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7 Egg Dishes That’ll Put Your Cast-Iron Skillet to Work

Start your day off on the right foot with one of these flavorful cast iron skillet egg recipes.

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Country-Style Scrambled EggsTaste of Home

Country-style scrambled eggs

I added a little color and flavor to an ordinary scrambled eggs recipe with some green pepper, onion, and red potatoes. —Joyce Platfoot, Wapakoneta, Ohio. Check out these 4 breakfast tricks you’ll want to use over and over to cook perfect eggs.

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Cheddar-Butternut Squash ClafoutisTaste of Home

Cheddar-butternut squash clafoutis

I came up with this savory version of classic French clafoutis, and in the end, I could have eaten the whole pan myself. I shared it for dinner with a salad and my friends loved it. I dreamed of being in Paris with every scrumptious bite. —Joseph A. Sciascia, San Mateo, California

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Italian Cloud EggsTaste of Home

Italian cloud eggs

Drop egg yolks on nests of whipped Italian-seasoned egg whites, then bake in a cast-iron skillet. Dreamy!—Matthew Hass, Franklin, Wisconsin

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Sweet Potato and Egg SkilletTaste of Home

Sweet potato and egg skillet

I try to incorporate nutritious sweet potatoes in my meals as often as possible, especially with breakfast. This recipe originated with the purpose of feeding my family a healthy, hearty breakfast…and it worked! —Jeanne Larson, Mission Viejo, California

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Dilled Salmon Omelets with Creme FraicheTaste of Home

Dilled salmon omelets with creme fraiche

This is one of our biggest hits on our menu. It has so much flavor with the dill and rich salmon that it will impress everyone at how fancy it is.—Nutmeg Country Inn, Susan Goodman, Wilmington, Vermont. Tuna is one of the 14 foods that have more protein than an egg.

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Farmer's BreakfastTaste of Home

Farmers breakfast

Start off your day on a hearty note! This one-dish wonder will easily keep your family satisfied until lunch. —Jeannette Westphal, Gettysburg, South Dakota.

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Sausage, Egg and Cheddar Farmer's BreakfastTaste of Home

Sausage, egg, and cheddar farmer’s breakfast

This hearty combination of sausage, hash browns and eggs will warm you up on a cold winter morning. —Bonnie Roberts, Newaygo, Michigan. Here’s what eggs would tell you, if they could talk.

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