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Companion Planting: 7 Herbs That Can Make Other Plants Grow Better

When to plant dill, basil, thyme, and other herbs to enhance the growth of other veggies and flowers in your garden

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Mix dill with carrots or cabbage

Dill confuses carrot rust flies, which lay their eggs on carrot roots, and may deter cabbage pests as well.

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Plant basil close to tomatoes

Folklore says these plants encourage each other (and they also taste great together).

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Grow chives with roses

The herb discourages insects and diseases.

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Place mint next to cabbage or tomatoes

Most kinds of mint ward off white cabbage moths, aphids, and flea beetles.

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Pair oregano with beans and broccoli

It enhances the flavor of beans in the garden and repels insects that bother broccoli.

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Keep sage away from cucumbers

But it enhances rosemary, cabbage, and carrots, deterring cabbage moths, carrot flies, flea beetles, and slugs.

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Plant thyme next to tomatoes

Its flowers attract bees for pollination.

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