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Here’s How You Can Celebrate the Royal Wedding at Home

Just because you aren’t invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Throw a party of your own to wish the couple well and bond with the British!

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Royal fansEddie Mulholland/Shutterstock

You need flags

No party in Britain will be lacking strings of Union Jacks. Storefronts and restaurants are already plastered with mini flags in preparation for the wedding. Have your flags in hand to wave when Harry and Meghan officially wed. These are the royal wedding etiquette rules every family member must follow. Try to follow some at your party!

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Royal Wedding Fans Show Their Spirit Decked out in Union JacksJoe Toth/Shutterstock

Set a dress code

You could ask everyone to dress in the colors of the Union Jack (red, white, and blue), or to dress up like royalty. Perhaps you’d even like to require extravagant hats and gloves! If you’re feeling bold, you could even sport a neon outfit just like the Queen. Here’s the reason Queen Elizabeth wears neon outfits all the time.

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Security guard of the Royal Guard with bearskin cap, Buckingham Palace, London, England, Great BritainMoritz Wolf/Shutterstock

Have a guard

Would it really be a royal wedding party without a proper British Royal Guard protecting your home? Get yourself a life-sized cut out of a guard to make your home feel like Windsor Castle.

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Coffee and a selection of cakes set up on in the gardenBBA Photography/Shutterstock

Throw a tea party

One party option is a British-themed tea party, with scones, egg salad or cucumber sandwiches, crumpets, clotted cream, and Earl Grey tea. To be extra festive, splurge on Harvey & Sons Royal Wedding Tea. It’s a delicious blend of Chinese Mutan White tea and pink rosebuds.

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Royal wedding memorabiliaREX/Shutterstock

Buy festive paper plates

You may not be able to find any with Union Jack designs near you, but you can probably find red, white, and blue plates, napkins, and cups. This is how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding will make history.

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Full English Breakfast - Traditional English fry-up with egg, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, sausages, black pudding, hash browns and baked beans. Served with slices of toast.Paul_Brighton/Shutterstock

Have an English brunch

It will still be early in America when Meghan and Harry have said their vows, so why not invite friends over for a celebratory English brunch? Fry up some eggs, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, and serve them with baked beans and toast for an authentic meal. If you feel like starting up the oven, try making the Queen’s own Drop Scone recipe.

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celebration, people and holidays concept - close up of happy friends clinking glasses of champagne at partySyda Productions/Shutterstock

Invite people for champagne and cake

Make sure you serve champagne or British sparkling wine! People reports that Chapel Down Sparkling Wine is rumored to be served at their reception. You’ll have to splurge if you want to drink like a royal at your party, though—one bottle goes for $35 to $42. For cake, whip up a lemon elderberry recipe to match the dessert Harry and Meghan will be serving at their reception.

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Fish and chips,Traditional British fish and chips,Fish and chips Fried fish fillet with french fries .RUKSUTAKARN studio/Shutterstock

Have a fish-and-chips do

Serve up some deep-fried cod and chips along with some British beer. Popular brands include Tetley’s, London Pride, John Smith’s, Newcastle, Boddington’s, and Old Speckled Hen. On the slim chance that you were actually invited to the royal nuptials, this is everything you need to know about attending the royal wedding.

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Create a fairytale centerpiece

Make or order a bouquet of white roses, or other flowers in red, white and blue. Try to incorporate myrtle into your bouquets because it’s the one flower that every royal wedding bouquet must have.

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luxury afternoon tea with a sparkling wineJeerawan Duangnam Herriot/Shutterstock

End the night with party favors

Send your guests home with leftover goodies that they can enjoy once the wedding is over. Include tea, a few flowers, a small bottle of champagne, and some scones. It will have them feeling like royalty for days. Next, check out these iconic royal wedding photos throughout history.