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Genius Ways to Use Your Phone’s Camera You Never Thought Of Before

Use your smartphone’s camera to snap:


Your RX bottles and vitamins together

This way you’ll have all medication information handy when you go to the doctor or an ER.


A plant or flower you like

Show the picture to the staff at your local nursery.


“You are here” maps at malls, parks, and subways

You’ll have a portable map as you keep walking.


The drink menu

Send it to a friend who’s running late to dinner.


Yourself wearing different outfits in a dressing room

You can compare the looks without trying on each item again.


Location signs in a parking lot

So you can find your way back.


Your wallet

Opened just enough to show what’s missing if it’s stolen.


A recipe’s ingredients list

So you can double-check what you need while grocery shopping.


Your license plate

You may need it for hotel parking or at the DMV.


Your health insurance cards, driver’s license, and passport

To have on hand in emergencies. To password-protect important photos, download an app like Folder Lock or Hide It Pro.

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