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30 Adorable Photos of Dogs and Babies Playing Together

Dogs make the best friends—especially to babies. These baby-puppy duos are certain to melt your heart and make you smile.

This baby loves sharing food with her best friend

She can’t eat unless they both do! These wet dog photos will also make your day.

This cuddle puddle is the cutest thing ever

If this picture doesn’t make you smile, what will?

These two friends love the beach

Who doesn’t love playing in the sand? Make sure you also check out these funny dog pictures.

These two friends are hanging on the stairs

You can tell how much they love each other.

This baby loves showing his friend some appreciation

They’re patiently waiting for lunch. These dogs all dressed up for work will also make you smile.

This little girl is so happy to see her friend

This is one happy family.

These two happy friends are staring out the window

They’re hoping to see something cool. Just like this picture, these cute animal photos are sure to make you smile.

This pug is giving his best friend a smooch

We want some of those kisses too.

This little guy loves playing with his golden

They are having so much fun! Make sure you also check out these funny dog photos.

This big pug loves playing with his tiny friend

They’re playing a nice game of catch.

This baby loves crawling around with her friend

He’s watching over her as she practices her crawling. Here are some hilarious cat and dog photos all animal lovers need to see.

These two friends love hanging out on the bed

They’re both dressed up for their playtime.

This baby loves having her best friend around

He probably told her a really funny joke. Do you know which dog breeds make the cutest puppies?

This baby always has his big friend looking out for her

He’s always watching over his best friend. Here are some adorable dog pictures that are sure to melt your heart.

This little girl is holding her best friend’s ear

They’re just hanging out and having a grand old time.

This baby and his best friend are on a walk together

They’re taking a morning stroll. Make sure you also check out these adorable pug photos.

This family loves hugs

Can we join in too? Check out these 10 cute photos of guilty dogs caught red-handed.

This little girl loves family playtime

Her best friend is learning all the new tricks.

This brother and sister love play dates with their corgi friend

Best game of catch ever. Dogs are always so adorable, even if they’re “ugly”.

This tiny baby’s best friend is even tinier than him

Best friends for life. Just like babies and dogs, cats and dogs can be best friends too.

This boy is thrilled to be playing ball with his best friend

Look at that big smile. Just like human babies, animal babies are adorable too.

These two friends are playing dress-up

The puppy doesn’t seem too thrilled but he’ll do anything for his friend.

This baby boy and the puppy love each other so much

Their mom is so happy to see them having fun.

This baby is all grown-up

He can take her best friend on a walk all by herself.

This little girl loves her best friend so much

She even has a little stuffed animal version of her.

This little baby boy has the fluffiest best friend

He wants to give him a little kiss.

This baby loves snuggling with his friend

He’s giving him the gentlest pets.

This baby is having tummy time with her friend

Look at that ball of fluff! These funny photos will surely make you laugh out loud.

This baby taking a snooze on her best friends

They’re laying so still to not wake her up. Next, check out these 40 funny baby photos that will make you laugh out loud.

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