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30 Funny Corgi Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

If you're feeling a little ruff, these corgi memes are the (cor)key.

Are Those New Corgi Memes On Rd?!
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Who doesn’t love corgis? Their short legs, big eyes, and pointy ears will inevitably make you feel good. And let’s not forget about those fluffy corgi butts you can’t help but giggle at. Since these little guys generate so much joy, it’s no wonder that looking at corgi pictures makes you smile. Combine this breed with some funny dog photos and you got yourself some corgi memes that will cure any bad day. Come on, who doesn’t love a good dog meme? And if you’re looking for more of the best memes that aren’t about dogs, check out these animal memes and cat memes that will certainly make you smile.

In Corg-Nito meme text over corgi dressed in black cape and mask
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A master of disguise

No one will recognize me. Maybe they’ll think I’m a different cute animal instead. 

Stairway To Heaven meme text over corgis sitting on steps
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Led Zeppelin

Open to interpretation. Try out some of these dog jokes that will leave everyone barking for more.

Cute And I Know It meme text over corgi sitting in flowers
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Strike a pose. Don’t tell the other dogs, but corgis may just be the cutest dog breed around.

Its A Bird! Its A Plane! Its A Flying Corgi! meme text over corgi puppy jumping
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These short-legged dogs are just too cute for words.

Hey Man, What Happened To Your Legs? meme text over shiba inu looking at corgi
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Mind your business

But who has the nicer butt?

corgi sitting in autumn leaves
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A beauty queen

Basking in that autumn glow. If you love this corgi meme, you’ll probably really enjoy these fall memes.

Trying To Do Anything On A Monday Like meme text over corgi laying down
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Who doesn’t love a good Monday meme?

When Someone Asks If You Want Kids meme text over group of corgi puppies
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Just a bunch of baby corgis, please! And this is only the beginning of the adorable puppy pictures.

Whats A Corgi's Favorite Cake? Shortcake! meme text over corgi with party hat and piece of cake

Get it?

Good things come in small packages. You won’t even need any have a great day memes after these corgi memes.

Who Wore It Better meme text over two corgis wearing winter hats
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Pick one

How are we supposed to choose?

corgi in a yoga class
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Abs of steel

Just don’t mention anything about leg day. Dog puns for the win!

Out Of Office meme text over corgi at beach with sunglasses
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On the beach. Don’t text.

When You Say No Snacks Until Dinner meme text over corgi looking sad
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Those eyes

Okay, maybe just one teeny-tiny piece of cheese.

Do You Want Me To Eat This Homework meme text over corgi with glasses standing on book
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Looks tasty.

New Profile Pic For Facebook meme text over corgi looking dapper
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Say cheese!

Do you think I can use this for LinkedIn too?

corgi playing fetch
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Ready to play.

I Love You meme text over corgi looking up with loving eyes
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Unconditional love

Puppy cuddles are the best cuddles.

When Mom Says Its Time To Go To The Park meme text over happy corgi riding in car with sunglasses and scarf
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Ready, Freddie

It’s fun o’clock!

When The Sunday Scaries Set In meme text over corgi looking melancholy
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The end of the weekend blues

Just the most adorable back-to-work meme you’ve ever seen.

corgi dressed like harry potter
rd.com, getty images (2)

Calling all Harry Potter fans

It’s levi-oh-sa, not levio-sa!

Corgi Burrito meme text over corgi wrapped in blanket
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Better than Chipotle

Have you ever seen a happier pup?

We're Fun Sized meme text over corgi and toddler
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Not short

We may be tiny, but we are mighty.

You Are Corgily Invited meme text over corgi in suit and tie
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Party time!

Or should we say pawty time.

Just Wanted To Circle Back To That Email About New Dog Food? meme text over corgi looking at laptop
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Following up

Let’s hammer this out.

No Time To Explain. Get In. meme text over corgi in car
rd.com, Getty Images

Floor it

Five stars for this Uber driver.

corgi dressed up getting picture taken
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Say cheese!

It’s for the ‘gram (to pair with one of these dog captions, obviously.)

corgi posing as an stereotypical anime girl
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Too adorable for words.

close up on corgis face
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Ready for my close up

This is a lot cuter than what I see when I open up the front camera.

man on couch during a therapy session with a corgi
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Dog therapy

What’s more therapeutic than petting a dog?

corgi sleeping in a bed with eye mask on
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Just a quick three-hour nap and then I’ll start on some work. For even more laughs after these corgi memes, check out these dog one liners only dog owners will understand.

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