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10 Ridiculous Chicken Wing Recipes to Win Over Your Super Bowl Party

Think beyond traditional Buffalo wings with these tasty, easy chicken wing recipes to please any palate.

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Courtesy See Vanessa Craft

Crock Pot Buffalo Wings

This wing recipe is a staple you’ll want to make over and over. All you need: chicken wings of your choice, a cup of hot sauce, and a tablespoon of butter to get started. Drop these into your crock pot in the morning and they’ll be ready to go by kick-off. Check out See Vanessa Craft’s recipe here.

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Courtesy Chocolate Moosey

Curry Baked Wings

Spicy food lovers rejoice! These Curry Baked Chicken Wings from Chocolate Moosey pack the perfect level of spice without burning your taste buds. Bonus: the wings are baked, but still have that crunchy skin you’re looking for.

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Taste of Home

Glazed Chicken Wings

Classic barbecue lovers, dig into these! Taste of Home’s simple glazed wings recipe is the perfect appetizer to please a hungry crowd. Combine your choice of chicken wings, favorite barbecue sauce, honey, and soy, then enjoy.

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Courtesy Eclectic Recipes

Grilled Jamaican Chicken Wings

Looking for a lighter option? Try Eclectic Recipes Grilled Jamaican chicken wings. A delicious dry rub coats these perfectly grilled wings.

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Courtesy Scrummy Lane

Greek Baked Wings

Get inspired by Mediterranean flavors with Recipe Tin Eats Greek Baked chicken wings. The delicious rub made from olive oil, lemon, oregano, honey, salt, and black pepper can be topped off with fresh feta. Opa!

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Courtesy American Heritage Cooking

Chipotle Maple Baked Wings

Talk about finger-licking good: These Chipotle Maple Baked wings from American Heritage Cooking are worth the sticky mess. Each bite is equally spicy and sweet and the recipe allows for enough sauce to dip in.

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Taste of Home

Zesty Chicken Wings

Taste of Home’s spin on barbecue wings packs a zesty punch. The recipe is easy to follow and allows for extra dipping sauce. We suggest making double because these will go fast.

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Courtesy Simply Recipes

Old Bay Wings

You don’t need to be a Marlyand native to love these Old Bay seasoned wings from Simply Recipes. All you’ll need is chicken wings, unsalted butter, Old Bay seasoning, lemon juice, and cocktail sauce for dipping. The flavors are universally delicious.

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Courtesy It Is a Keeper!

Korean BBQ Grilled Wings

If you’re looking for a great sauce to dig into during game time, the sweet and savory combination in these Korean BBQ wings from It’s a Keeper is sure to score a touchdown.  The sauce is crazy addicting.

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Tase of Home

Honey-Mustard Wings

Honey-mustard is a staple condiment in many households, which makes this recipe easy to make in a pinch. Glaze chicken wings in spicy brown mustard, honey, butter, lemon juice, and turmeric and bake. For the full directions, check out Taste of Home’s recipe here.

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