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15 Craziest Things People Forgot in Ubers

Forgot your phone, wallet, glasses, or keys in your Uber last night? You're not alone. But what's the craziest thing you've left behind? Here are the most surprising things recovered in Ubers.

wedding bands on a marriage licenseLifetimeStock/Shutterstock

A marriage certificate

Based on Uber’s recently released Lost & Found Index, you’re most likely to leave something behind in an Uber on Sunday night, and the folks in DuBois, Pennsylvania, are the most forgetful in the country. The items people are most likely to forget include cell phones, keys, wallets, headphones, glasses, bags or backpacks, e-cigs, headphones, and IDs. But some poor souls left behind their marriage certificate—which would make their marriage impossible. Compare these with the 13 craziest things found in hotel rooms.

Ivory bridal wedding veil with a pearl comb under the veilMarina Sosnovskaya/Shutterstock

A bridal veil

Left by a bride-to-be? Or after the ceremony on the way to the honeymoon? Only she and her Uber driver know for sure.

Diamond Round CutAlmarinaStudio/Shutterstock

A 1.3-carat round diamond

Another potential wedding or marriage snafu: Did it fall out of a ring? Or was it being taken to the jeweler for a setting? Either way, this one would really hurt—Uber doesn’t say whether the proper party recovered it. Check out these 17 memory tricks you’ll never forget.

legal divorce papers with pen, closeupzimmytws/Shutterstock

Divorce papers

To put a bow on the marriage files, why not leave the signed divorce papers in the Uber you took home from your lawyer’s office? Read about the 14 craziest things found in the garbage.

pen and paper with handwritten textvesna cvorovic/Shutterstock

Letter from a prison boyfriend

This is heartbreaking—we’re going to believe it was an accident and not because the girlfriend was moving on to meet someone who isn’t incarcerated. Check out 10 of the most outrageous things people have shipped.

Tax Returndennizn/Shutterstock

Tax returns

Let’s hope the tax returns that were left in an Uber were just a photocopy, because it would be no picnic piecing all of that information together again. Look at these 12 wild things found during home inspections.

TVGiannis Papanikos/Shutterstock

A flat-screen TV

Seems like a tough one to miss when you’re getting out, but what do we know? Check out these 8 healthy habits that will keep your brain sharp.

Old shoesMichaela Steininger/Shutterstock

A green Birkenstock shoe (the right one)

Again, getting out of a car with a shoe on only one foot would seem like a great reminder that you’ve left something behind. But that all depends on your state of mind . . .

Bulletproof vest - military outfit closeupDylan Malyasov/Shutterstock

A bulletproof vest

We’re profoundly concerned about the safety of the person who left the vest. If it’s you, please give us a shout and let us know you made it home safely! Learn about 9 medical reasons your short-term memory is getting worse.

Handmade Cedar Acoustic Guitar with worn relic in dark toned color and selective soft focusJingjits Photography/Shutterstock

Musical instruments

Musicians aren’t known for their reliability, and apparently, their tools of the trade can’t count on them, either.


Midnight munchies

There’s a valuable life lesson here: If you’re going to go to the trouble of picking up an order of chicken nuggets and fries or a slice of pizza, why not eat it while it’s hot? Make sure you know these 18 things Uber and Lyft drivers would rather keep secret.

Little Boy running in a park holding his dads handDonald Bowers Photography/Shutterstock

“My brother”

This call came into the lost and found . . . wow. We’re really hoping he was found. Seems like a good time for this: Read these 11 bizarre sibling stories you won’t believe are true.

Star WarsEQRoy/Shutterstock

Star Wars Encyclopedia

We’re a little disappointed—you’re a big-enough fan to have the encyclopedia, but not big enough to remember it as you disembark? Beware of these 10 Uber scams.

Superhero man with mask and red cape on back position looking back while scratching head on a sunset backgroundLuis Molinero/Shutterstock

Red cape

Some poor superhero not only has to take Uber but now is sans cape. Check out these insane passenger stories from flight attendants.

Black tea cups and pot / herbal tea cupShulevskyy Volodymyr/Shutterstock

Detox tea

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised—this qualifies as a “meh.” Now practice these 15 memory exercises proven to keep your brain sharp.

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