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The Christmas Candy That Will Only Be Available for a Limited Time

Christmas candy is as fun to find as it is delicious to enjoy. These limited-edition candies are worth seeking out, whether to gift to yourself or to a friend that deserves a little love this time of year.

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Reese's Pieces Treesvia

Reese’s Pieces Trees

The newest addition to their Pieces line, Reese’s Pieces Trees combine the much-loved Reese’s Christmas Trees with the crispy Pieces candy. Sharp-eyed sweets eaters spotted a resemblance between the new Christmas candy and Mr. Hankey, the beloved Christmas Poo from South Park. For their part, Reese’s is taking the sharp jobs about the candy’s shape in stride, utilizing the hashtag #AllTreesAreBeautiful to promote the candy’s well-rounded, if not uncouth, shape.

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Oreo Candy Canesvia

Oreo-Flavored Candy Canes

Oreo lovers, this is your Christmas candy find for the year. These black-and-white swirled candy sticks deliver on the cookie flavor you adore with the candy cane shape for holiday spirit. These one-of-a-kind candy canes would make a great gift, too. According to Mars, maker of candy brands like M&M’S and Skittles, 51 percent of people give Christmas candy with their gifts every holiday season.

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Peeps Gingerbread Manvia

Peeps Gingerbread Man

Peeps may get the most attention at Easter and in the spring for their adorable chicks and bouncing bunnies, but they can be a wonderful Christmas candy treat as well. Take, for example, these Peeps Gingerbread Men. The cookie-shaped marshmallows have a delicately spicy ginger flavor with the classic Peeps puffy marshmallow texture. In addition to the gingerbread, Peeps offers several holiday options including cocoa-dusted Reindeer and minty, chocolate-dipped chicks. Test your holiday know-how: how well do you remember A Christmas Carol?

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Fruit Cake Nougatsvia

Brach’s Fruitcake Nougats

For laughs or in the name of a beloved holiday food, infamous fruitcake finds its way into a variety of Christmas treats, from cookies to cocktails. Thanks to Brach, maker of jelly beans and gummies, you can now enjoy fruitcake-flavored nougat, a sticky, stretchy confection that’s frequently used in holiday candies. You should also check out these holiday foods gifts that aren’t fruitcake.

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Clam Candy Canesvia

Clamdy Canes

Do you have a game of Dirty Santa in your holiday plans? Or do you love giving good gag gifts to friends and co-workers? This year, give the gift of the most interesting and peculiar Christmas candy: clam-flavored candy canes. If the sea-inspired sweet doesn’t fit the bill, consider the Mac & Cheese Candy Canes or Pickle Candy Canes. These unique treats are sure to garner good laughs—and maybe a new fan or two.

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Hot Cocoa Kissesvia

Kisses Holiday Hot Cocoa Chocolates

Hershey’s Kisses released their first new flavor in 10 years, and it’s perfect for Christmas candy gifts. The new Hot Cocoa Kisses feature a marshmallow-flavored crème surrounded by the classic Kisses chocolate shell. The combination of the flavors evokes warm and fuzzy memories of sipping hot cocoa by a crackling fireplace. While you’re in the holiday candy section, don’t forget their classic Candy Cane flavor. Pop one of each for a minty hot cocoa experience. These sweet Christmas decorations are cheap and easy to make.

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Kinder Joy Chocolate Treatsvia

Kinder Joy

Kids are sure to love this special holiday treat. They get the joy eating of a sweet cream topped with cocoa wafer bites, plus the excitement of a surprise toy when they’re finished. Kinder Chocolate, an Italian company, produces several gift-worthy candies at the holidays, from chocolate Santas to Choco-Bons, hazelnut cream-filled chocolate bonbons in beautiful packaging. While you’re chowing down, check out these surprising Christmas trivia facts you never knew.

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Skittles Holiday Mixvia

Skittles Holiday Mix

At Christmas, put away the rainbow and feature the season’s best color combination: red and green. The Skittles Holiday Mix ditches orange, yellow, and purple. What’s left is a combination of the iconic colors, perfect for decorating or just nibbling the chewy fruity candies if that’s what you prefer.

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Candy Coalvia

Hammond’s Bag of Coal

If you’ve been bad this year, Santa will bring you coal. But if you’ve been really bad this year, he may just treat you with this cinnamon-specked candy. With one bite, you’ll be glad for your naughty ways. The Hammond’s Bag of Coal is an iconic Christmas candy option, only available for a short time. It makes for a fun gag gift or one to remind people you know they’ve been bad this year.

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Reindeer Farts Cotton Candyvia

Little Stinker Bag of Reindeer Farts

Fill a room with giggles when you open this bag of “reindeer farts,” pink puffy peppermint cotton candy. The three-ounce bag, a perfectly shareable amount, is a great size for gifting, stockings, or tying onto the more serious gifts under your tree for a bit of levity and laughs. These are 17 of the grossest toys ever made.

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Pillsbury Elf Cookiesvia

Pillsbury Elf Sugar Cookies

Elves have four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. This year, however, those handy helpers may need to add another category to their list of approved foods: sugar cookies. That’s because Pillsbury recently released cookies inspired by the classic Christmas movie Elf. These sugar cookies go from box to cookie tray to oven in just minutes because they’re pre-sliced and decorated with Buddy’s green and yellow hat. These are the best Christmas cookies in each state.

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Ghirardelli Squaresvia

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Cookie Crunch Squares

Because of the beautiful packaging, Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares are ideal for holiday gifting. At the holidays, they release special flavors like Milk Chocolate Cookie Crunch. The creamy chocolate squares are studded with crispy caramelized cookie bits. Add a bag of these unique chocolates to any stocking or bag of goodies, or give them as a quick thank you to the postal worker who’s always so helpful with your many package deliveries during the year.

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Ribbon Candyvia

Ribbon Candy

While this candy is available year-round, the holiday-specific version of ribbon candy is colored with warm reds and vibrant greens. In a candy jar, it’s as beautiful as a decorated tree. The classic candy brings with it nostalgia and a bit of adventure—namely, figuring out the best way to eat it.

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