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13 Best Diversion Safes That Will Fool Burglars

An investment of a few dollars could save you from a major theft!

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Code lock on the safe door.
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What are diversion safes?

The movie scene is all too familiar: The lead character walks over to a bookshelf and pulls out a Bible, only the object is more hole-y than holy. Out of the hallowed book comes a gun! “A diversion safe is a place to hide small valuables or cash disguised as ordinary household products or objects,” explains Chris E. McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM, founder of the “Crime School” podcast. Diversion safes serve a variety of purposes, ranging from a place to hide valuables from criminals to one where parents can keep their children from finding things. Because they are meant as a “diversion,” the cool thing about these sorts of safes is that you can use almost anything within reason. “The choices are unlimited for those with imagination, creativity, and craft skills,” explains McGoey. You’ll also want to know the 21 secrets a burglar won’t tell you.

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brush safe
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Southern Homewares Hair Brush Diversion Safe


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Got some money or jewelry to stash? This diversion safe doesn’t just look like a hairbrush, it functions as one! “The whole idea is to have the container blend into its natural environment, like on a shelf of books, laundry supplies, bottles of olive oil, or cake mix,” McGoey says. Seeing how a brush can fit in almost anywhere—especially in the bathroom—this is a great option for anyone with a head of hair. How safe is your home?

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clock safe
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Mantle Clock Safe Concealment Hidden Storage Compartment


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To visitors—both invited and uninvited—it looks and functions like a boring old mantle clock with a rich walnut finish. Little do they know that it may house anything from jewelry or money to important documents. However, if you are hiding valuables or anything that may be dangerous, be incredibly cautious. “I do not recommend hiding anything of significant value in a diversion safe, because it’s not really a safe or vault,” says McGoey. “If your kids know where the diversion safe is, you can bet they already showed their friends.”

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water bottle safe
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Diversion Water Bottle Safe by Stash It


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This aluminum water bottle diversion safe is perfect for the person on the go. Whether you just want something to store in your car to keep important documents, like your registration and car insurance, in or you need something to bring on a trip, this is definitely an incognito diversion that robbers or nosy house cleaners probably won’t look twice at. These are the 18 secrets car thieves won’t tell you.

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frame safe
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Picture Frame Storage Container


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Everyone has picture frames scattered around their home. Since most robbers aren’t going to look closely at your family photos, this picture frame with a removable back is a great option for stashing your valuables in plain sight.

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book safe
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Book Safe with Combination Lock


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If you have a lot of books filling your shelves, then a diversion safe in literary form isn’t a bad idea. This version, a dupe of “The New English Dictionary,” even features a three-number combination lockbox. Worst-case scenario, someone figures out your dictionary is a decoy—but at least they can’t get it open!

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bleach container safe
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Clorox Bleach Large Diversion Safe


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If you have some large items you need to keep safe, this Clorox Bleach bottle will blend in nicely in your laundry room. You could also make one of these diversion safes yourself, suggests McGoey. Simply cut out the bottom of a Clorox bottle (after rinsing it thoroughly of course!), place your items inside, and tape the bottom back on.

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soup safe
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Campbell’s Chicken Soup Can Safe


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Almost everyone in the country has at least one can of Campbell’s soup in their pantry. Considering most robbers won’t be going through your canned goods (unless they are seriously hungry), hiding your stash of cash and other valuables in a can of chicken soup isn’t the worst idea. Did you know that most burglars don’t strike at night? Find out the most popular times for break-ins.

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deodorant safe
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Men’s Speed Stick Diversion Safe


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Gym locker rooms are hot spots for theft. If you leave your wallet in a locker and a thief manages to break in, consider your belongings history. However, try putting your stuff in a faux deodorant container and placing it at the top of your locker. Seriously, who wants to steal your Speed Stick?

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spam can safe
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SPAM Can Safe


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Canned ham lovers rejoice! We have the perfect diversion safe for you. This mini stash can is perfect for your pantry and features the exact same label and dimension sizes of the old classic. It also makes a cute housewarming gift. Did you know that your safe deposit box isn’t really safe?

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can safe
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Barbasol Diversion Safe


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What is one place a robber is never going to look for your stash? Inside your shower. This perfect replica of the classic Barbasol shaving cream can features a screw-off bottom. As to whether it is waterproof, that you will have to figure out on your own.

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rock safe
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Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock


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If you are looking for the perfect place to stash a spare key, don’t even think about hiding it under a rock—hide it in one. This faux rock looks and feels real but splits in half to house your keys. According to Amazon, it is their best-selling diversion safe. FYI, here are all the places where robbers look for your valuables first.

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hanger safe
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“Stash-It” Hanger Diversion Safe


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This unique diversion safe cleverly fits underneath your hanging garments, staying hidden from sight in your closet among your other hidden clothes. It is a great option for travelers who want to keep their personal belongings out of the hands of hotel employees. It is also made out of flexible material and offers lots of storage space with a 17″ wide zipper opening. Do these 14 things before leaving for vacation to keep things safe on the home front.

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lint roller safe
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3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller Diversion Safe


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If this Scotch Brite lint roller looks real to you, it’s because it actually functions like one. All you have to do is unscrew the top and stash your goodies in there. However, keep in mind that if you are stashing jewelry or other items that will rattle around, whoever uses the lint roller may get suspicious. Also, make sure your significant other knows about it, and that neither of you forgets it exists! “There are thousands of stories of how people have forgotten about hidden items and mistakenly thrown away or donated valuables,” points out McGoey.

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