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10 Cooking Supplies Every Budding Chef Needs

Do you have the next Ina, Ree or Wolfgang on your hands? Foster your child's joy of cooking with these must-have kids' cooking supplies.

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Fruit and veggie prep kit

Get your kid in on the prep game! With an apple slicer, veggie scrubber, peeler and more, this set ($20) means your child can help you get a head start on any meal. Did you know preparing all of your ingredients ahead of time is a cooking secret chefs learn in culinary school?

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Nylon knives

If your child is eager to chop but you’re not ready to hand over the knife block, these StarPack starter knives ($9 for 3) are the perfect solution. Made of nylon rather than metal, the serrated edges can cut fruits and veggies but won’t cut your little one’s finger.

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Mixing bowls

Mix things up with your kid thanks to this set of stacking mixing bowls ($21 for 3). With a handle and non-skid bottom, your child can put some elbow grease into their cooking without having to worry about the bowl getting away from them. Also, stock up on these kitchen products that people can’t stop buying from Amazon.

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Pastry set

Is your budding chef more of a pastry chef? Put them on pie duty with some help from this silicone mat, spatula, pastry brush and rolling pin ($16). The mat is marked with measurements so they can make sure their pie crust fits just right.

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Oven mitts

No one wants burned hands or fingers. Make sure your child is safe when working with hot pots and pans with their very own oven mitts ($13 for 2). These 100% cotton mitts are available in six shades of blue, two sizes and have a handy loop for easy storage. These supplies will help you avoid making one of these common kitchen mistakes.

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MasterChef Junior cookbook

Inspire your kid in the kitchen (and give them a few role models!) with the official MasterChef Junior Cookbook ($14). Not only does this cookbook have recipes that were featured on the hit show, but it also has tips from former competitors. Speaking of competitors, make sure your little chef knows these 12 kitchen secrets from the kids on MasterChef Junior.

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Mini tongs

Your kid will flip over this set of 7-inch tongs ($9 for 3). Available in 16 color combinations and heat resistant to 480°F, these durable tongs can be used to make waffles, toss pasta, serve veggies and more!

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Cupcake set

Bring out your child’s creative side with this adorable 16-piece cupcake set ($20). It even comes with a frosting dispenser and five tips so they can recreate one of these 11 easy cupcake decoration ideas or come up with their own.

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Measuring spoons

Teach your kid the importance of measuring ingredients and keeping a steady hand with these multicolor measuring spoons from Farberware ($6). The spoons are made of BPA-free plastic and are dishwasher safe so you won’t have to fight over who gets stuck doing the dishes!

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Silicone-coated whisks

What kitchen set is complete without a versatile whisk? With this BPA-free silicone and stainless steel whisk, your child can whip up sauces, batters and lots of eggs. While you’re shopping, make sure to add these kitchen gadgets you’ll wish you had years ago to your cart as well.

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