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8 Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts

It's not how much money you spend on Valentine's Day, it's the thought that counts. With these cute gift ideas, no one will accuse you of being cheap—or not caring. For more low-cost ways to say "I love you," don't miss these fun homemade Valentine's Day cards.

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Cheap Valentine’s Day token of love

A gift of loving affirmation is like a morning cup of coffee: warm and welcome ($18 and up, (Get our free Valentine’s Day guide packed with dozens of quick tips and sweet ideas for an amazing V-Day celebration.)


Cheap Valentine’s Day keys

A cute and inexpensive way to give the key to your heart—or, house—is with this personalized keychain, which can be customized with your own message or photo (around $4,

Cheap Valentine’s Day novels

Our books editor Dawn Raffel suggests these romantic novels (each under $20): Esmeralda Santiago’s epic tour de force Conquistadora; New Yorker humorist Calvin Trillin’s funny, sweet, moving tribute to his late wife in About Alice; Ann Patchett’s new essay collection This is the Story of a Happy Marriage; or the Romantic Comedy of Manners Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, about the endearing relationship between two lovers of literature by Helen Simonson.

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Cheap Valentine’s Day T

Personalize a T for the love of your life so everyone knows his status (around $14,


Cheap Valentine’s Day scents

Nothing says “I love you” more than a DIY gift, especially if you aren’t crafty. On the cheap, you can concoct an addictive
for a bubbly, fun Valentine’s Day bath.


Cheap Valentine’s Day treats

Kitchen DIY: Get inspired and find step-by-step instructions for these adorable teddy bear cake pops at


Cheap Valentine’s Day flowers

Take a bunch of always inexpensive carnations, then use tips from Real Simple to arrange them in a pretty bouquet. Also: 13 Things Your Florist Won’t Tell You »


Cheap Valentine’s Day message

Write how you feel, wash out a glass bottle, and cork up your note for an amazingly personal, inexpensive Valentine’s Day keepsake.

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