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The 10 Craziest Zip Lines Around the World

These high-wire acts aren't for the faint of heart.

Sasquatch Zip LineCourtesy Ziptrek Ecotours

The Sasquatch—Whistler, British Columbia

Named after the larger-than-life folklore legend, The Sasquatch takes sightseeing to new heights, launching from an elevation of 4,921 feet up Blackcomb Mountain. The summer-only experience offers 1.3 miles of adrenaline-pumping action and spectacular views—lakes, valleys, peaks, and even glaciers in the distance. And each guest gets a GoPro camera to capture video footage, which can be purchased for an additional cost. Thrill-seekers won’t want to miss these adventurous escapes.

Dragon Breath Flight LineCourtesy Royal Caribbean International

Dragon’s Breath Flight Line—Labadee, Haiti

Stretching 2,600 feet, the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line is the longest over-water zip line. This heart-racing ride sends vacationers (exclusively cruise-goers, since Labadee is a private Royal Caribbean port) sailing 500 feet above white sands and turquoise seas at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Keep in mind, you must be 48 inches tall and weigh at least 75 pounds, which rules out most young kids. Planning your next getaway? Consider these beautiful beaches.

Flight of the Gibbon zip lineCourtesy Flight of the Gibbon

Flight of the Gibbon—Mae Kampong, Thailand

In 2007, Flight of the Gibbon opened its OG rain forest zip line in the village of Mae Kampong, an hour east of Chiang Mai. This eco-excursion invites visitors to see the Thai jungle from a different perspective. And did we mention there are wild gibbons galore? Your best chance to see and hear these cute endangered creatures is in the early morning. On a budget? Thailand is one of the most affordable travel destinations.

TreeTop Crazy RiderCourtesy TreeTop Crazy Rider

TreeTop Crazy Rider—Ourimbah State Forest, Australia

Just when we thought zip lining couldn’t get more electrifying! TreeTop Crazy Rider is Australia’s first roller coaster and flying fox (that’s what they call it in Oz). This hair-raising hybrid measures 3,280 feet long. Upping the drama are a series of sharp turns, four 360-degree loops, a 540-degree spiral, and two sudden drops.

ElMonstruo zip lineCourtesy Toroverde Adventure Park

El Monstruo—Orocovis, Puerto Rico

For fearless folks, there’s El Monstruo at Toroverde Adventure Park. Spanning an astounding distance of 7,590 feet (Quick mental math: how many feet in a mile? That’s 1.4 miles), it’s the longest zip line in the world. The record-breaker also reaches speeds of up to 95 miles per hour. Those that complete the harrowing flight (conquer “The Monster”) receive a certificate and have their name added to the coveted pilot list. This is what happens to your body during an adrenaline rush.

X-Tour Zip LineCourtesy Hocking Hills Canopy Tours,

“X-Tour”—Hocking Hills, Ohio

Three words: Exciting, exhilarating, extreme. The new “X-Tour” is a cross-country-style course that combines 11 zip lines, treetop platforms, and canopy towers into an epic three-hour expedition. Those brave enough will soar over verdurous hills, descend into a cave, and cross the Hocking River twice! How cool is that?

Jaguar CaveCourtesy TripAdvisor

Jaguar Cave Zip Line—Belmopan, Belize

While there’s certainly no shortage of eco activities in Belize, the Jaguar Cave Zip Line continues to attract travelers from near and far. Why? Well, how many other tours have you heard of that launch riders through the lush jungle, across rope bridges, and into the stalactite-filled mouth of an ancient Mayan grotto. No wonder it’s such a sought-after experience! Check out some of the other top vacation spots in the world.

Zip 2000 zip lineCourtesy Zip 2000 Photographer

Zip 2000—Sun City, South Africa

Zip 2000 at Sun City in South Africa may not be the longest, tallest, and fastest line anymore (though it did hold the title for six years), but it definitely delivers your money’s worth when it comes to thrills. Both solo and tandem slides are available. Plus, it’s open to ages 12 and over, so the whole family can get in on the high-flying fun. If you love zip lines, you’ll also love these coolest water slides in the world.

Zipline Through ParadiseCourtesy Zipline Through Paradise

Zipline Through Paradise—Hilo, Hawaii

The aptly titled Zip Line Through Paradise in Hilo, Hawaii traverses nearly two miles of exotic flora, koa trees, rivers, gorges, and waterfalls. All eight tracks are tandem lines, so you can soak in the tropical splendor alongside a friend, family member, or fellow daredevil. The $279 price tag also includes lunch, swimming, and transportation. Find out the most extreme travel adventures in the world.

Soaring Camel Twin Zip-FlyersCourtesy Camelback Resort

Soaring Camel Twin Zip-Flyers—Tannersville, Pennsylvania

Camelback Mountain Resort is located just two hours from New York City, making it an awesome day trip. Visiting in the summer? Soaring Camel Twin Zip-Flyers is a must. The 4,000-foot journey departs from the summit and sends duos racing to the base at speeds of 60 miles per hour. Win or lose, the picturesque panoramas are well worth it. Next, don’t miss these summer hikes that will take your breath away.

Lindsay Cohn
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