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Yay for National Donut Day! 5 Obscenely Decadent Ways to Eat Donuts

Warning: Could cause extreme mouth-watering. Once you try a delicious spin on the classic donut, you may never go back.

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Courtesy Brittni Mehlhoff

The Donut Ice Cream Dessert

Breakfast and dessert in one meal? Yes, please! Simply slice a store-bought donut in two, then fill with a scoop of your favorite ice cream. The combination of two indulgent staples is a sweet tooth cure. Paper & Stitch has various ice cream flavors for eye-catching shades.

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Courtesy Jessica Merchant

The Donut Milkshake

Use a blender for a scrumptious spin on mini donuts. Iced coffee, ice cream, cake donuts, and almond milk create an indulgent afternoon treat. How Sweet It Is has the step-by-step directions (bonus: it only takes 5 minutes!).

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The Donut Breakfast Sandwich

Craving a bit of protein with your pastry? Stack eggs and bacon to take your treat to new heights. Mr. Breakfast recreates the Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich with a recipe ideal for lazy Sunday brunches. Surprisingly, the restaurant version has only 360 calories—so this occasional indulgence may not be as sinful as it looks.

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Courtesy Stephanie Le

The Donut Waffle

This is an especially useful trick for when you (somehow!) manage to have leftover donuts, or for when donuts have gone slightly stale. Heat a donut in a waffle maker until it becomes caramelized, crisp, and absolutely drool-worthy. I Am a Food Blog explains the origin of this genius idea.

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Courtesy Sarah J. Gim

The Donut Cheese Melt

Heat up your afternoon with a lunch that’s a delectable mix of savory and sweet. It’s as simple as your typical grilled cheese sandwich, but far more satisfying. Taste Spotting shows exactly how to grill the lip-smacking indulgence.

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