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Here’s What Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About Your Personality

Can't imagine life without a Labrador, or obsessed with your French Bulldog? Here's what studies and experts say your favorite dog breed says about your personality.

woman outside with labrador retriever smilingJessica Peterson/Getty Images

This may not come as a surprise to you, but your favorite dog actually gives some insight into who you are. Whether you like fluffy dogs or black and white dogs, they all embody us in some way. While no two individual dogs are the same, certain breeds are known to exhibit certain qualities. Various studies have been conducted over the years that have proven the relationship between our dog breed of choice and our personality traits, but we also got some additional input from pet experts based on what they have seen in the field. Make sure you also see which dog breed is most compatible with your zodiac sign.

German Shepherd Sticking Out Tongue While Resting On Field During AutumnRebecca Stynes / EyeEm/Getty Images

German Shepherd lovers: Confident and tough

“Exceptionally confident, tough, and looking for loyalty”— those are the words Karin Wagner, an American Kennel Club representative who judges German Shepherds in dog shows, uses to describe this breed. Think of a no-nonsense high school teacher who won’t let you get away with goofing off. Other research has found that owners of Rottweilers and German Shepherds are more likely to have hostile or aggressive personalities. German Shepherds are born to protect just like these other guard dogs.

Golden retriever sitting down in a farmCapuski/Getty Images

Golden or Labrador Retriever lovers: Spunky and adventurous

“These owners are outgoing and open to trying new things,” says Theresa Viestro, AKC representative for Labrador Retrievers. And if they’re anything like their dogs, these owners are also very popular. The Labrador Retriever was ranked the most popular dog breed of 2019, the last year that statistics are available, by the American Kennel Club. If Labs have a little too much fur for your taste, check out these hairless dog breeds that will keep your sniffles at bay.

Chihuahua is sitting and happy smile.Phanuwat Yoksiri/Getty Images

Toy dog lovers: Agreeable and conscientious

Owners of toy dog breeds, such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers, were more agreeable, conscientious, and open to new experiences, according to a 2012 British survey of 1,000 participants. “Openness to new experiences is sometimes lumped in with intelligence,” study author Lance Workman, a psychologist at Bath Spa University, told Good Morning America. “There’s this view that people who own toy dogs are airheads, so this was quite nice to see.”

Beagle standing in a grassy fieldPrzemyslaw Iciak/Getty Images

Beagle lovers: Emotionally stable

If you like Beagles or other hound dogs, that same survey says you might be more emotionally stable or levelheaded. But that doesn’t mean quiet or shy. Mary Cummings, the AKC rep for beagles, says that this breed is very outgoing and active. Beagles are very family-friendly; they enjoy spending as much time as possible with their owners. “If my beagle were a person, she’d be a kindergarten teacher,” Cummings said. If you live in a small space, check out these apartment dogs that don’t require so much room.

Side View Of English Bulldog Looking Away On FieldTara Gregg/Getty Images

Bulldog lovers: Stubborn

We asked Victoria Larson, a French bulldog owner and AKC representative, what she thought the typical bulldog owner was like. She laughed and summed it up in one word: “stubborn.” Dog expert Cesar Milan agrees that bulldogs are “determined, persistent, and do not give up easily.” Bulldogs are also expert nappers just like these other lazy dog breeds.

Great dane puppy with tongue out looking at cameraImage by Erin Vey/Getty Images

Great Dane lovers: Hilarious

With a dog as large as a Great Dane, you have to have a sense of humor. Especially with these gentle giants as they are one of the world’s biggest dog breeds. Just the sight of these big guys will put people on alert, but anyone who has one of these quirky dogs probably thinks this is most amusing. “They have a big heart to protect their giant scaredy-dog from inanimate objects and love snuggling with their 150+ pound lap dog,” explains Zach Reed, Founder of As a Great Dane owner, you can’t sweat the small stuff as you’re probably covered in drool anyways!”

Portrait of husky dog, NorwayTorgeir Døhl Fotland/Getty Images

Husky lovers: Energetic

With a history of great endurance and athleticism, it works well that Husky lovers are known to be incredibly energetic. “As the Husky is boisterous, exuberant, and full of energy, it is little wonder that their owner tends to be someone who enjoys keeping active,” says Dr. Linda Simons, Consulting Veterinarian. “If you’re a person who likes to go for 10-mile hikes and swim outdoors, you may well be a Husky owner.” Don’t miss more striking dogs with blue eyes that will make you gawk at their beauty.

Boxer Dog Looking Away While Sitting OutdoorsLorenzo Mariani/Getty Images

Boxer lovers: Entertaining

Boxers are incredibly entertaining themselves. Just the presence of a boxer makes heads turn. “Boxers are funny and confident, always up for a laugh,” claims Simons. “You may find that their owners are equally entertaining; the life and soul of the party. They also like to be outdoors and on the go; never one to slob out on the sofa.”

Poodle sitting in the grass outsideTara Gregg/Getty Images

Poodle lovers: Graceful

According to the AKC, poodles are the true aristocrats among dogdom. Aside from just looking the part, poodles are athletic, strong, and intelligent, making them extremely versatile dogs. “Poodle lovers carry an air of elegance and grace around them akin to their favorite breed,” says Leonardo Gomez of Try Runball. “You enjoy the finer things in life. Instead of going to a local pub to hear some rock band, you chose to go to a museum or a ballet show. But that doesn’t mean you are superficial. You are extremely intelligent and a quick learner.” Poodles are also fiercely independent and one of the few dogs that can be left alone.

Portrait of australian shepherd relaxing on fieldSylv Lettal/Getty Images

Australian shepherd lovers: Outdoorsy

The Australian shepherd was the unofficial herding dog of the cowboy. So if you love Aussies, it makes sense that you would like to spend your days outside too. “While you may not be herding sheep, you like to run and hike.,” explains Dr. Theresa Fossum. “The standard joke is that these dogs only shed twice a year, six months at a time—so you likely are that person who likes to vacuum on a regular basis.” Don’t miss these dogs with long noses that you’ll fall in love with.

Portrait Of Afghan Dog Relaxing On FieldBryan Wenham-Baler/Getty Images

Afghan hound lovers: Elegant

These dogs with luscious locks just scream beauty and grace. But despite the Afghan hound’s exquisite appearance, the breed can be very loyal and goofy. “These are the elegant dogs of the dog world,” says Fossum. “If you own one you are likely elegant too—and perhaps a bit pampered and aloof. You definitely like pretty things that take some effort.” Interested in seeing more dogs with floppy ears? We have you covered!

pit bull sitting outside sticking tongue outTamara Kirsanova / EyeEm/Getty Images

Pitbull lovers: Versatile

Pitbulls get a bad rap. Easily misunderstood, they are associated with aggression, yet many Pitbulls are actually quite friendly and loving. They are agile, active, but also like to lounge on the couch. If you adore this breed, you love to equally run miles a day and Netflix and chill, according to Josh Godoy and Bethany Wilson of The Puppy Academy. Don’t miss these dogs with pointy ears that are just too cute.

Happy border collie dog outdoorsPurple Collar Pet Photography/Getty Images

Border Collie lovers: Loyal

Who doesn’t love Border Collies? This breed is known for their devotion to their human, always looking for approval from who they love most and staying loyal their whole lives. “There’s no meandering over to random strangers just to receive the latest treats, they’ll look to me for approval first,” says Charli Burbidge, co-founder of Petz and proud Border Collie owner. See which breeds besides Border Collies are considered the fastest dogs in the world.

Cute young jack russell terrier pet dog with his toy enjoy outside morning time in parkTERADAT SANTIVIVUT/Getty Images

Terrier lovers: ???

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all: If you’ve got a terrier, you just might be a mystery—studies show no standout personality traits. Next, see if your location has something to do with your favorite and check out the most popular dog breeds in every state.


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