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26 Corporate Gifts Your Clients and Colleagues Will Love This Holiday Season

The right corporate gift can make your company a household name—or at least put it in front of a lot of eyes. We rounded up a variety of unique corporate gifts ideas that will get your brand noticed in the best possible way.

Fast wireless car chargervia

So theyre always connected

If your employees or clients are constantly on the phone, they’ll certainly appreciate the road safety the Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Car Charger with Air Vent Phone Holder provides. It suits a variety of iPhone and Android models, is a cinch to install, and keeps hands off phones so commutes are much safer.

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Joe coffee companyvia

All ideas are better with fuel

While not everyone is into sipping instant coffee, it’s actually come a long way since the Sanka days and is one of the biggest trends in the caffeinated world right now. Giving Joe Coffee Specialty Instant Coffee Packets tells coworkers, employees, and clients that you care about their energy. Better still, the packets can be stashed just about anywhere in case of a low-energy moment.

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Fake christmas flowersvia

Lasting bouquets

Fresh flowers can brighten just about anyone’s day, which is why this Jackson & Perkins Christmas Cheer Amaryllis will be a major hit for weeks to come. Rather than dying out over a few days, this potted plant will offer long-term joy. Plants made our list of 100 gifts for people who are impossible to shop for.

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Edible arrangementvia

Sweet treats

Sweets are always popular, but not everyone can or wants to chow down on a full day’s worth of calories in a single bite. The bite-size chocolate-covered fruit options in the Edible Arrangements Berry Chocolate Holiday Bouquet are a classic but adorable way to say “I appreciate the business we’ve shared this year!”

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Armature earphonesvia

Wireless gear they really want

Whether your client is upgrading their phone, constantly typing away at their computer to their favorite music, or has a long train commute each day, they’ll love a new pair of Phiaton MS 100 BA Balanced Armature Earphones with Mic.

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Mini hand sanitizervia

Raise the collective office health vibe

Contribute to healthy cheer this season with these adorable desk displays that just so happen to be hand sanitizers. The Minnie Hand Sanitizer by Olika is inexpensive, ultra-practical, and one of the few corporate gifts you know will really be used every day. Don’t miss our list of last-minute gifts with free overnight shipping.

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CoffeeCourtesy Espro

Everyone loves coffee, right?

Coffee is the official fuel of the corporate workforce these days, which is why the ESPRO Travel Press is the perfect all-in-one device to give just about everyone you’d even consider emailing. You can brew and drink both coffee and tea in this mug, and the brand’s micro-filter is ultra fine so you won’t get any grainy bits in your drink.

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Phone-CaseCourtesy Moshi

This gift is crystal clear

It’s clear that just about everyone is phone-obsessed, so a crystal clear Moshi Vitros phone case is one of the more practical corporate gift ideas that you know will be appreciated. Did we mention it offers built-in wireless charging? That’s the gift that’ll keep on giving. Don’t miss the coolest tech gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself.

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Classic cow box of cheesevia

Luxe cheese

When all else fails and you really don’t know what else to give, just get cheesy. No, literally, because the Carr Valley Cheese Classic Cow Box straight from Wisconsin is loaded with all the best cheeses the entire office will chow down on, or if you’re a total saint, you’ll get one for each coworker, client, and employee.

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The most beautiful office floors

Spruce up the office with a dose of cleanliness and less arguing over who will do the mundane duties like vacuuming. The iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity is the ideal gift for small offices of just a few people, retail shops, and other contained areas where tasks like vacuuming are daily chores.

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Homesick scented candlevia

For the new people on the sales team

We love these hysterically accurate New Job scented candles from Homesick Candles. They also come in scents like Beach Cottage and Friday night for the rest of the team. These gifts for men will make you look like a hero.

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Orbita sparta watchvia

They’ll never be late to meetings again

If the people you work with are constantly sending “Be there soon, got a late start!” type emails, they probably desperately need this Orbita Sparta Bold Single Watch Winder to keep their timepieces in perfect check.

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Duffle bagvia

Fun, practical duffel bags

Sure, accessories are pretty cool, but their cool-factor increases exponentially (hopefully like your business) when they’re on-trend, like this Parkland Lookout Duffle Duffel Bag. It’s also an affordable choice, so everyone on the client list can get one.

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Water-bottleCourtesy Hydro Flask

Water bottles you can customize

Drinking water is important, but so is reminding everyone of your company’s branding, which is why these ultra-useful Hydro Flask water bottles are the perfect gift. You can customize their size, style, and colors to match your company’s branding perfectly. You can opt for a monochromatic look or go wild with your client’s signature pink hue. Here are more personalized gifts that go the extra mile.

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Orthopedic memory foam tailbone pillowvia

For the desk-sitters

This Orthopedic Memory Foam Chair Cushion will be the best thing you buy anyone who sits hunched over at a desk. They’ll love the comfort as they sit for eight, or often more, hours each day.

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Wine-glassesCourtesy Govino

It’s always wine o’clock somewhere

Corporate pals and colleagues will love the idea of these Govino shatterproof wine glasses at the holiday party, office get-togethers, and to take home. They’re the safer way to have wine without the risk of broken glass on the floor.

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Neck-PillowCourtesy Cabeau

For the jet-setters

If your colleagues are always on the road, in flight, or hopping on express trains to their next meeting, they’ll love the Cabeau Evolution pillow for head and neck support that actually feels good when they’re on the go. Don’t miss these 30 brilliant buys travel pros never travel without.

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Foot massagervia

Ahhhh, that feels better

While it’s not talked about much, standing in a showroom or retail environment all day can really do a number on feet, circulation, and posture. We love the very affordable Moji Foot Pro Compact Foot Massager as one of the most practical corporate gifts for retail workers. It’s easy to use, goes straight to work on foot reflexology points, and will be well received by team members of all ages and stages.

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They’ll listen to you forever after this

If you’re looking to get attention and make sure people are listening to you in the workplace, get them a pair of Phiaton BT 390 Wireless Headphones and demand they listen to your voice on a loop. Just kidding about that last part, but the headphones are a dream come true for offices with cubicles, giving everyone the ability to work to their own music without interrupting workflow.

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Book-bagCourtesy Razer

A better mouse

The Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Bluetooth Wireless Portable Gaming-Grade Mouse is the ultra-sensitive wireless mouse every colleague and employee has been itching for, and since it’s suitable for both hand orientations, it’s the perfect gift for everyone on your corporate gift list.

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Mint chocolate chip marshmellowsvia

Grown-up nostalgia

Sure, your colleagues will like topping their hacked hot chocolates with artisan marshmallows from SmashMallow, but they’ll love the idea of flavors like mint chocolate chip, candy cane, and churro cinnamon. Once you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy, check out our list of gifts that give back.

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SpeakerCourtesy SPEAQUA

So they can hear the bells jingling

Your clients will be excited to see this Speaqua Barnacle Waterproof Bluetooth speaker all wrapped up. It’s bold enough to use as the office Bluetooth speaker to play all those happy holiday tunes, and compact and portable enough to bring on the go like, to hotel rooms for those all-too-often work trips.

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laptop-caseCourtesy PORTE PLAY

Something they didn’t know they needed

Tablets are everywhere from boardrooms to the train commute back home, but not every tablet case is created equal. This Porte Play Tablet Case is designed to keep your trusted iPad or other tablet safe while also organizing all your wires, cables, and other necessary work gear—even if you’re just using it to catch up on TV. It’s one of the more unique corporate gift ideas you’ll find that pleases everyone you work with, especially because it’s under $20.

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TeaCourtesy DavidsTea

Tea and biscuits

Your tea-drinking team members will love a gift set from David’s Tea. There are so many uses for tea that will make this gift both practical and delicious. Check out the Amazon Prime gifts for everyone on your list.

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Leather personalized mini notepadvia

When writing memos is a literal party

All those memos and checks will be a lot more fun with this Champagne Bottle Engraved Leather Personalized Mini Notepad With Pen. It does all the normal things pens do, but with a much more festive and pro-new year attitude. Here are more thoughtful gifts for coworkers that won’t set you back more than $25.

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Fit-bitCourtesy fitbit

Fitness first

The Fitbit Charge 2 is the gender-neutral fitness band every employee, colleague, and pal at the office will be hoping for this season. You can remind them that laps back and forth to the coffee machine are counted with this sensitive step-measuring device, but it also tabulates heart rate and helps the wearer enjoy guided breathing sessions to help coax them through office meltdowns.

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