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A Cape Cod Tour

Cape Cod Canal, Bourne Cape Cod is an exceptionally popular summer vacation destination. Its New England charm, breathtaking landscapes, and

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Cape Cod Canal, Bourne
Cape Cod is an exceptionally popular summer vacation destination. Its New England charm, breathtaking landscapes, and historical landmarks make it a unique and relaxing destination the whole family.

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Chatham Fish Pier, Chatham
Harbor seals are frequently found sunbathing off the coasts of Chatham. There have also been sightings of Grey Seals, which are very rare in other parts of the country. Your chances of seeing a seal is best during low tide in June, on a sunny afternoon.

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Fishing boats moor alongside quaint cottages in Menemsha. Generations of fishermen have used this harbor in Martha’s Vineyard as a launch point. Many record-holding fish have been caught in this area, proof that conservation efforts have paid off.

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Bourne Bridge, Bourne
The Bourne Bridge connects Cape Cod to the mainland of Massachusetts, spanning 616 feet over the Cape Cod Canal. When summer traffic gets heavy, the Sagamore Bridge is an alternate route across the canal. It is situated a half mile to the west.

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Higgins Farm Windmill, Drummer Boy Park, Brewster
Windmills, like lighthouses, can be found throughout Cape Cod. This particular windmill was built in 1795 and once housed a poor blacksmith, his wife, and their ten children.

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Cranberry Bog, Harwich
Cranberry harvesting is a big part of Massachusetts’ heritage, dating back to the 1600’s, when Native Americans introduced the crop to Pilgrims. A popular Cape Cod bike trail, the Rail Trail, passes by the cranberry bogs of Harwich. The vibrant red bogs make for a scenic bike ride.

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St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Hyannisport
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church rests on the top of Sunset Hill in Hyannisport, one of the highest points on the Cape. The Episcopalian religion in Massachusetts dates back to the 1700’s, with origins stemming from the Church of England.

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Cotuit Harbor, Cotuit
Cotuit is a popular destination for people who enjoy sailing. Specially designed sailboats called

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Chappaquiddick Ferry, Martha’s Vineyard
If you’re headed to Chappaquiddick Island, you’ll probably be taking the

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Old Harbor Lifesaving Station, Race Point Beach
This historic landmark was built in 1897 as a lifesaving station for shipwreck victims. It now serves as a public park exhibit, where rescue reenactments can be witnessed every Thursday in July and August.

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Cape Cod Bay, Sandwich
Sandwich is the oldest town in Cape Cod, dating back to 1639. Its ideal location and long stretches of beach make it a wonderful place to watch vessels passing through the Boston area, or just to watch the sunset.

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Old Manse Inn, Brewster
Brewster is known as the

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