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Can You Guess What This Fireworks Display Is Called?

This mini-lesson will make you sound like a fireworks pro.

holiday fireworks fire colors night celebration background lights happy holidays new year pyrotechny christmas celebrate night glowing explosion explode pyrotechnics pattern colorful firework burstFranco Pane/Shutterstock


This “spherical break of colored stars” fireworks display is apparently the most common, so your chances of spotting it in the skies are pretty good. Many fireworks are named after flowers because they burst out of a shell or seed! But fireworks like these could be behind the scary statistics behind why the Fourth of July may be the most dangerous holiday.

fireworks with palm treesRafael SANTOS RODRIGUEZ/Shutterstock


When this fireworks display bursts, it looks like a palm tree (go figure). Some even have a thick tail that resembles a tree trunk.

Fireworks Kissimmee FloridaCarolyn Hutchins/Shutterstock


It’s a lot like the Peony and its variations, but this fireworks display produces trails of silver or gold stars that leave a weeping willow-ish outline. Is Fourth of July your favorite holiday? Take a trip to one of these 10 destinations known for their spectacular Independence Day celebrations.

FireworksSusan Cramer Stein/Shutterstock


Fast-burning and powerful, this fireworks display shoots stars straight out such that they look like spider legs. Tiny round green stars are inside the center of the shell that burst at the firework’s nucleus. Typically, larger gold comet stars border the green stars and flare out upon ignition. The animation can change by inserting different colored stars in special compartments on the perimeter of the shell’s cylinder.

The Burst 2M.Arsyad/Shutterstock


This fireworks display is a variation of the Peony, but the difference is that the stars leave a trail of sparks. It looks like a fiber-optic ball, or one of those globes that you put your hand on to attract the current at science museums. This is why July 2nd is America’s real Independence Day.

Fireworks from the Fourth of Julytromboneman15067/Shutterstock


Take a lot of tic-tac-toe boards and overlap them haphazardly. That’s kind of what the Crossette looks like, and this fireworks display is usually accompanied by a loud crackling noise.

Canada Day fireworks, Bridgewater, NSRPentz/Shutterstock


They can be arranged to look like atoms, but typically you see rings set within rings in this fireworks display. Next, add these 10 cities with the best fireworks displays to your bucket list.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest