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10 Clever Anti-Theft Products to Protect Your Car from Thieves

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) suggests a layered approach to successfully avoid becoming the victim of car theft. The first layer involves locking your doors, removing the keys from your car when you are not present, and parking in well lit spaces. The second layer involves devices like these.

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Zento Deals Security Tire Clamp

NICB’s second layer of security involves car anti-theft devices that are visible and/or audible. The Zento Deals Tire Clamp is a solid option. It securely wraps around your wheel to prevent theft attempts. Made of premium-quality ABS (also used to made Legos), with a PVC coating so that it does not scratch or damage the wheel rims. This tire clamp is strong, durable and long-lasting, and it works for cars, SUVs, ATVs, RVs, and even trucks. Most car break-ins are crimes of opportunity, so follow these 5 tricks to prevent thieves from burglarizing your vehicle.

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Wireless Anti-Theft Burglar Security Alarm

The last thing a car thief wants to do is bring attention to themselves. Simply install this security alarm on the inside of your door using a double-sided sticker or tie it with a strap. Set the “arm key” and leave your vehicle behind knowing that if a thief tries to break in, the super-loud alarm will go off.

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Keyless Entry Security Alarm System

This simple and effective car alarm system and keyless entry device works at a distance of up to 984 feet. It features central door locking and a shock sensor to detect if somebody is trying to tamper with your vehicle. If there’s any detection, it sets off an 80 to 120db alarm system. Keeping thieves far away from your car will protect your investment.

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Real-Looking Anti-Theft Alert Signal and Decals

This inexpensive fake alarm box with flashing light and warning decals will deter thieves who are tricked into thinking your car really has an active alarm system. Here are some of the things car thieves won’t tell you.

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The Club Steering Wheel Lock

NICB also recommends a steering wheel lock to protect your car from thieves. “The Club” gets rave reviews. Featuring an intense red metallic color, the device consists of a patented self-locking feature that locks with one pull. It also has three laser encrypted keys that cannot be duplicated, and is resistant to sawing, prying, hammering and freon attacks. Keep your garage secure with these tips.

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The Club Brake Lock

A break lock works to secure your vehicle by fitting around the brake or clutch pedal of your car. The device makes it impossible for the pedal to be used until the lock is taken off. The Club Brake Lock is particularly effective as it attaches to the steering wheel and brake, making it difficult to steer the car or use the brake. These cars are the most likely to be stolen.

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Stickers with GPS Tracking Warning

NICB also recommends theft deterrent decals. They’re an affordable and easy way to boost the security of your car. These particular car anti-theft stickers offer a warning to thieves to find an easier target. They’re big and bold at four inches wide, so they won’t be overlooked by troublemakers. Check out these 20 cool tech add-ons for your car.

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LoJack System

LoJack reigns supreme among anti-theft tracking systems, offering a 90-percent recovery rate. The system uses FM radio frequency technology, pairing with specially equipped police cars to pinpoint your stolen vehicle. According to Ted Sarah, a senior law-enforcement liaison for LoJack in Southern California, who spent 30 years as a vehicle theft detective in Pasadena, LoJack has been able to track down serious criminals too. “It could lead to a kidnapping, robbery or chop shops,” he said. “And every month, we get one to three ‘good’ ones, where you’ve got 8-12 cars [recovered at once].”

The system doesn’t come with stickers for your car, but you can purchase a LoJack anti-theft decal here.

LoJack is available in 30-plus states. See if your coverage area is available here.

With no recurring monthly fees and installation included, you can expect to pay $695 for the standard LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

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Keyfob Faraday Bag

Another option to consider is a device to block thieves from copying or boosting your wireless fob code to enter your vehicle. This Mission Darkness keyfob bag does just that. It’s the only bag on the market offering forensic-grade shielding, with a 100-percent signal block rating. See? With these devices, you can easily protect your car yourself, and you can absolutely fix these 10 car problems yourself, too.

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Sarcastic Sticker

Auto theft is no laughing matter, but this sticker attempts to inject a little humor. Expect some waves and nods of appreciation from other drivers when you have this sticker on your car. Just be sure you’re always watching out for these 13 signs that a burglar is watching you.

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