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11 Christmas Inflatables Your Neighbors May Not Like

Let's face it—not all holiday decorations are worth celebrating. Some decorations can actually be a real eyesore. Here are the Christmas inflatables your neighbors probably won't appreciate this holiday season.

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Outhouse Santa

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Who wouldn’t want a giant Santa coming out of an outhouse in their front yard? While it may be funny to you, holiday bathroom humor may not be as funny to the family across the street! These useful decorating tips will add an extra flair of style to your home just in time for the holidays.


Dog vs. Hydrant

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This 6-foot Christmas inflatable of a dog doing his business on a fire hydrant just screams “Happy Holidays,” doesn’t it? You’ll probably get some eye rolls if you put this in your front yard! Deck the halls with these 26 DIY Christmas decorations anyone can make.


The Grinch

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This Christmas Grinch may bring out all the neighborhood scrooges. It’s nearly six feet tall and has the potential to put everyone in a foul mood. Or not! Make sure you don’t make these 18 holiday decorating mistakes this holiday season.


Santa on Fire

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Oops, Santa’s pants are on fire! But don’t fear, firefighter Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is here to put out the flames.  Be careful this holiday season. Make sure you know these 10 holiday decorating mistakes that could put your family in danger.

Skellington via

Jack Skellington

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Here’s Jack! This Jack Skellington Christmas inflatable will certainly make neighbors who aren’t familiar with the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas question your holiday spirit. Here are the best tips for Christmas ornament storage.


Holiday Unicorn

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Christmas is the most magical time of the year so why not decorate with… a magical unicorn? If you put this Christmas inflatable in your yard, you should be ready to answer the question, “What does a unicorn have to do with Christmas?” Check out these 8 DIY Christmas ornaments you’ll be proud to hang on your tree.


Dancing Santa


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Who doesn’t like a dancing Santa? Surprise your neighbors with this six-foot Santa that rotates to give the whole neighborhood a show all season long! Looking for a new way to celebrate? Here are a few Christmas traditions from around the world.


Snowman vs. Dog

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Happy holidays from the dog doing his business on the snowman! This Christmas inflatable may be funny to you, but there’s a chance your neighbors won’t all agree. When having fun, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Here are holiday safety mistakes you probably don’t realize you’re making.


Santa Gets Pantsed

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There are a lot of Christmas inflatables on the market that feature dogs doing bad things. Here’s Fido going after Santa’s pants as he tries to escape while climbing up the Christmas tree. We love the expression on Santa’s face! Check out Christmas Card Lane, where neighbors decorate with giant Christmas cards.


Christmas Santa BBQ Scene

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There is a lot going on with this Christmas inflatable. Santa Claus is grilling up a feast but that may not be great if your neighbors are vegetarian. To appease both the carnivores and herbivores in your life, here are 12 Christmas menu ideas your guests will love.


Santa Stuck in Tree

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It looks like Santa is stuck in the tree. Will he escape in time to make it down all the neighbor kids’ chimneys before Christmas morning? You may have to calm the fears of little ones in the neighborhood if you put up this seven-foot-tall Christmas inflatable. Deciding which Christmas decorations to keep and which ones to give away? Here are 10 vintage Christmas decorations that are worth money today.

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