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Yay for National Donut Day! 5 Obscenely Decadent Ways to Eat Donuts

Warning: Could cause extreme mouth-watering. Once you try a delicious spin on the classic donut, you may never go back.

Courtesy Brittni Mehlhoff

The Donut Ice Cream Dessert

Breakfast and dessert in one meal? Yes, please! Simply slice a store-bought donut in two, then fill with a scoop of your favorite ice cream. The combination of two indulgent staples is a sweet tooth cure. Paper & Stitch has various ice cream flavors for eye-catching shades.

Courtesy Jessica Merchant

The Donut Milkshake

Use a blender for a scrumptious spin on mini donuts. Iced coffee, ice cream, cake donuts, and almond milk create an indulgent afternoon treat. How Sweet It Is has the step-by-step directions (bonus: it only takes 5 minutes!).


The Donut Breakfast Sandwich

Craving a bit of protein with your pastry? Stack eggs and bacon to take your treat to new heights. Mr. Breakfast recreates the Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich with a recipe ideal for lazy Sunday brunches. Surprisingly, the restaurant version has only 360 calories—so this occasional indulgence may not be as sinful as it looks.

Courtesy Stephanie Le

The Donut Waffle

This is an especially useful trick for when you (somehow!) manage to have leftover donuts, or for when donuts have gone slightly stale. Heat a donut in a waffle maker until it becomes caramelized, crisp, and absolutely drool-worthy. I Am a Food Blog explains the origin of this genius idea.

Courtesy Sarah J. Gim

The Donut Cheese Melt

Heat up your afternoon with a lunch that’s a delectable mix of savory and sweet. It’s as simple as your typical grilled cheese sandwich, but far more satisfying. Taste Spotting shows exactly how to grill the lip-smacking indulgence.

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