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David Carr: 10 Blunt, Introspective, and Downright Inspiring Quotes

The New York Times media columnist, culture writer, and author was known for his shrewd criticism and unapologetic honesty. Here are some of his most enduring remarks on writing, politics, love, and the state of journalism.

Keep typing…

…until it turns into writing. —David Carr

In order to have a chance of making great work,

you have to consume remarkable work. —David Carr

Facebook is a bit like that big dog galloping toward you in the park.

More often than not, it’s hard to tell whether he wants to play with you or eat you. —David Carr

If marriage is about deciding to love on a daily basis,

I have woken up to a no-brainer every day since. —David Carr

We are entering a golden age of journalism.

I do think there has been horrible frictional costs, but … I look at my backpack that is sitting here, and it contains more journalistic firepower than the entire newsroom that I walked into 30 to 40 years ago.—David Carr

Keep in mind that when public figures get in trouble for something they said,

it is usually not because they misspoke, but because they accidentally told the truth. —David Carr

I now inhabit a life I don’t deserve, but we all walk this earth feeling we are frauds.

The trick is to be grateful and hope the caper doesn’t end soon. —David Carr

No one is going to give a damn about your résumé;

they want to see what you have made with your own little fingers. —David Carr

People remember what they can live with…

…more often than how they lived. —David Carr

If you dumped every reporter who ever sent a snide message or talked smack in private,

there would be nothing but crickets chirping in newsrooms all over America. —David Carr

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