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21 Funny Christmas Cartoons for Hilarious Holidays

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good laugh!

Christmas cartoon where the red nosed reindeer and an elf are comparing workloads.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Rush hour sleigh traffic

It’s not easy with all those toys. After going through these Christmas cartoons, make sure to memorize these Christmas jokes for the merriest holiday.

Christmas cartoon about Santa speaking at the Supply Chain seminar.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Keynote speaker

Now, this guy knows a lot about supply chain management. These funny family Christmas photos will have you spitting out your eggnog. 

Image of four lost reindeer.Steven Sallay/Shutterstock

World Atlas

Better study up if you plan to guide the sleigh.

Christmas holiday cartoon showing Santa Claus and an elf looking at a worldwide map. Santa says, "I love these new regional distribution centers".Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Distribution centers

Perfect for keeping the weight of the sleigh down and for taking some breaks. This is what your mall Santa won’t tell you.

Competition with other holidays is stressing me out.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Holiday stress

First comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year’s. 

Business cartoon about Santa as expert on distribution.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Distribution master

Distribution to all of the little boys and girls. See if you can spot the difference in these 12 holiday photos.

christmas cartoonScott Hilburn/Universal Uclick via

Secret Santa gift exchange

Just wait until you see what’s inside. Test your holiday knowledge: how well do you know A Christmas Carol?

christmas cartoon santa easter bunnyJon Carter for Reader's Digest

Overworked Santa

He can’t even catch a break after Christmas. He has to get back in gear for Easter.

christmas cartoon snowmanScott Nickel

Family reunion

It’s always nice to see your family for a few days during the holidays.

"Cut down on the ho ho ho's."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Sore throat Santa

Santa was so jolly this year that he made himself sick.

"Santa's bringing the tires next year."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Partial gift

It’s going to be a long year. After checking out these funny Christmas cartoons, scroll through these work cartoons to help you get through the last weeks before the holiday.

Bill ThomasBill Thomas for Reader's Digest

Bright lights

Maybe they have too much holiday cheer?

"These holiday specials look picked over."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Holiday shopping

Looks like it’s time to try a different store.

Christmas cartoon about elves in labor negotiation with Santa Claus.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Elf negotiations

The elves might be tiny, but they’re smart. Don’t miss these cartoons about daily life that prove how hilarious it can be

abdominal snowman cartoonChris Weyant for Reader's Digest

Frozen abs

We wish we could look like that after Christmas dinner.

snow globe cartoonDave Carpenter for Reader's Digest

Too fast

This hill might have been a little too steep.

Christmas cartoon showing Santa Claus stating to workers that the North Pole strategy is to 'give'.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Christmas business

That’s a great strategy, Santa. Don’t miss these brilliant jokes you can tell at any holiday party.

elf cartoonHarry Bliss/The New Yorker Collection/© Condé Nast

Santa on fire

Always look before you head down the chimney.

santa cartoonCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Online shopping

Are Christmas lists being replaced by the phone? Ease your mind with these 23 cartoons all technophobes can appreciate.

cartoonCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Bad kitty

Looks like someone is going to be put on the naughty list this year. Check out these hilarious Christmas gifts that people actually received.

"The world's first portable snowman."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Portable snowman

It doesn’t look like this idea is going to last very long. Once you stop laughing from all of these hilarious Christmas cartoons, check out these funny Christmas quotes to spread cheer this holiday season.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest