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10 Best Gadgets for People Who Love Butter

We've rounded up ten gadget-y gifts for the butter lover in your life—and where to find 'em. You "butter" start shopping!

Sweese 3105 Porcelain Butter Keeper Crock - French Butter Dish - No More Hard Butter - Perfect Spreadable Consistency, Yellowvia

Butter Keeper

Who doesn’t love a melty gob of butter on mashed potatoes? This butter bell keeps butter soft and spreadable without refrigeration (here’s how it works). It’s the perfect gift for any butter lover who wants sweet, soft butter on command.

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French Bull 6" Spreader Set of 4 - Melamine Dinnerware - Butter, Bagels, Cheese, Knife - Floralvia

Butter Knives

Every day’s a party when you’re buttering your toast with these eye-popping French Bull butter spreaders. They’re made of BPA-free melamine, so safe for anyone to use, and can be tossed in the dishwasher (woo hoo!).

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Vintage Glass Butter Churnvia

Vintage Butter Churn

This vintage churn has all the charm of the original thing, with a bit more convenience. All you need is heavy cream and you can be making your own butter in ten minutes. You can even make flavored butter—here’s how.

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Butter Knife Magic, 3-in-1 Spreader, Grater, Slicer, Curler, 304SS Stainless Steel with Brushed Metal Finish. Create Spreadable Butter Ribbons and Slices. Stop Tearing Your Bread. Makes a Great Gift.via

Butter Knife Magic

This 3-in-1 butter knife acts as a spreader, grater, and slicer for those stubborn and rock solid sticks of butter. It allows butter to spread and soften easily, which is ideal for spreading on fresh-baked bread.

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Butterie Flip-Top Butter Dish with Matching Spreader (Light Blue)via

Butter Dish & Knife

This lovely butter dish is a pretty accessory for any kitchen, not to mention it keeps your butter safe and sound! The butter lover in your life will thank you for this one. Here’s why it’s OK to keep butter on the counter.

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Fox Run 5416 Butter Spreader with Built-In Cover, Plasticvia

Butter Spreader

Keep your hands clean while spreading the salty goodness of a stick of butter. This plastic tool helps spread butter on corn without any mess. Simply place a stick of butter in the plastic container and pop on the lid when you’re finished.

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Oggi 2-Piece Butter Warmer Set with Stainless Steel Standvia

Butter Warmer

Melted butter is a lovely topping for any food—from stovetop popcorn to broiled lobster. (Let’s be honest—butter makes everything better.) With this handy tool, you can have perfectly melted butter whenever you need it—which is all the time!

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THAT! Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife, Blackvia

Heated Butter Knife

We all know toast would be nothing without butter. This handy tool heats cold butter to a manageable temperature in minutes. It’s also easy to clean and conveniently rechargeable. Soft butter may be much easier to spread on your food, but browned butter can transform the flavor of your recipe. Here’s how to brown butter and why you should.

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Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Remover Precision Pen for Colors, 1 Pen (Pack of 3)via

Stain Remover Pen

Melted butter may be fantastic to eat, but it isn’t great for your clothes. Make sure the butter lover in your life is prepared with this easy-to-use stain fighting pen. Take it on-on-the-go wherever butter is on the menu. But you “butter” believe that it can also remove stains and 11 other ways you didn’t know you could use butter.

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Cooks Innovations SM1520 Butter Mill Grate Stainless Steel Skin, 3.5" x 3.5" w x 4.2" highvia

Butter Grater

For an easy, no-mess solution to softening hard butter, try out this stainless steel butter grater. It grates hard butter for easy spreading on toast, scones, pasta or potatoes. Butter can be stored in the stainless steel container for minimal clean-up. And if you didn’t know already, here’s the real difference between butter and margarine.

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