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20 Delicious Burger Recipes You Need to Try ASAP

Updated: Aug. 02, 2023

From classic ground chuck to vegan patties, let's be frank about burgers: What's not to love? We rounded up the best burger recipes from some of our favorite food blogs.

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Adventures in Cooking

Bacon Blue Cheese Burger with Caramelized Onions

Warning! The Better Burger Bureau confirms claims that this loaded burger recipe from blog Adventures in Cooking may very well launch you into a bleu-cheese-and-caramelized onion-infused dream.

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Lemons and Anchovies

Chipotle Turkey Burgers with Southwestern Slaw

These turkey burgers from blog Lemons and Anchovies pack some heat, even dressed with a unique, peppery slaw recipe (that may become your summertime staple). Don’t miss this foolproof guide to grilling burgers, chicken, and everything else.

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Taste and Tell

Taco Burgers

This may be one of our favorite burger recipes. You’ll be the taco of the town with these burgers from Taste and Tell, which are spiked with taco seasoning and studded with crushed tortilla chips. Finish up with taco fixings: melted jack, salsa, sour cream.

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Iowa Girl Eats

Chicken Caesar Burger

Wedge that salad between a bun like they do on blog Iowa Girl Eats with a ground chicken burger, parm, and Caesar dressing.

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Iowa Girl Eats

Canyon Creek Burger

Like breakfast, but better: This formidable burger recipe from blog Iowa Girl Eats stacks bacon, egg, fried jalapeños on a cheesy, beefy patty and then tops it off with a slick of blackberry jam or grape jelly.

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Smells Like Home

Cheddar Jalapeño Chicken Burgers with Guacamole

Fowl play! This chicken burger from blog Smells Like Home oozes with jalapeño, cilantro, cheddar cheese, and lime juice, and then gets topped with even more of the sharp stuff and ranch dressing to taste.

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Love and Olive Oil

Gorgonzola Lamb Burgers with Pickled Cherry Relish

Love and Olive Oil tops a seasoned ground lamb burger with a generous smear of impressive-sounding but easy pickled-cherry relish recipe. Top with a dollop of creamy Greek yogurt to cool things off.

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Spinach Tiger, Angela Roberts

Turkey Burger with a Twist

Blogger Spinach Tiger invents a zesty burger recipe with dark-meat turkey, fresh spinach, Worcestershire sauce, and an unlikely pop of flavor from chopped, dried plums. (Figs, cranberries, or raisins would work, too.)

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Adventures in Cooking

Barbequed Maple Balsamic Burger with Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Holy smoke, these burger recipes! On the blog Adventures in Cooking, these burgers get a rich, woodsy flavor after being cooked with hickory smoking chips. Soft pretzel buns make this a grand slam.

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Queen of Quinoa

Cilantro-Quinoa Turkey Burgers with Garlicky Kale

Protein-rich burger recipes from blog Queen of Quinoa are blanketed by smashed avocado, ripe tomato slices, and a heaping layer of garlicky kale. Omit the cilantro and swap lettuce for kale if you’re not a fan.

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mushroom stuffed cheeseburgers
Taste of home

Mushroom-Stuffed Cheeseburgers

This recipe from Taste of Home is a true keeper: a melty mixture of sautéed mushrooms, peppers, bacon, and provolone tucked inside grilled patties.

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Spicy Black Bean Burger

Beany, baby: A meatless burger recipe from the blog Spoon Fork Bacon mixes black beans, summer-fresh corn, and plenty of spices (curry powder, cumin, cayenne pepper) for a thick, savory burger with a kick. Trimmings sound good too, with a whole-wheat bun layered with sprouts, avocado, and tomato.

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Taste of Home

Paul Bunyan Burgers

For goodness steak! It’s hard to resist these loaded burgers from Taste of Home, stuffed with American cheese, mushrooms, onion, and bacon and with a kick of horseradish and Worcestershire sauce. Check out the biggest burger in the world.

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Oh My Veggies

Teriyaki-Glazed Brown Rice & Edamame Burgers with Grilled Pineapple & Crispy Green Onions

To beef or not to beef? If you’re going meatless, these Asian-inspired burgers from blog Oh My Veggies combine edamame with brown rice and stack up with thick slices of grilled pineapple, vinegar-y slaw, and crunchy grilled green onions.

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Cookie and Kale

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Veggie Burgers

Mighty meaty: Smoky spices give a chargrilled flavor in these veggie burgers from blog Cookie and Kate, a taste typically found only in a grilled-beef burger. Note: The no-egg recipe is also vegan and gluten-free. Don’t miss these golden rules of having a healthy grilling season.

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This Rawsome Vegan Life

Raw Yam Burgers and Daikon Fries with Ketchup

Burger recipes, she wrote: Blogger This Rawsome Vegan Life developed a raw, vegan burger recipe with superstar foods like yams, red bell pepper, garlic, ground flaxseed, mushrooms, and nutritional yeast. Homemade ketchup comes together in a snap by quickly blending tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, dates, salt, and lemon juice.

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Holy Cow Vegan

Beet Burger with Chipotle Cashew Hummus

Blog Holy Cow Vegan sandwiches juicy slices of roasted beet “burgers” between layers of caramelized onions, spicy chickpea spread, and a crisp bed of greens.

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caprese burger
courtesy the food charlatan

Caprese Burger with Artichoke Pesto Sauce

If you love the freshness of a classic Caprese salad, but you’re craving a burger, look no further than this recipe from The Food Charlatan. Stuffed with fragrant basil, fresh tomato, and juicy mozzarella, this burger is summer in a bun. We know that might be enough to tempt you, but you definitely don’t want to miss the artichoke pesto sauce or the balsamic glaze that give this burger its final summery kick.

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steakhouse burger
courtesy Alexandra Grablewski (Chronicle Books, 2018)

Juicy Steakhouse Burgers

Sometimes, you just need to stick to classic burger recipes, and this recipe from the new Once Upon a Chef cookbook does not disappoint. The secret burger hack? Using 85 percent lean ground beef and what’s called a panade, a mixture of bread and milk that will keep your burgers ultra tender.

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sriracha lime salad burger
courtesy peas and crayons

Spicy Chickpea Veggie Burgers with Jalapeño and Zucchini

Peas and Crayons brings us this spicy stunner of a burger: freshly grated zucchini, rich chickpeas, bell peppers, and hot jalapeño all make a star appearance in this recipe. The burger is then topped with a tangy honey-lime slaw and spicy Sriracha mayo. Yum!

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