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9 Clever Ways to Use Cookie Cutters (that Have Nothing to Do with Baking)

If you rarely break out your cookie cutter collection for—you know, cutting cookies—we've got you covered on fun ways to put them to work.


Use them as festive napkin ring

Add a stylish touch to your holiday dinner table by cinching each napkin with a festive cookie cutter, as seen on Martha Stewart. Metallic finishes like silver and gold look both fun and sophisticated. This is how to set an elegant holiday table for less.


Make molded pancakes

What’s better on Christmas morning (or any morning, for that matter) than star-shaped pancakes? Simply spray a metal cookie cutter with cooking spray, place the cutter into the frying pan, and fill the mold with pancake mix, writes Kath Eats. (Here are tips for getting out of the house faster in the morning.)


Bake your own themed tortilla chips

Your chips and dip display will look even more festive with adorably shaped tortillas. All you need to do for this one is buy a pack of wraps, cut shapes from them with your cookie cutter, and bake the slices for five minutes at 350 Fahrenheit. See the full tutorial at (These are the healthiest snack foods for adults.)


Make DIY Christmas ornaments

When you start with a Christmas-themed cookie cutter, the options for ornaments are endless. If you’re strapped for time and resources, you can simply tie ribbon around the cutter and hang it on your tree. Bring it up a level by squeezing a line of glue around one side of the cutter and pressing it down on a favorite photo or piece of sheet music. Cut around the edge of the cookie cutter and you’ll be left with a lovely shadow box ornament. These are secrets your Christmas tree wishes you knew.


Carve a pumpkin

While taking a cookie cutter to your pumpkin might seem like cheating, it’s a foolproof way to ensure stunning results. Begin your carving as usual, cutting a hole in the top and scraping the inside dry. Place your cookie cutter where you’d like to make a shape and press it in until half the cutter has pierced the pumpkins shell, suggests Taste of Home. From there, remove the cookie cutter and carved along the lines as usual. Or try one of these spooky carving stencils.


Craft a set of custom notecards

These watercolor note cards by are stunning. Place the cookie cutter on a piece of card stock and paint (or allow the kids to paint) within the lines using a watercolor set. This is how to write a heartfelt thank-you note.

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Make a stamp

The opportunities are endless here. All you’ll need is a plate of paint, a cookie cutter, and anything you own that needs some pizazz (plain note cards or wrapping paper are a good place to start). Dip one side of your cookie cutter into paint and stamp it onto whatever you’re painting. Try this simple tutorial by


Cut cheese and fruit slices

As you might have noticed by now, cookie cutters can be used to cut festive shapes into pretty much anything. Take your cheese and fruit displays up a notch by cutting them into interesting shapes using your cookie cutter collection.


Make a wreath

Nothing says homespun holiday charm like a DIY wreath hanging on the door. Welcome guests to your humble abode with this lovely creation, by

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