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10 Classes They’ll Start Teaching in Schools in the Next 10 Years

Want to make sure you're not left behind in the next career wave? Take a look at the classes that are on the horizon to prepare you.

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Classes of the future

Due to dramatic changes in laws, technology, and international markets, the career landscape is expected to look very different in the next decade. The best indication of what the future job market will look like is what courses will be taught to prepare the workforce. We researched what course offerings are being planned or expanded throughout the country to paint a picture of the future. If you currently have one of these 18 jobs that might disappear in the next 25 years, you may want to head back to school to make sure you’re not left out of the next economic boom.

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Blockchain and crypto mining

In light of increasing institutional interest in cryptocurrency mining and blockchain technology, school curriculum will soon offer classes on ways to assess the viability of crypto projects and a comprehensive understanding of industry opportunities. Nicole Choi, chair of the department of accounting and finance at the University of Wyoming, says courses that help us understand how blockchain works could change the way citizens think about money, disrupt traditional financial institutions and eliminate costly intermediaries. “It also aims to uncover business opportunities that bring value to society, shrink the settlement time of financial contracts, and transform the landscape of legal contracts,” Choi says. Plus, a blockchain developer is one of the most in-demand jobs for 2020.

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Drone operations

Drones are commonly used for everything from aerial photography and videography, product delivery, entertainment, agriculture and farming, and construction. Commercial drone operators must first obtain a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Pilot Certificate. Aspiring pilots over 16 will have to pass a test at any FAA-accredited Knowledge Testing Center. Somebody has to prepare all these hobbyists to take and pass the test; online courses are already available and it won’t be long before trade schools and colleges get into the game. Drones are just one of 12 futuristic things that already exist.

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Cell phone repair

A 2019 survey found that cell phone ownership is booming around the world with more than 5 billion people owning a smartphone. So it follows that the cell phone repair business is booming, too. Learning to repair a mobile phone or even replace a screen is a prime opportunity to turn technical skills into a potentially lucrative income. Expect colleges and technical schools to offer more courses on the ABCs of mobile phone repair and how to start your own cell phone repair business. If you choose to replace rather than repair, here’s what you should do with your old phone.

growing cannabis for a medical marijuana supplierFatCamera/Getty Images

The marijuana business

Now that cannabis is legal in many states, expect the number of people employed in the industry to grow. University of Denver professor Paul Seaborn says companies in the sector don’t have a shortage of applicants, but they do have a shortage of qualified applicants. Some schools already offer cannabis-related courses and degree programs that prepare students to work in the sector as lawyers, accountants, chemists, and botanists. Look for courses in medicinal plant chemistry, how to grow the plant selection, how it intersects with law and policy, and more to pop up soon. In the meantime, learn about 14 new laws that could affect you in 2020.

Iceberg in Greenland in the sunset climate changeHRAUN/Getty Images

Climate change forecasting

Understanding the impact of climate change on markets and environments is increasingly more vital. Courses on the science of global warming and the forecast for humans’ impact on Earth’s climate are already being taught. The objective is to provide insights and perspectives from physics, chemistry, biology, earth and atmospheric sciences, and even some economics. This information helps businesses and governments plan for the future, be more resilient and reduce carbon emissions. Perhaps you could come up with the next crazy idea that might save the planet.

solar panels solar photovoltaic installinglovelyday12/Getty Images

Solar photovoltaic installing

The strong global push for renewable and sustainable energy sources, particularly solar, has created a booming job market for skilled professionals, making solar photovoltaic installers the career field with the highest projected growth for the next decade. Growth in courses that train pros how to plan and install systems, troubleshoot and perform maintenance are sure to follow. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), which administers certifications for renewable energy professionals in North America, reports a wide range of industries have opportunities in solar, including manufacturing and installation, research and development, finance and real estate, law, and software development. While certification is not necessary, employers may prefer it. Find out 9 school subjects you took that your kids won’t.

genetics counselling dnaDKosig/Getty Images

Genetic counseling

Genetic counselors provide patients with data about the risks of genetically inherited conditions. Advances in medical and technological innovations make it easier for genetic counselors to conduct more thorough and accurate analyses of patients’ DNA and gives counselors opportunities to conduct more types of analyses. As individuals and families seeking guidance surrounding potential birth defects in children and making health decisions, genetic counselors will be in even greater demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the career area of genetic counselors to grow 29 percent by 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Genetic counselors are also one of 14 careers that could make you a millionaire before you retire.

robots robot repairimaginima/Getty Images

Robot repair

A study found that men’s jobs (more so than women’s) are likely to be taken over by robots in the not-too-distant future. If that turns out to be true, somebody will need to make sure our replacements are in tip-top shape. Robot technicians will be in great demand to perform the crucial function of robotics engineering; this includes building, maintaining, and repairing robots in automated manufacturing plants and other settings. While robotics engineers conceptualize, design, and oversee the fabrication of such robots, robot technicians are essential to providing expert service throughout the life of the robot, prolonging its use and supporting the increased efficiency it facilitates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the growth of electro-mechanical technicians at 4 percent by 2026.

space shuttle space law3DSculptor/Getty Images

Space law

As space tourism grows and leaders around the world grapple with how to regulate activity in space, we will need more space lawyers to determine issues like rules for exploration, weapons use, damage for liability, and environmental regulations. The legal blog,, reports there are growing opportunities in the field of space law, the body of laws, agreements, and treaties that govern outer space. Because many countries have an interest in space exploration, space lawyers will play a unique role in shaping what the final frontier looks like. Look for more law schools to offer that course specialty in the near future. Want to learn more about the final frontier? Here are 13 things that may surprise you.

astronaut space medicineSouth_agency/Getty Images

Space medicine

Aerospace physicians support the health, safety, and well-being of pilots, aircrews, and astronauts. As space tourism increases and more people choose to explore a new frontier, the need to understand the impact on the human body will increase. How does time in space impact a person psychologically and physiologically? An increasing number of colleges and universities offer courses to train biomedical scientists and doctors to better understand the biomedical issues associated with space exploration. These master’s programs are becoming more applicable by the day. The Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) simulates space-like events to research to learn more about the human challenges to a space mission. With five accredited U.S. residency programs, the American Association of Medical Colleges calls space medicine a new frontier for aspiring physicians. Now that we’ve looked forward, let’s take a look back at what school was like 100 years ago.

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