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Getting Hitched? Here’s What Your Bridesmaids’ Dress Color Says About You

From navy and taupe to lavender and hot pink, here's what the hue you pick for your besties says about you.

What-the-Bridesmaids'-Dress-Color-You-Choose-Says-About-YouAndrey Nastasenko/Shutterstock

Light pink dresses work for girly girls

If you’ve chosen light pink dresses for your bridesmaids, we bet you’re someone who always carries a chic handbag and wouldn’t be caught dead without heels. You have a slightly ridiculous collection of lipsticks and enjoy, rather than dread, doing your makeup each morning. “The bride with blush or rosewater dresses is super feminine, yet classic,” says Danielle Gulic, co-founder of LoversLand and director of Twobirds Bridesmaids Dresses Canada. “She definitely owns a set of pearls. She is confident and she has re-watched Sex and the City… a few times!” Being a good bridesmaid is about more than just wearing a dress. Here’s all bridesmaid etiquette you need to know.

What-the-Bridesmaids'-Dress-Color-You-Choose-Says-About-You il21/Shutterstock

Hot pink dresses suit bold personalities

While light pink dress lovers are traditionally feminine, fans of hot pink dresses take girly to the next level. David’s Bridal buyer Katherine Cangemi says hot pink brides are “fun and vibrant.” By choosing short, hot pink dresses, Cangemi says “this bold bride wants her friends to stand out just as much as she does on her big day.”

What-the-Bridesmaids'-Dress-Color-You-Choose-Says-About-YouOlena Andreychuk/Shutterstock

Lavender is ideal for whimsical brides

If your personality is on the laid-back side, we bet you’ll seek the soothing effects of lavender bridesmaids dresses. This bride “loves a rustic vibe,” Gulic says. “She is getting married in field or in a barn.” Go ahead and call us psychic, but we imagine your dream ceremony taking place a stunning, forested field with bulb lights strung between the trees or one of these unusual wedding venues.


Taupe is modern and minimalist

If we were to sum up the taupe bride in a word, it would have to be “sophisticated.” As Gulic attests, a bride who chooses taupe bridesmaids dresses is “modern, clean, and is very confident that her maids should wear a color that complements her. She does not need to them to contrast, as her maids are a representation of who she is.” Chances are her reception is in a modern architectural setting. “Picture lots of windows!” Gulic says. Are you a guest at a wedding? Here are all those tricky wedding dress codes, decoded.

What-the-Bridesmaids'-Dress-Color-You-Choose-Says-About-You Matthew Ennis/Shutterstock

Navy bridesmaids dresses are preppy

Be honest, your wedding registry includes a range of striped and monogrammed items because, let’s face it, you’re proudly preppy and want this trait to show through on your big day. As such, it’s only natural that you’ve chosen navy bridesmaids dresses, which are most likely paired with pearl earrings and necklace sets. Find out the history of bridesmaids at weddings.

What-the-Bridesmaids'-Dress-Color-You-Choose-Says-About-YouEvgheni Lachi/Shutterstock

Champagne/gold dresses are favored by sartorial brides

Instead of “Here comes the brides,” you may as well place Fergie’s hit “GLAMOROUS” when you walk down the aisle, because honey, that’s exactly what you are. We bet you live to shop, your closet is overflowing, and you keep up with all the latest runway trends. Cangemi says, “gold and rose gold bridal parties are one of the biggest trends right now,” which is perfect for you, because you’d never choose something last-season. Your wedding is going to be over the top luxurious down to the very last detail. Speaking of OTT, don’t miss these outrageous wedding proposals.

What-the-Bridesmaids'-Dress-Color-You-Choose-Says-About-You jujikrivne/Shutterstock

Moss green gowns are for the health conscious, ethereal bride

If you spend your life striving to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle, we know you love moss green bridesmaids dresses. “This bride is free-spirited and likely incorporates earthy, natural elements into her wedding,” Cangemi says. You love that this color is “delicate, fresh and natural,” Gulic adds. “This bridal party will not have up-do’s —all hair will be loose and natural. Men will be in linen and of course no tie! Shoes are optional at this wedding. Think of a chic, outdoors setting with candles,” she says.


Brides who let their maids decide are liberal

If you tell your bridesmaids to wear whatever they want or simply stick to a color range, you’re the antithesis of a bridezilla. Instead, you’re relaxed, hands-off, and would rather everyone feels comfortable than cookie cutter. You trust your bridesmaids’ taste, and therefore are liberal in granting them the freedom to dress themselves. Tip: this is also a great way to cut back on wedding expenses.

What-the-Bridesmaids'-Dress-Color-You-Choose-Says-About-YouOleksandr Lipko/Shutterstock

Royal blue dresses are chosen by spirited brides

Cangemi says fans of royal blue dresses (and sapphire, for that matter), can be described as “enthusiastic and spirited.” We bet your bridesmaid lineup comes straight from your college sorority. While everyone at the wedding cheers you on, you’ll spend the night making sure your guests feel beautiful and appreciated. This bride “prefers cooler weather and wants her maids to add a hint of drama and glam to the wedding,” says Gulic.

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