ever wonder what it would be like to see from a giraffe’s point of view? Since our necks will never stretch to their length, it looks like an aerial drone shot is the next best thing! See if you can guess the animal based on its footprint.

Pack of sheep in the Pyrenees

At first glance, this photo may look like sunflower seeds scattered across a brown background. But look again and you’ll realize that this is actually a flock of sheep, grazing in the Pyrenees Mountains. Here are ten weird animals you won’t believe are real.

Male whales chasing after one female

Hmm, it looks like whales may share even more similarities with humans than we originally thought. This incredible image captures several male southern right whales chasing after one female in hopes of mating with her. Sound familiar?

Row of bound together sheep at Mal Bazaar

Who knew sheep could be so fluffy and cute? This bunch is off to a livestock market in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China. Livestock markets are typical throughout the country.

Humpback whale swims in blue water

Talk about colors! In this stunning photo, a humpback whale is nearly the exact same shade of blue as the water of the Gold Coast Coastline in the early morning light. Did you know that the humpback makes the longest mammal migration?

Black cows in Bitlis

At first glance, can you tell what this is an image of? These cows are integral to the economy of the city of Bitlis, Turkey. Here, they are photographed being fed in the Guroymak district, which is one of the major stockbreeding centers in the whole country. These country photos show what farm life is really like.

Flamingos fluttering in Izmir Bird Paradise

This island, captured so beautifully via drone, was actually created as a “bird paradise” in Izmir, Turkey. The breeding island is home to about 18,000 flamingos, where the babies learn to fly and eventually live alone after spending two months with their families. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “empty nester.” These are ten of the smallest islands in the world.

Foals in Turkey

The only thing cuter than animals are baby animals, and this is proven by this drone shot of foals galloping across the green. Where can we get one? If you think your heart can take it, check out the 25 most adorable photos of baby animals.

Stork chicks in a nest

We all know the story of storks delivering babies…but what happens when the stork has a baby? Check it out for yourself in this incredible shot of stork chicks in a nest atop a pillar in Odessa Oblast, Ukraine. These bird puns are sure to quack you up.

Man amid a sheep herd

Who knew animals looked like this from above? This incredible geometric shape captured by drone is none other than a man herding a group of sheep on a farm in Bursa, Turkey. These 25 hilarious farm animals that will make you laugh.

Flamingos on Cakalburnu Lagoon

While these flamingos look like they’re floating in space, they’re actually gliding down a lagoon located off the coast of Izmir, Turkey. This lagoon is home to many bird species since it’s able to block out the wind, thus protecting our winged friends from the cold. And now, calling all animal lovers: Check out these 32 hilarious photos of cats and dogs you’ll instantly love.

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