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9 Dance-Inspired Workouts That Don’t Even Feel Like Exercise

Workouts can feel like a dread, so why spend your time doing something you hate when you can exercise and have fun at the same time?

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Just Dance

If you like the idea of working out with other people, you’ll enjoy Just Dance Now, the app-version of the popular video game Just Dance. In this version, you use your smartphone as a controller, and using an Internet connection, you connect the app to a device (an Apple TV or an iPad) to use as your screen for an upbeat dance workout. This app includes over 200 modern-day hits with moves to dance along to, and any number of players can join in to dance at the same time. The app is free, but you have to make in-app purchases to get the full experience and access to all the songs.


Zumba Dance

Shake your hips and get into the groove with Zumba Dance, available on the iPhone and iPad as well as Androids. Zumba is a great way to torch those calories, and the app offers different dance workouts that incorporate Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, and more. You can also choose from different levels of calorie burners to control how much you move. Zumba Dance costs $1.99, but with additional purchases, you can customize your dance workout videos for routines that range from 20 minutes to 60 minutes long. These high-energy dance workout routines are a perfect way to get in your cardio while also working your abs, and on this official Zumba app, you’ll get guidance from top Zumba instructors.


Viva Fitness

Those looking to lose weight should check out Viva Fitness, an aerobic dance fitness program that promises to “burn fat, sculpt, and tone your body while busting out fun and exciting moves.” The app, which is available for the iPhone and iPad, combines moves from Hip-Hop, Soca, Salsa, Samba, Mambo, Martial Arts, Bollywood, Meringue, and Street Dance, and it’s geared towards beginners and experienced dancers alike. The app comes in a free version that includes warm-ups and two exercise videos, but the paid version—which costs $2.99—comes with a total of ten videos, including warm ups, cool downs, and dance videos.



If you want to really improve your dance moves and get more intricate instructions, you’ll want to try out iDance, an iPhone and iPad app that helps to tone your body using routines that range from in style, from Club Freestyle and Disco, to Burlesque to Hip Hop and even Swing. Although the app costs $3.99 to download, you’ll get your money’s worth. iDance comes with 225 individual dance animations with detailed instructions on footwork as well as 40 preset classes that combined these patterns into full dance routines. You can also use patterns from the app to create your own sequences and save them for later.



Ballet-inspired barre classes are popular with those looking to tone up their core, but if you can’t make it to a studio, you can join Barre3 online and work out from the comfort of your own home. This full-body dance workout incorporates low-impact movements designed to build strength and tone your muscles, increase your flexibility, and improve your posture. An online subscription costs $15 a month for the basic workout library. Getting the full subscription will set you back $25-$29 a month, but with this option, you get access to a video library with over 300 workouts, new workouts weekly, and real-time instructor advice.



This combination of tap-dancing, cardio, resistance training, and body sculpting is meant to work out those abs and burn off fat. The TAPfit dance workouts are between 20 to 30 minutes long, and they include styles such as Street, Funk, Broadway, Latin, and more. With a $120 purchase, you receive six workout DVDs, patented tap attachments, a workout floor, workout guides, and online access to training videos, recipes, and support. In addition to ditching that unwanted weight and toning your upper and lower legs as well as your buttocks, TAPfit has a unique twist: It is designed to also provide cognitive benefits, using aerobic exercise and complex activity to keep your mind sharp.

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Bombay Jam

Inspired by Bollywood music and Top 40 tracks, Bombay Jam offers a total body dance workout that incorporates both cardio and muscle sculpting—they even claim you’ll burn 800 calories doing just an hour long class. In addition to free short YouTube video routines, Bombay Jam also offers a DVD for $19.99, which includes one-hour workouts sent to top hits from Bollywood movies. The custom music mixes are created by Bombay’s top DJs, so you know the dances are going to be high-energy.


Dance Party

If your idea of a fun time dancing involves battling with your friends, then you’ll want to download Dance Party onto your iPhone. You will need an Apple TV or computer to connect to, but with a screen, and your phone as the controller, you can have a dance off with your friends or choose to play in single-player mode. To do the workout, you mimic the moves on the screen, and you’ll be surprised to find how quickly you break out into a sweat. The app is free, and up to 4 iOS devices can connect at a time, which means you can have a fun night with your friends or family while burning calories at the same time.


Buti Yoga

Yoga and dancing seem like two totally separate activities, but Buti Yoga manages to seamlessly combine both. A mix of power yoga and intensive tribal dance, these innovative dance workouts—designed specifically for females—are meant to sculpt and tone your muscles. An online subscription to Buti Yoga is $40, and it comes with over 100 full-length workouts, live classes from instructors around the world, and two new workouts each month. Standard yoga poses are included, but Buti Yoga attempts to break free of the linear restraints of the traditional asanas and includes squatting, bouncing, hip rotations and more, all set to tribal dance music.

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