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Culture Digest: @humblebrag Drag

Celebrities on Twitter post the darndest things: We collected some of the funniest tweets from @humblebrag, a Twitter account dedicated to false displays of humility.

Celebrity Tweets: Bill Maher

@BillMaher Just getting to Book Review section—forgot I had a book out! Seeing it on New York Times bestseller list is a thrill (it is pretty funny).

Celebrity Tweets: Ashley Judd

@AshleyJudd Awkward moment:
Boarding a sold-out flight and hearing flight attendant announce the in-flight movie is one of mine: #DolphinTale

Celebrity Tweets: Patti Stanger

@PattiStanger Why is it men
always tell me I’m beautiful when
I don’t have a stitch of make-up on? So crazy!

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