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Simple DIY Advent Calendars to Count Down to Christmas

Not that anyone's counting but...

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Courtesy Sally J Shim

Keep it simple

There’s no better evidence of beauty in simplicity than this sophisticated Advent calendar, using a plain black band around basic boxes. Your family will get excited by the insides, which you can stuff with treats or suggestions for family activities. Find out how to make one from Sally J Shim.

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Courtesy Studio DIY!

Pleased as punch

Your kids will have a blast punching through tissue paper circles to get to the treats hiding behind them. Head over to Studio DIY to get the directions.

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Courtesy Studio DIY!

Takeout countdown

Have no shame in your takeout obsession. This adorable Advent calendar is made from unused takeout boxes. Learn more from Studio DIY.

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Courtesy Sanae Ishida

Thoroughly modern

Fold metallic paper into geometric shapes for a modern display you’ll want to keep up even after all the Christmas cookies are gone. Find out more from Sanae Ishida.

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Courtesy A Merry Mishap

In the bag

Plain paper bags look striking with this white-on-white color scheme. Complete your Advent calendar with some clothespins and puff paint. Head over to A Merry Mishap to find out more.

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Courtesy Rachael Smith of Penelope Pip for Poppytalk

Put a lid on it

Stick your countdown pieces in a jar to make a show of pulling each one out. As a bonus, the felt balls turn into simple ornaments for your tree once you’ve pulled them out. Find out how to make one at Poppytalk.

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Courtesy Hank and Hunt

Chalk it up

There’s no wrapping necessary for this Advent calendar made of chalkboard boxes, and the black makes it stand out from your typical green and red. Find out how to make one from Hank and Hunt.

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Courtesy Design, Dining and Diapers

Light up the night

Channel usual Advent candles with numbered luminaries. As the days get closer to Christmas, you’ll get a warmer glow. Learn how to make one from Design, Dining and Diapers.

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Courtesy Tracey Kofoed for My House of Giggles

From hand to toe

Felt mittens and stockings make a cozy Christmas countdown to hang above the mantel or on a wall. Visit My House of Giggles for the full instructions.

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