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How Many Hidden Mickeys Can You Find in These Disney World Photos?

Have you ever wandered through Walt Disney World and thought you were seeing Mickey Mouse everywhere you looked, from the pattern in a carpet to the design of a stone wall, only to rub your eyes and think you imagined it? Turns out you weren't wrong!

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History of Hidden Mickeys

Disney Imagineers have imbued many ordinary-looking parts of the park with “Hidden Mickeys,” creatively concealed images of the world-famous mouse. They’re great to search for when you’re stuck in line for a ride or are snacking on a frozen Dole Whip. However, they’re not on any park map or guide—they’re for savvy park-goers to spot on their own (but don’t worry, we’re giving you the skinny on how to spot the nine below!). The main thing to remember is the word “hidden.” If the Mickey shape is really obvious, like the waffles served at breakfast, then it isn’t “hidden”; it’s simply a part of the Disney magic. Happy mouse hunting!

hidden mickey Courtesy The Walt Disney Company

Dino Mickey

To find this Hidden Mickey, head to DinoLand at Animal Kingdom and take a spin on Primeval Whirl. Don’t want to twirl? No problem; the sign is located on the exterior of the ride. Looking for Hidden Mickeys is one of the favorite pastimes of this Walt Disney World super-fan.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

Between a rock and a Mickey

You don’t need to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge to enjoy the amazing safari lodge theming. Stop by to check out the great food and shopping, then go out back to the rock kopjes, where you can view animals on the back savanna. While you’re here, take a close look at the walls; this Hidden Mickey is hanging out within the rocks as you head out back. Speaking of Disney hotels, you won’t want to miss taking a peek inside Disney World’s most luxurious hotel room.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

Bird’s eye Mickey

If you’re flying into Orlando, be sure to keep an eye out for Hollywood Studios from the air; as you can see here, the entire entrance to the park is shaped like one big happy Mickey. Anyone who spots this hidden Mickey has a great eye for detail, but they can’t outsmart these optical illusions.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

Paint by Mickey

This Hidden Mickey can be spotted hanging on the wall of the American Adventure at Epcot; it’s in the theater where the Voices of Liberty performs stirring a cappella renditions of patriotic songs. (Need more help? Turn your gaze to the middle right of the photo on the bull’s side.) While you’re in the parks, don’t miss these amazing Disney treats, some of which are, yes, shaped like Mickey.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

It’s time to get the Mickey hunt started

After the rollicking laughs of Muppet*Vision 3D at Hollywood Studios, check out the sign in the exit queue; there’s a little Hidden Mickey staring at you from the sign (zero in at the left side of “#2”).

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

All aboard the Mickey express

As you enter the Magic Kingdom, you pass beneath the train station. As soon as you walk through, turn around and look up, and you’ll see the cleverly Hidden Mickeys in the metalwork, pictured above.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

Quack, quack Mickey

When is a duck not a duck? When it’s swimming in the water outside Muppet*Vision 3D at Hollywood Studios, which is where you’ll find this fountain. Check out what’s floating by Gonzo’s foot. A Disney vacation is pricey, but doing a scavenger hunt for Hidden Mickeys is one of the great ways you can enjoy the park without spending extra money.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

It’s a Small World…

Back at Magic Kingdom, head to the ride that will leave you with a perpetual earworm. While you float through the international array of children singing the perpetual “It’s a Small World” ditty, keep an out for these purple vine leaves as you head into the Africa area, where you’ll spot Mickey hiding.

hidden mickeyCourtesy The Walt Disney Company

Norwegian Mickey

Let it go? Never! Keep an eye out for more Hidden Mickeys in Epcot at Norway, where you can find the perpetually popular Frozen ride. At the Summer House, where guests line up to meet Anna and Elsa in person, take a look at the cookie press on the wall: There’s another sweet Hidden Mickey surprise. Want to spot more Hidden Mickeys on your next trip? Ask Cast Members (aka employees) for hints—it’s one of the tips Disney employees will tell you, unlike these 23 Disney employee secrets.

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