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20 Hilariously Real Cartoons Anyone on a Diet Will Appreciate

Updated: Jul. 26, 2021

These cartoons perfectly explain the universal love/hate relationship with dieting, from the food temptations to the final results.

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11-mayo-clinic-af-Felipe Galindo-Feggo for Reader's Digest
Felipe Galindo-Feggo for Reader's Digest

Why dieters love going to the doctor

They’re secretly hoping for an IV full of the condiments they’ve been craving. If these cartoons help you suffer through your diet, these work cartoons can help you through the work week.

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"This was his first painting after his starving artist period."
andrewgenn/Getty Images

Dieters can’t paint still life

The painting doesn’t have the same appeal when all the food is eaten.

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Dog cartoon restaurant
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Dieters don’t want to split the check

Don’t think they’re going to pay for part of your seafood platter and red wine. These love and marriage cartoons are hilariously accurate.

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cartoon label readings
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Every nutrition label is important

High fructose corn syrup?! How dare you! These cartoons prove that daily life is funnier than any stand-up routine.

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broccoli therapy cartoon
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The curse of the veggies

It’s not working!

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dogs eating cartoon
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Small portions always leave you wanting more.

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bagel co-pay cartoon
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Bagel co-pay

This type of healthcare system might benefit dieters. These hilarious animal cartoons prove that they are, in fact, funnier than humans.

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Harley Schwadron for Reader's Digest

Is science really on your side?

By the time you finish this diet, you’ll start seeing ads for a new diet “that ACTUALLY works!” Cue eye roll.

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patience, persistence and pizza business cartoon
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Follow the three Ps

If it’s part of a plan, we have to stick to it.

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bear fish boxing glove diet
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Restrict your hands

If you can’t catch it, you can’t eat it.

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gas station jerky cartoon
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Lunch is better than jerky

It’s better to save yourself from the gas station jerky and get a real lunch. All technophobes can appreciate these technology cartoons.

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hot dog mustard cartoon
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Bad food stains

The mustard stain was worth it to avoid having a boring salad.

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through the floor cartoon
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Through the floor

It was probably just faulty support beams. 

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life is like lunch cartoon
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Dieters face difficult choices

The words “tofu” and “extravaganza” don’t really go together. These cartoons about family life might make yours seem less crazy.

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low fat options cartoon
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So many options

They’re all so different, but also so similar at the same time.

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sea gods restaurant cartoon
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Respect the sea in everything you eat

You may want to pick a different dish.

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dessert cartoon
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The best meal of the day

If it’s your passion, then you can’t give it up. These travel cartoons find the funny in everything.

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dessert banana split cartoon
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Banana guilt sundae

Correction, I won’t eat any other ice cream dish (just this one over and over).

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porridge bears restaurant cartoon
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Three-course meal

Make sure to bring them out as soon as they’re ready.

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Gail Bertana for reader's digest

When you FINALLY reach your goal

Revel in your glory, girl! Now, take a look through these funny political cartoons that prove that human is a bipartisan issue.