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12 Things You Can Buy on Amazon for Just $1

It's true—the cheapest things on Amazon are still quality products worth checking out.

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13 Things You Can Buy On Amazon For A DollarRD.COM, VIA MERCHANT (3)

Amazon is famous for its annual Prime Day deals, but you don’t have to wait for the occasion to start saving. In fact, you can spend almost nothing on the mega retailer and still come away with some quality products. Just because they’re the cheapest things on Amazon doesn’t mean they aren’t useful.

As it turns out, there are lots of things you can get on Amazon for about $1. You might even find that they’re products you’ll use every day. Although it’ll be a different shopping experience than browsing the weirdest things on Amazon or the most expensive item on Amazon, these items are an absolute steal (delivery fee not included).

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Wet n Wild lipstick
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This buildable wet n wild lip color in a stick has a silk finish and comes in more than 25 colors. Every color costs around $1, not just the luscious berry that goes by the name of “Bind Date,” which first drew our eyes to this incredibly inexpensive drugstore lipstick brand. More than 21,600 five-star ratings tell us we’re in good company.

This is one of the best lipsticks that I have ever used. I absolutely love it!” writes Krista Baker, a verified buyer.

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Glade Air Freshener
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Air Freshener

This tiny Glade air freshener works in any room in your house, and it’ll certainly make your bathroom smell good. Since it’s so small, it can easily hide behind a piece of furniture or decor so that your guests will never know your secret to keeping your house so fresh.

Five-star reviewer, Lexis Stingley, writes, “I place a few around the house and get to enjoy for about three weeks. If you haven’t tried them, it is a must-have.”

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Pack of 10 BIC ballpoint pens
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Ballpoint Pens

Nabbing one pen for less than $1 is a great deal, but 10? You can’t beat the savings. These classic Bic ballpoint pens are everywhere for a reason—they really work. And at 10 cents per pen, they’re just about the cheapest thing on Amazon.

“I can positively say that my life has changed, thanks to this purchase. I will tell the tale of the red writing devices to my offspring,” says five-star reviewer, Eleanor

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Dental floss picks
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Dental Floss Picks

When you eventually run out of the free floss you get at the dentist every six months, add this Amazon hidden gem to your cart. These mint-flavored Plackers floss picks come in a convenient case to carry in your purse or luggage, or keep in your desk at work. Not to mention they’re easier to use than the classic string.

“They work really well. I haven’t had a dud one yet,” says Paul C.  “I’ll probably never go back to regular floss.”

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Flossy Chew Rope Toy Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Dog Rope Toy

Pet parents know that you can never have too many dog toys, and a tug-of-war rope is just the thing for energetic pups who need lots of exercise to tire themselves out. The 100% cotton rope fibers even floss their teeth as they play. That’s a win-win in our book.

Amanda Davila, a verified purchaser, bought the rope for her goldendoodle puppy. “This rope has gotten chewed, gnawed, thrown, tossed, tugged and pulled for about two weeks straight and it doesn’t even show one thread of fraying,” she writes.

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Wet n Wild eye pencil
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Eye Pencil

This classic wet n wild eye color pencil has over 8,000 ratings, resulting in an average of 4.5 out of five stars. It’s available in multiple colors for any glam or natural makeup look. So go ahead, play around with your look and throw on a couple wings with this cheap find.

“I like to find bargains. This is one of those,” raves L. Hayward, a verified buyer. “I don’t go cheap on makeup because there is a big difference in foundations, etc., but this little eyeliner pencil meets all my needs, and is very affordable. It stays on all day, and only runs a little when I’m gardening under the hot Florida sun. Go for it. Buy it!”

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Dustless white chalk
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Dustless White Chalk

There are a few free things on Amazon, but snagging a pack of Prang dustless chalk for a little more than $1 feels like it might be just as rewarding as finding that elusive freebie. Now, this chalk isn’t the absolute cheapest thing on Amazon, but it may be the cheapest chalk you’ll ever find, and because it’s dustless, it will make less of a mess.

Ethan Sinyavsky, a verified buyer, writes, “Excellent chalk quality, writes great, no weird odor.” What more could you need from chalk?

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Kiss Nail Glue Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Nail Glue

A broken nail is bad enough, but a broken acrylic nail? Tragedy. Luckily, this Kiss Powerflex nail glue is here to save the day. Use it to adhere natural, acrylic or press-on nails and watch it work its magic. Some users compare its strength to super glue. Those nails aren’t going anywhere after using this!

“This glue is an absolute game changer,” writes Jennifer, a five-star reviewer. “I’ve obviously showered, done dishes, done so much yard work and I’m a crazy hand washer. No movement. They feel like salon-grade nails.”

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Drawstring bag
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Drawstring Bag

This multi-use drawstring bag will cost you not just less than$1, but less than $0.50. It’s available in 15 colors, so there’s bound to be one that strikes your fancy. Use it to store all the near-perfect Amazon products that you just realized you can’t live without.

“I was able to fit patches, bracelets, a reusable water bottle, a metal lunch box, a plush animal, T-shirt, Bluetooth speaker and beach towel into it! Room for days. Definitely worth the price,” raves Maria Kemmler, a five-star reviewer.

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Plastic Putty Knife Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Plastic Putty Knife

Sometimes when you go tool shopping, it’s for quality pieces that’ll last a lifetime. But other times, you’re looking for a single-use tool for a special project, like upcycling, that you won’t be repeating. When in search of the latter, know that Amazon has a 6-inch plastic putty knife just waiting to be snapped up.

Verified purchaser, Deann Kelly, writes, “This is a pretty nifty gadget. It gets into those really hard to reach places. Very good quality of bendable plastic.”

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Wooden Ruler Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Wooden Ruler

A classic Wescott wooden ruler is one of those things you don’t think you need until you’re desperate for a simple measurement or a straight edge to trace something. Save the future headache with this super-cheap Amazon purchase.

Can’t go wrong with a wooden ruler! It’s the only that doesn’t break in my sons backpack,” shares Haydee, a five-star reviewer.

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Wet n Wild eye pencil sharpener
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Eye Pencil Sharpener

Might you be in the market for an eye pencil sharpener? Somehow we just sensed it. This dual one from wet n wild has nearly 3,000 ratings, letting us know it’s a keeper. It has two slots for different pencil sizes.

Sheri Spain, a five-star reviewer, had a hard time finding a good sharpener. “I don’t have eyebrows, so I spend a lot of time using eyebrow pencils to draw them on,” she writes. “Discovered [this sharpener] and now won’t buy anything else. Great quality. Great price. Highly recommend!”

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