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Buy It Now, Enjoy It Now

When it comes to wine, cheese, and spirits, older isn't always better—here's why you can feel smart about buying the younger, less expensive versions.


According to wine expert Natalie MacLean, 90% of the wine produced in the world is meant to be
consumed within one year of release. So unless you’re set up to store wine, like in a temperature controlled safe spot, and are certain that wine will age
particularly well, drink up.


Some cheeses do get better with time—but cheese shops are making sure to age and
sell cheeses at perfect maturation, so you can eat them immediately for peak

Whiskey, bourbon, and other spirits

In general, spirits don’t change much after they’re bottled. So a well-sealed
bottle of Dunlivet will taste just as good—but not better—100 years from now.
Your best bet is to buy, enjoy, and repeat.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest