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30 Funny Christmas Memes That Deliver the Holiday Humor

Get ready to ho ho ho at all of these hilarious Christmas memes

The Cat Looking Up At The Christmas Tree They Will Soon Destroy meme text
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The Christmas season is one of the most special times of the year, but can also easily be one of the most stressful. Maybe you’re anxious about seeing relatives or overwhelmed with buying gifts, but whatever it is, we’re right there with you. It’s time to take a step back and just laugh at it all. If you’re looking for Christmas jokes, Christmas jokes for kids or Christmas puns there’s a meme for it. So, we created the funniest Christmas memes so you and your loved ones can have the merriest Christmas yet.

You The Day After Thanksgiving Listening To Christmas Music As If You Havent Been Listening To It All Year Already meme text
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Who, me?

I would never.

Mariah Carey On December 1 meme text ov dog peeking through hole
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It’s that time of year again

“All I Want for Christmas is You” will always be one of the best Christmas songs.

When People Say Its Too Early For Christmas Decorations meme text over man looking shocked
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You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. It’s never too early when it comes to Christmas decorations.

Me After Hanging One String Of Christmas Lights meme text over dog dressed up for christmas
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Winter wonderland

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Plus, hanging lights is one of the best Christmas traditions.

When Someone Says Its Too Early For Christmas Music meme text over woman laughing
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Silly goose

They must not appreciate a good funny Christmas song.

Taking A Quick Break From Being Social At The Annual Christmas Party meme text over santa on toilet
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Santa has to go too

Sometimes, you just need a little breather. We can only take so many of those Christmas party games.

That Look Your Mom Gives You When Youre Opening Up The Present She Promised She Wouldnt Get You meme text
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Moms are the absolute best. She always knows the best gifts for kids.

Your Gift Is In The Litterbox meme text over cat
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Cats on Christmas

They really have some nerve. Speaking of cats and Christmas, here is how to keep cats away from the Christmas tree.

This Years Christmas Tree meme text over chair with pile of laundry
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That one chair dedicated to the laundry pile

All it needs is a cool Christmas tree topper.

I Destroyed All Your Gifts Because Im The Only Gift You Need meme text over dog and destroyed christmas tree
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Puppies are a gift

But they’ll still pretend they didn’t do it. Gotta love an adorable Christmas dog!

You When You Smell Christmas Cookies meme text over dog running
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The scent of sugar and happiness

Gingerbread, cinnamon and sugar, oh my!

On My Way To Go Christmas Shopping meme text over person in camo gear
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Prepare for battle

Time to get in the zone.

Me When Christmas Shopping Is Over meme text over person at peak of mountain
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Sweet relief.

Got One Mom meme text over child with christmas tree strapped on top of childs car
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Picking the perfect tree

Sometimes you just have to take control. What a fun Christmas activity!

May All Your Christmases Be White meme text over little girl watching snowfall
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Straight outta a movie

Did your heart explode?

For Me You Shouldnt Have meme text over dog staring at plate of food
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Keep your eyes on your plate

Actually, we didn’t.

Have You Been A Good Boy This Year meme text over dog video chatting with santa
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The best boy

Tell me, how many mailmen did you bark at?

Just Chillin Until Christmas meme text over snowmen in pool
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Well, what else are they supposed to do?

This Years Christmas Roast Us Proof That Miracles Do Indeed Happen meme text
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It’s a Christmas miracle

Let’s all sing rejoice.

All I Want For Christmas Is Food meme text
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Sing it loud

And wine, please.

How Ready Are You For Christmas On A Scale Of One To This Girl meme text over girl in christmas attire
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Cuteness overload

Ready is an understatement.

The Cat Looking Up At The Christmas Tree They Will Soon Destroy meme text
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They will pounce when you are least expecting it.

Santa Checking Facebook To Decide Who Will Get A Dictionary For Christmas meme text
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Better than coal

Santa will need some extra cookies and milk for these guys.

Brace Yourselves Candy Canes Are Coming meme text
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Fresh breath

That sweet peppermint deliciousness. You can even include one of these with all of your Christmas wishes this year for some extra sweetness.

We All know That One House On The Block That Looks Like This meme text over house decorated for christmas
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The overachievers

Hey, maybe it’s yours.

We Can All Hear This Sound In Our Head meme text over cutting wrapping paper
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True bliss

The sweet glide of the scissors against the wrapping paper.

Hey Do You Smell Carrots? meme text over snowmen
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Nobody nose

I thought so, but maybe snot.

Your Kids When You Realize Santa Ate The Cookies meme text over surprised child
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No way!

We hope that magic never goes away.

When Someone Suggests You Take Down The Christmas Tree The Day After Christmas meme text
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Who does that?

Does anyone actually do this?

Santa On December 26 meme text over santa at beach
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The big, jolly guy on PTO

We all need a vacation sometimes.

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