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Decorate with Leftover Christmas Ornaments: 6 Genius Ideas to Try

Add holiday cheer to your home without breaking the bank. Here's how to decorate for Christmas with ornaments you're not using.

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Courtesy MadiganMade

Make a shining wreath

This standout wreath is just a foam base with ribbons and ornaments wrapped around it. Blogger Madigan Made got the supplies at a dollar store.

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Courtesy 52 Mantels

Create a framed Christmas portrait

This project is only two steps. 1. Buy shadowbox. 2. Fill with small ornaments. For additional ways to style the frame, check out 52 Mantels.

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Display a holiday bulb bouquet

This beautiful centerpiece is guaranteed to get compliments. Visit Apartment Therapy for full directions.

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Courtesy Vanilla Joy

Hang them from a chandelier

This is an incredibly simple way to add major drama to a room. Tie ornaments to pieces of curled ribbon, then hang from a chandelier or other light fixture. For more photos, visit Vanilla Joy.

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Courtesy Centsational Girl

Drape a garland of ornaments on the mantel

To create this eye-catching garland, thread ornaments of varying colors and sizes along a length of thin wire. Visit Centsational Girl for detailed instructions.

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Courtesy IntoVintage

Display an adorable design

So cute! This project really lets your design skills shine. Start with an old window screen. Outline your design with string, or go freehand if you’re feeling confident. Hang ornaments in varying shapes and sizes to create your vision. Need more holiday inspiration? You can even make your own ornaments to create a bunch of cheap Christmas decorations that will make your home glow with holiday cheer.

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