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11 Adorable DIY Baby Shower Gifts

If your friends are expecting, shower them with these cool, unusual, adorable, easy, new-baby keepsakes.

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Courtesy A Beautiful Mess

Song Lyric Art

A Beautiful Mess has created a swoonworthy DIY print that would make for a great homemade baby shower gift. Pick the baby’s name and birthdate—or, a memorable verse—and spell it out with vinyl letters on a prepared canvas. After a quick coat of spray paint, peel the letters free to reveal the patterned prose.

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Courtesy Kelly of Studio DIY

Gracious Garland

Your pal will love this thoughtful project from Studio DIY. Either yourself or with your friends, write sweet notes, wishes, hopes, and dreams to the parents (include some of pictures of the happy couple if you have them) and create a garland to string across the living room. Invite your friend to open them one at a time. Gorgeous. Have tissues handy.

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Courtesy Delightfully Noted

Memorable Map

Track where the parents came from, met, and where the baby is born with this DIY baby shower gift from Delightfully Noted. Easy enough: Cut shapes from a map and coat with Mod Podge, then adhere to colorful cardstock and frame.

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Courtesy Small for Big, Photo by Bar Rucci

Pom Pom Mobile

Making poms is actually incredibly easy. All you need is yarn, a pair of scissors, and this helpful how-to video. Mari from Small For Big attached her small fluffs to an embroidery hoop to make a whimsical, handcrafted addition to any child’s room.

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Courtesy Small for Big, Photo by Bar Rucci

Name Banner

Friends will love this sweet and celebratory DIY from Small For Big. Source some inexpensive cardboard, paint chips, glue, scissors, a hole punch, and any kind of thread or twine. Combine them all for a colorful garland perfect for the baby’s room (and for much less than you’d pay at a pricy store or site).

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Courtesy A Beautiful Mess

DIY Portrait

It’s surprisingly easy to transfer a printed image onto a canvas—and make it look like you painted the realistic pic yourself. Choose a photo of the new baby, one from the parents’ photo library, or a vintage stock image that goes with the new nursery decor. With some crafty supplies like Liquidex (available online), you can create this fun project from A Beautiful Mess to give to the happy new parents.

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Courtesy Kinsey Mhire of

Modern Diaper Bag

With this simple DIY from Blog Lovin, you can make a diaper bag so cool that even single friends will wish they had reason to tote one around. All you need to whip this up is a canvas bag, fabric dye, and a lazy afternoon.

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Courtesy Maegan Tintari of Maegan

Monogram Art

Make a special canvas for the new baby with this easy craft idea from Brit + Co. Pick up acrylic paint and a blank canvas, and this gift will perk up a nursery wall or shelf with style.

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Courtesy Gabrielle Blair

Baby Snowglobes

Try this genius idea from Design Mom and add your own twist! Print out baby pictures of the parents-to-be and laminate them with clear packing tape. Place each one inside a label-less baby food jar, add some sparkles and fill to the top with water. Give it a shake to start a special family tradition.

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Meera Lee Patel/InstaCraft Ornament

Message Stones

From my book Instacraft: Clean off stones with water and let dry, then write words or phrases on the stones with a fine-point paint pen. You might choose the baby’s names and birthdate, or inspiring words like DREAM and FAMILY.

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Courtesy Brit+Co

Shower Scrub

Got sea salt and olive oil? Then you’re ready to follow the Brit + Co. masterminds and create a homemade sugar scrub using kitchen staples. The new mom might not have too much of a chance to get out once the baby is born, making a home-spa gift (and moment to herself) all that much sweeter.

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