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30 Cutest Bunnies You Will Want to Take Home

They're soft, cuddly and irresistibly cute! These photogenic rabbits are guaranteed to make your day a little hoppier.

Young kit rabbits
Brina Bunt/Getty Images

Somebunny’s day is about to get a whole lot better

The Easter season generally gets people swooning over the cuteness of adorable bunnies (thanks, Easter bunny!), but we think cute bunny pictures can brighten your day all year long. Dogs and cats get a lot of attention for being irresistibly cute (and deservedly so), but we dare you not to say “awww” at these cute bunny pictures. For some more irresistible animals that you may not see as many cute photos of, we’ve got some heart-meltingly cute goat pictures, pig pictures and just cute farm animals in general.

Before you resolve to add one of these adorable bunnies to your household, keep in mind that rabbits are a very different type of pet than cats and dogs. Unlike those animals, which are considered predators, rabbits are prey. It’s not in the furry little creatures’ nature to enjoy being picked up because that’s how predators capture them. You have to take a more deliberate approach to earn a bunny’s trust, according to the House Rabbit Society. Unless you’ve done thorough research on how to choose and care for a pet rabbit, stick to looking at these cute bunny pictures. Or move on to these cute alpaca pictures that will make your day!

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Dutch Rabbit
NikonShutterman/Getty Images

Eyes of blue

The Dutch Rabbit is one of the most popular and recognizable breeds, according to the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). A Dutch rabbit named Bernie even graces the packages of Annie’s Homegrown Foods. We think a real-life one is even cuter, though, and makes a great subject for a happy picture!

Baby rabbit in meadow
Martin Ruegner/Getty Images

Picture perfect

This little guy could be the model for a Russell Stover chocolate bunny—a great choice for Easter candy.

closeup of a tri colored dutch bunny chewing on a branch, popular dutch rabbit breed from the Netherlands
Charlotte Bleijenberg/Getty Images

Nibble, nibble

The Harlequin rabbit comes in two gorgeous varieties—the Japanese and Magpie. The Japanese rabbit is orange or fawn with either black, blue, chocolate or lilac. The Magpie is white with either black, blue, chocolate or lilac, and both varieties are around 10 pounds of stunning beauty.

holland lop
Naruden/Getty Images

Floppy ears

This Holland Lop bunny almost looks like a little puppy dog with those droopy ears, compact body and round snuggleable face. The hallmark features help this Netherlands-originating breed rank as one of the top five most popular breeds in the ARBA.

French Lop rabbit brown ear black eye isolated on white background
sutlafk/Getty Images

Paws-itively adorable

French Lop bunnies, like this one, are hardly dainty, with massive, heavy-boned physiques and broad sturdy heads. But, hey, you gotta have a sturdy base to hold those thick, adorable ears that hang so low. Need more cuteness? These funny monkey pictures are sure to get you giggling.

Lion Head Rabbit Outdoors
JudyN/Getty Images

Crazy hair

It’s a far stretch from a lion to a rabbit, but this petite little four-pounder sure is trying to come off as the king of the jungle with its distinctive mane! Speaking of lions—check out these dogs that look like lions.

Portrait of Baby Flemish Giant Rabbit
krithnarong/Getty Images

Gentle giant

Flemish Giant rabbits average around 14 pounds but have been known to tip the scales at over 20 pounds. This one’s just a baby! The docile personality of the Flemish Giant has earned it the nickname “Gentle Giant,” and some say the breed acts more like a dog than a rabbit.

gray rabbits
coramueller/Getty Images

Best buds

What’s better than one adorable bunny? Two adorable bunnies. We love an adorable picture of animal friendship!

Gray Baby Bunning Sitting on White Background
Cavan Images/Getty Images


We’re melting over this little gray ball of fluff! What a sweet tiny animal.

Studio portrait of Himalayan rabbit
Jupiterimages/Getty Images

More than meets the eye

This cutie is brown from head to toe, but its breed, the Himalayan, actually has the ability to change color! Most Himalayans are born with white fur, but depending on the climate or even changes in seasonal climates, their color can vary. A white rabbit living in a cold climate turns black, for example. Check out these “facts” about animals that are totally wrong.

Baby of Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
xjrshimada/Getty Images

You lookin’ at me?

The sweet and delicate little bun-bun is a Netherland dwarf, the smallest breed of domesticated rabbits, weighing in at just two-and-a-half pounds. We dare you not to smile at that face! Its adorable short round head and chubby cheeks, paired with those little-bitty perky ears, make these honey bunnies hard to resist.

gray rabbit
coramueller/Getty Images


The American Chinchilla rabbit, like this one, can be credited with the development of more breeds and varieties of rabbits worldwide than any other domestic breed, according to the ARBA. This salt-and-pepper hunka-bun is the rarest of all the Chinchilla breeds. But don’t confuse it with another small pet—the Chinchilla, which is actually a delightfully cute rodent.

Pet baby rabbit eating grass
Danielle Kiemel/Getty Images

Don’t take a picture of me when I’m eating!

But you’re so cute—just this once!

Mini Rex
Marine2844/Getty Images

Posing for the camera

Regarded as the “King of the Rabbits,” the Rex was first shown at the Paris International Rabbit Show in 1924 and, soon after, introduced to swooning fans in the United States. The Rex can be seen in 16 color varieties that show off its Chinchilla-like fur. Shown here is a Mini Rex!

Easter bunny red Thrianta rabbit with basket of fresh carrots and colored Easter eggs
WestwindPhoto/Getty Images

Did someone say carrots?

There’s a new-ish breed hoppin’ down the bunny trail, and it’s turning heads with its brilliant fiery reddish fur. In 2005 the Thrianta became the newest breed passed by the ARBA Standards Committee since 1988. It was originally developed in Sweden for the Royal House of Orange-Nassau in the late 1930s.

white rabbit in the snow
Zwilling330/Getty Images

The perfect snow shot

This photogenic Angora rabbit has mastered the art of the stoic nature photo. It’s no surprise that these little guys’ fur is super soft and requires daily grooming to prevent painful knots. Bunny grooming is not for the faint of heart!

Rabit is enjoying the good weather
Gregory Van Gansen/Getty Images

On alert

We don’t know what caught this gorgeous bunny’s attention, but it’s sure caught ours!

Funny white bunny on a green meadow
serikbaib/Getty Images

Eye see you

The Target dog has nothing on this cutie!

Close up of pet rabbit looking straight at camera
paul mansfield photography/Getty Images

Up close and personal

Well, hello there!

Close-Up Of Sheep On Field
Chin Heng Teoh/Getty Images

Hippity hop

You knew there had to be at least one picture of an adorable bunny mid-hop among these cute bunny pictures.

British Wild Rabbit Eating Short Grass
Fiona McAllister Photography/Getty Images

Do I have something on my face?

As a matter of fact, you do. And it might just be the cutest thing ever!

Cute rabbit sitting on brick wall and green field spring meadow / Easter bunny hunt for easter egg
panida wijitpanya/Getty Images


Just popping in to give you the warm and fuzzies.

Rabbit with surprise face
Fernando Trabanco Fotografía/Getty Images

“When you remember it’s only Monday”

Whaaat?!?! This bunny is ready for its introduction—to our list of funny animal memes!

David-Prado/Getty Images

Best seat in the house

What do you mean, I’m not allowed on the couch?!

Rabbit in top hat with magic wand
Image Source/Getty Images

A cliché of cuteness

We’re not sure where the magician is (maybe they’re taking the picture), but we all know the rabbit is the star of the show here.

Little adorable bunny rabbit with sun glasses stay on gray table with brown wood pattern as background
Narongrit Sritana/Getty Images

Cool as can be

This bunny’s got a real maverick look going on.

Two dwarf mini lop eared rabbits grooming
robert reader/Getty Images

Snuggle bunnies

Cute bunny pictures don’t get any purer than this!

Baby Rabbit in teacup
Andrew Thomas/Getty Images

Care for a cuppa?

Now that’s a tiny bunny.

Rabbit looking through window pane in rain
bocarti/Getty Images

Rain, rain, go away

This bunny knows exactly how we feel on rainy days!

White Bunny
Andrew Turnbull/Getty Images

Chubby bunny

You might be familiar with the marshmallow game, but personally, we prefer the real thing! Next, scroll through these cute baby animal pictures you’ll love instantly.

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