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What Would You Do With a Dollar?

It can provide a meal for the hungry, brighten a child's day, and contribute to the growth of knowledge...a dollar is worth so much more than it looks. That's why we asked our readers and staff for their best answers; tell us yours in the comments.

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“I’d buy three stamps and send letters to 3 people who mean something to me but I haven’t spoken to in a while.”

-Liz Vaccariello

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“I would buy a ripe mango and give to Candi, one of the aides at my aunt’s assisted-living home. Mangoes are Candi’s favorite fruit, and since the aides don’t make money, I like to try to brighten their days.”

-Fran Lostys

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“I would get change for my dollar in quarters, buy two rubber Super Balls from the nearest convenience store, then share them with a friend. Tossing around a tiny, ridiculously-bouncy ball is the cheapest fun you can have, indoors or out.”

-Brandon Specktor

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“I would buy a book at a used book store, read it, and then pass it around to everyone I know! Cheap knowledge.”

-Katie Askew

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“I would make change and leave the stack of quarters in an out-of-the-way place. I love thinking about who might find them and what they’d do with the money. That, or buy a Polish donut from a place in Brooklyn and share it with my girlfriend.”

-Beth Dreher

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“It can be discouraging to watch cars pass by and not stop, so I would give my dollar to a child selling lemonade! They would appreciate it much more than I would.”

-Emma Kapotes

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“I would give my dollar to a veterans group such as the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) or the Wounded Warrior Project. This country needs to support its veterans.”

-Ann DiCesare

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“I’d buy a lotto ticket. ‘All you need is a dollar and a dream’.”

-Adrienne Farr

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“Glowsticks: They keep my autistic sons from panicking during power outages.”

-Danielle Gero Cloward

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“I had a great date with my wife. We went to see Ghost on 2 for $1 Tuesdays.”

-James Ping

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“I pass it to a garbage collector to grab a drink in the sweltering heat.”

-Asma Maged

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