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How to Crush 6 of Your Weakest Habits

Learn the powerful principles and mental exercises to help you think like an elite warrior and lead and succeed at work, at home, and in life.

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Rich Vernetti

How to Crush 6 of Your Weakest Habits

In business and in life.

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Rich Vernetti

Don’t avoid things you doubt.

Investigate them.

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Rich Vernetti

Don’t feel you owe something

to people who give you something.

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Rich Vernetti

Don’t believe that if something is good for someone you know,

then it must be good for you, too.

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Rich Vernetti

Don’t wait for social proof before acting.

This is herd mentality in reverse.

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Rich Vernetti

Don’t cling to thing once you have them—

especially if there is good reason to do so.

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Rich Vernetti

Don’t inflate the value or veracity of authority figures’ ideas, thoughts, and decisions.

Always question authority.

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Rich Vernetti

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest