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50 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That Show You Really Care

Gather the kids and create one of these easy, adorable, and affordable Mother's Day crafts with supplies you already have on hand.

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Homemade presents mean the most

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and some tasty treats, but the way to a mom’s heart is definitely with a homemade present. You may still want to buy her an amazing Mother’s Day gift she’ll love, but pairing it with something that you—or the little ones in her life—have made just for her will truly make her day. Like personalized gifts and perfectly written cards, DIY Mother’s Day gifts show that you’ve taken the extra time to really think about her and what would make her smile.

Not sure where to start and not particularly crafty? No worries! We’ve rounded up the sweetest, easiest Mother’s Day crafts that you can make with items you might even already have in your house. So, rummage through your craft cabinet, raid your recycling bin, and have some fun! Whatever DIY gift you choose to create will help to make this Mother’s Day one that she’ll never forget. Bonus: You can make all of these quickly and easily. If you also want to buy something but you’re running late, we’ve got ideas for some great last-minute Mother’s Day gifts, too. Now, let’s dive into these gifts for mom!

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teabags mother's day cardsCourtesy Ashley Langston/Frugal Coupon Living

Teacup Mother’s Day card

If mom always has a cup of tea in hand or you can’t resist a good pun and want to tell her that she’s “tea-riffic,” this is the card for her. Using an egg carton for the cup, this teacup card is a cinch to whip together with card stock and leftover pattern or scrapbook paper. Writing one of these Mother’s Day quotes inside the card will further show just how much you love her.

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succulent planter mothers day ideaCourtesy Holly Bertone/Pink Fortitude

Succulent planters

Transform plastic recyclables into a lovely collection of rustic succulent planters. You just need twine and decoupage glue for this Mother’s Day gift. Your mom can display her succulents on a sunny windowsill, desk, or bedside table, and she’ll think of you every time she looks at them. Even better? Succulents are among the houseplants anyone can grow.

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i whaley love you plaque mothers day craft ideaCourtesy Craft Project Ideas

“I Whaley Love You” plaque

Kids will have a whale of a good time creating this adorable sea-themed sign. To start, you’ll need a scrap piece of wood or a pre-stretched canvas. Use acrylic craft paint to color the background with Mom’s favorite color, then use craft paper to create the cute little whale. Paint the message above the whale with paint, or use paint pens to make it even easier. A sweet gift from the heart might make the mom in your life shed a few tears, as will these sentimental Mother’s Day songs.

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love bookCourtesy Marina/

Love book

What better way to make a mother (or grandmother) smile than with a love book? All you need is some card stock or craft paper for the “pages” and a metal ring or even some pretty ribbon to hold it all together. Simply have your little ones write down or tell you what they love about the recipient and decorate the pages—and that’s pretty much it! Perhaps the best part of this Mother’s Day DIY gift is that it’s one that doesn’t require a trip to the store.

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Bedazzled pots

For this DIY Mother’s Day gift, give an old pot a makeover. Add a couple of coats of chalk paint and decorate with gem stickers once the paints dry. There is no right or wrong here—have fun! Just note that these pots are for decorative purposes only; you should not plant directly in them since they’re not weatherproof. Instead, slip a potted plant inside of the bedazzled pot.

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craft stick mothers day sign craft project ideaCourtesy Craft Project Ideas

Craft stick Mother’s Day sign

Popsicle or craft sticks are a versatile and inexpensive crafting medium. Use them to make a sweet sign to let a mom know how much you appreciate everything she does. To save time on painting, you can even pick up colorful craft sticks. For more ideas, check out these simple kids crafts that are easy to make and great to gift.

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Upcycled Mother’s Day vase

Mom will marvel at just how resourceful you are when you hand over this custom vase—since it’s made from an upcycled plastic jar! To create this homemade gift, all you have to do is paint a clean plastic jar in her favorite color and use washi tape and ribbon to add some unique decorations. If you really want to go the extra mile, place the vase on a tray for the perfect Mother’s Day brunch setup.

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send a hugvia

Send a hug craft

What could possibly be better than getting a hug? How about sending a hug…a hug made out of wrapping paper, that is! For this simple craft, have your child lie down with arms outstretched (as if they’re about to give someone a giant hug) and trace the outline on wrapping paper. While this homemade gift is perfect for a grandmother who lives far away, it can also be a super special in-person delivery. Don’t miss these other Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma.

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handprint bouquet mothers day craft ideaCourtesy Craft Project Ideas

Handprint bouquet

Capture a moment in time with this beautiful handprint bouquet that she can keep forever. The “flowers” are made by painting little hands, stamping them onto paper, and then cutting them out. The handprint flowers are held up by wood dowels and embellished with pipe cleaners. This Mother’s Day craft is easy and fun for kids of all ages.

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rose heart card mothers day project craft ideaCourtesy Ottawa Mommy Club

Rose-filled heart card

It’s a fact: Moms love homemade cards. This particular one is adorned with perfect paper roses, and even though it looks elegant and professional, it’s super easy to make. All you need is colored craft paper, scissors, and glue. Ottowa Mommy Club provides a handy template to help make the roses. Once all the roses are assembled, glue them onto a folded sheet of paper and consider adding a Mother’s Day poem inside the card for an extra special touch.

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moms flower box mothers day craft ideaCourtesy Craft Project Ideas

Flower box

Flower gardens and bouquets make great Mother’s Day gifts, but one that requires no maintenance at all may be even better. Using pom-poms, craft sticks, and skill sticks, you can create this adorable flower box that she’ll adore. This Mother’s Day DIY craft is perfect for young children, and it makes a wonderful hands-on activity for them. Just remember that adult supervision is needed when handling the hot glue.

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Pasta card

Dried pasta is another multipurpose crafting material that you already have in your pantry. Use multicolored bow-tie pasta to make a fun, colorful Mother’s Day card. If you only have plain pasta, don’t worry—you can dye it using an 1/8 cup of white vinegar and 20 to 30 drops of food coloring. Glue the colorful pasta onto card stock, and make the vase out of paper or a piece of burlap. If you don’t know what message to include in the card, here’s what to write in a Mother’s Day card.

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The kid who wrote her love for her mother on the stonesPhynart Studio/Getty Images

Conversation rocks

Forget conversation hearts. This Mother’s Day, it’s all about conversation rocks. This super easy DIY Mother’s Day gift requires a rock from your backyard, some paint, and a whole lot of creativity and love. Paint a sweet message on the surface of the rock to let her know just how much she means to you.

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child gives mother's day a necklace and bracelet of cerealsLuis Diaz Devesa/Getty Images

Cereal bracelet and necklace set

This craft is kid-friendly and crunchy! Little fashionistas will love constructing a jewelry set made out of their favorite cereal. All you’ll need is some string and some circle-shaped treats. What could be easier—or tastier?

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embroidery kitvia ChloeArtCrafts/

DIY floral embroidery

Is the mom in your life the crafty type herself? If so, then she’ll absolutely love this embroidery kit. At just $16.99, you can afford to buy two—one to make for her and one for her to make herself. Choose from a variety of floral patterns perfect for spring days (and also for beginners).

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Making paper flowers crafts for mother's day or birthday. StepZolotaosen/Getty Images

Paper flower bouquet

Kid-ify a Mother’s Day classic with this adorable paper version of a bouquet. First, cut two pieces of construction paper into a kite shape for the bouquet holder. Then, cut one of the kites in half, and staple or glue that half to the full kite in order to make a pocket to hold the paper flowers. From there, create as many flowers as your heart desires. The best part? They’ll never wilt!

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Mom letter ornaments in a roomMelpomenem/Getty Images

M-O-M ornaments

Who says ornaments are just for Christmas trees? To craft these M-O-M ornaments, pick up some metal letters and a heart, and string some twine through the loops to create the perfect hanging centerpiece. For some pre-made ideas, check out the 50 best Amazon Mother’s Day gifts for every type of mom.

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candle making kitvia TheHobbyistBox/

Candle-making kit

Let’s be honest—we all secretly (or maybe not-so-secretly) love candles, and we’re guessing your mom is no exception. That’s why this DIY candle-making kit is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. It comes with lavender and vanilla essential oils to create two fragrant candles, but you can always swap those scents with her favorites for an extra personalized gift.

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personalized magnets for mothers day giftsCourtesy Debbie Clement/Rainbows Within Reach

Personalized photo magnets

You can never have too many magnets on the fridge, and this is especially true when those magnets include cute photos of your favorite tot. These magnets are super easy to make with marble accents and stick-on magnets, and the sentimentality of the gift is sure to make Mom happy.

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Thank-you jar with messages of appreciationNiall_Majury/Getty Images

Thank you jar

We all know that moms are superheroes, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to express our gratitude. What better way to do this than with a DIY thank you jar? All you need for this quick yet meaningful craft is an old Mason jar and some scraps of construction paper. Write what you are most thankful for about your mother, from the little everyday things to the big moments. Feel free to decorate the Mason jar for a spruced-up version of this timeless gift.

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string art heartsvia StrungOnNails/

String art hearts

The heart is a universal sign for love, and this DIY string art heart kit is the perfect way to symbolize your love for Mom. It’s also customizable (you can choose your string colors), simple, and beautiful—the perfect combination for a Mother’s Day DIY.

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mani pedi setCourtesy Freebie Finding Mom

Mani-pedi in a jar

Rather than give your mom a gift certificate to the local beauty salon, pamper her in the comfort of her own home by creating a mani-pedi moment in a jar. The simple assembly makes this the perfect DIY Mother’s Day gift even for the craft-challenged. And you’ll certainly get extra brownie points if you throw in a free foot massage with it! Here are a few more things the two of you could use for a relaxing spa day at home.

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crochet plushie via thewoobles/

Crochet plushie

Kids grow up, but this little penguin will never leave the nest. This adorable little guy will make Mom smile now and throughout the years. The beginner crochet kit includes a step-by-step tutorial, a pattern PDF to download, and all of the materials you need to bring your plushie friend to life.

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Creation a greeting card for the Mother's Day by the child. Step 613-Smile/Getty Images

Button-head card

Get creative with your cards or assorted artwork with this quirky idea. All you’ll need is some card stock, markers, glue, and, of course, buttons. Have the kids make button versions of themselves and Mom, and then decorate everyone as they see fit. It’s a fun twist on a classic craft. And who knows: Maybe this will end up being the best Mother’s Day gift ever.

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moms recipe holder craft stick mothers day craft project ideaCourtesy Craft Project Ideas

Recipe holder

Use the ever-so-versatile craft stick to make a recipe holder. This craft comes together quickly with craft glue and paint. Present this DIY gift to Mom along with some highly requested family recipes printed on four-by-six-inch cards.

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rainbow arts and craftsvia WhiskerWorks/

Personalized rainbow craft kit

Just like a rainbow can brighten a rainy day, a mom can make any day feel that much better. Convey that sentiment with a personalized rainbow craft kit. You can choose the color scheme of your rainbow and even add a name at the wooden base for an extra special touch she won’t forget anytime soon.

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Festive pink background with paper butterflies.Maryna Terletska/Getty Images

Paper butterflies

This stunning Insta-worthy craft is better suited for older children or even adults, since an X-Acto knife is the best tool to use in order to carve such ornate detailing into card stock. Feel free to follow a template, or, if you’re feeling extra creative, freehand the designs on the butterfly wings.

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stained glass birdsvia HelloSprout/

Stained-glass birds

Stained glass has never been so easy to make! This suncatcher kit will create beautiful stained-glass birds using stencils, tissue paper, and glue. This is a great Mother’s Day craft for grandmothers to do with their grandchildren, or mothers to do with their young kids.

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Happy Mother's Daytolgart/Getty Images

Wooden heart plaque

Create a lovely rustic wooden heart for your special person this Mother’s Day. Michaels sells heart-shaped wood plaques for just $3. From there, you can decide how to decorate it by either painting directly on the heart or attaching the perfect sentiment, like in this example.

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Handmade recycled craft paper in hand shape with heart inside with text I love mom Pornpak Khunatorn/Getty Images

Hand hearts

This craft is sure to warm the hearts of both kids and mothers alike. Just have your child trace their hand on one side of a folded piece of paper. Cut around the outline, unfold, and watch as one hand becomes two! Then add a special message on the palms of the newly construction-papered hands. So, why do we celebrate this holiday in the first place? Check out the surprising history of Mother’s Day you never knew.

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spring time wreathvia PacecraftCreations/

Springtime wreath

Wreaths in May? Absolutely! Bring some extra springtime cheer into your mom’s house with this pretty springtime rag wreath craft kit, which comes complete with fabric daisies and tassels. You can also add a wooden heart for a little extra sweetness.

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Instruction, step 13. On Mothers Day or Valentines Day gift - a teddy bear with a heart-card. Handmade paper ideas. Childrens creativity project, handmade, crafts for kids.elena_hramowa/Getty Images

Paper teddy

This DIY Mother’s Day gift is for any kid with a cute and cuddly side. All you’ll need is some construction paper, markers, and glue to create this beary adorable little buddy. Cut out a long strip using the brown construction paper for the body of your newest furry friend. From there, glue add-ons (think eyes, nose, and ears), as well as hearts cut out of red paper. Just watch out for a cuteness overload! Don’t miss these short, sweet stories about moms that will make you want to call yours.

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Funny Paper Caterpillar Of Red And Pink Paper Hearts On A White Background.handmade Greeting Card For Valentine's Day And Mother's Day.Tatiana Buzmakova/Getty Images

Heart caterpillar

Most moms have a silly side, and this DIY caterpillar is the perfect way to bring it out this holiday. For this fun craft, you’ll need pink, red, and black construction paper, plus glue and googly eyes. Create the lovebug by gluing paper hearts in a row. Add legs, antennas, and a cute face to finish off your cute and crawly creation.

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make your own earringsvia CraftFantasticDesign/

Homemade earrings

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but these whimsical earrings will be her new favorites if they’re given to her on Mother’s Day. This DIY earring-making kit offers numerous options for earring design—birds, butterflies, sunflowers, and more—and will add a fun flair to her wardrobe.

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Background Of Red And Blue Hearts Or Valentines, On A Black Background. A gift for the holiday of Valentine's Day, handmade.Aleksandr Zubkov/Getty Images

Felt hearts

Mothers have hearts of gold, so why not show that using….felt? Trust us: Stitching together these little felt hearts takes minimal effort (think felt, thread, and a needle), but giving them as a present makes a big impact on the big day. Looking for another way to make the day special? Watch one of these Mother’s Day movies with your mom.

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flower bag for mothers dayvia Reinary/

Embroidered tote bag

We all know the power of a mother’s purse. This Mother’s Day, create the ultimate tote for Mom using this embroidered canvas tote bag kit. You can choose between three unique floral designs for this DIY bag, which, of course, is roomy enough to hold everyone’s stuff. But the best part of this present is that every time she uses it, she’ll think of you.

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home made soapvvia TheSaltyOwlStudio/

Homemade soap

Pretty soaps are one of life’s little luxuries. This soap making kit comes with everything you need to create four to five colorful and silky-smooth bars of goats’ milk soap. Bonus: It even comes with a gift bag, tissue, and tag, so you don’t have to run out at the last moment for the right wrapping.

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Flat lay of handmade felt doughnuts with colored chocolate are on a beige linen background. Concept romantic valentine's day gift, card mothers day. Card mothers day. Soft sweets for pretend food.Ekaterina Rekina/Getty Images

DIY doughnuts

Looking for a new twist on the typical Mother’s Day breakfast in bed? If so, these felt doughnuts are the answer. All you’ll need for this project is some colored felt, a needle, and thread. With this DIY craft, you’ll be able to make the most mouthwatering treats without having to clean a single dish. You can also pair these clever creations with one of these actual food gifts.

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Macramé planter

Is your mom a plant lady? Then she’ll absolutely adore this retro way to house her leafy friends. This DIY macramé planter kit includes a wooden hoop, four wooden beads, rope (in customizable colors), and an S-hook to hang your creation from. And if your mom doesn’t have plants, get her one to go along with the planter: We recommend these indoor plants that do well in small spaces.

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Happy Mothers Dayjayk7/Getty Images

“I love mom” garland

This Mother’s Day craft doubles as both a gift and a decoration. It’s the perfect multitasker, just like Mom! For this project, you’ll need red construction paper or felt to make the heart shapes, some thick twine, and clothespins. Use some colorful pens to write out messages to Mom on the hearts—or maybe even a few mom jokes. This thoughtful gift is sure to stay up in the house for a while.

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Cricut personalized mugs for momvia

Personalized mug

Because what hardworking mom doesn’t need her coffee fix in the morning? Make her caffeine breaks extra special this year by creating a personalized mug for her. For a high-tech version of this DIY Mother’s Day gift, use some cool technology like Cricut’s Mug Press for a state-of-the-art yet totally unique mug. Or, if a younger craftsman wants to make this present, acrylic paint on a ceramic mug will work just the same. Add one of these other gifts for coffee lovers for the perfect package.

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Making gift for Mother's Day by the child. Step 713-Smile/Getty Images

Floral fan

While Mother’s Day takes place at the height of the spring season, what that really means is that summer is right around the corner. And what better way to beat the heat than with a handmade fan? Mothers will thank you for creating a cool (and cute!) solution for the dog days of summer. All you’ll need for this super easy DIY is card stock in a variety of colors, scissors, glue, and ribbon. Fold one piece of card stock back and forth to create the effects of a fan. Tie at the bottom with a piece of ribbon, and decorate as you see fit.

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Care box Set of eco-friendly cosmetics Bath salt, wooden comb, pumice stone, aroma candles, handmade soap in shape of heart, sponge for washing on pink background Gift for girlfriend, mother Top viewMARINA BOGACHYOVA/Getty Images

Self-care box

Moms are like superheroes because they’re always taking care of others. But this Mother’s Day, remind Mom how important it is to also take care of herself with a DIY self-care box. While this may require a quick trip to the store to pick up some goodies to fill your wicker basket with, it will certainly be worth it to see the joy on her face. Another option: Making these DIY beauty products that cost less than a dollar!

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DIY birdhouse for Momvia SierraCraftwerks/

Birdhouse kit

One of the best things about springtime is waking up to the sound of birds chirping. Why not capitalize on this by decorating a DIY birdhouse and presenting it to your mom this Mother’s Day. It’s also a perfect at-home activity whenever you need to keep little ones busy. It comes fully equipped with an already constructed wooden birdhouse, paints, and brushes. All you need to do is add the creativity! Here are more gorgeous ideas for a DIY birdhouse that you’ve never thought of.

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Girl paints patterns of dry autumn leaves13-Smile/Getty Images

Painted leaves

This Mother’s Day craft is for all of the mothers out there in tune with nature. Next time you go for a walk around the neighborhood, pick up a couple of leaves to bring home and paint beautiful designs on top of, using your choice of colored acrylic paint. Not only is this gift super cheap and super unique, but it’s also super versatile—Mom can use these lovely leaves as centerpieces, bookmarks, wall art, and more.

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Diy Mothers Day greeting card with a paper napkin dress and flower decoration.Detry26/Getty Images

Paper napkin dress card

Hey, if the dress fits… For this super easy craft, all you’ll need is a napkin (preferably sporting a fun pattern if you don’t want to draw one on yourself). Fold the napkin like an accordion to make the dress’ pleats. Then, on a piece of card stock, draw the bodice of the dress. Glue down the pleated napkin, and watch as your creation comes to life. This is the card of every fashionista mom’s dreams.

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DIY dreamcatcher for Momvia BohemianBlush/

Dream catcher kit

Protect your mom’s precious moments of shut-eye with a dream catcher. A traditional dream catcher is a handmade willow hoop used in certain Native American cultures as a talisman to protect sleepers and ward off bad dreams. This DIY kit makes it super easy to create one for your mom this holiday. We bet she’ll be sleeping easy from now on.

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Young woman doing crafts with watercolour in her studioWestend61/Getty Images

Personally decorated bookmark

This craft goes out to all the bookworms out there. If your mom loves nothing more than cozying up with a good book, this is the perfect Mother’s Day gift DIY. For this super simple craft, cut thick pieces of card stock into strips shaped like bookmarks. From there, it’s all about the decoration. Whether you want to go for a sophisticated watercolor look or a free-for-all bedazzled take, anything goes as long as you have fun with it. Pair it with one of the best new fiction books and she’ll be ready for her favorite type of R&R.

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Cheese making kit for Mother's Dayvia SandyLeafFarm/

Cheese making kit

Does your mom love anything she can put on a charcuterie board? If so, she’ll fall head over heels for this DIY cheese making kit. Everything you need comes right in the kit, so it’s the perfect one-stop-shop. If your mom decides to move to France and open her own cheese shop after receiving this gift, well, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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resin art kit for mother's dayvia Shersbeachycreations/

Resin art kit

Is she dreaming of the beach? With this DIY resin art kit, you’ll be able to create a beautiful wave scene for her out of resin, shells, and crushed glass. This sophisticated art piece can hang in any beach bum’s living room. One word of warning, though: This craft shouldn’t be attempted by young children, as it contains small fragments. But older kids and adults will love doing the project—and seeing the gorgeous result. Maybe this will inspire you to plan a mother-daughter trip to one of the best beaches near you.

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