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12 of the Dumbest Bosses You Will Ever Meet

Count yourself lucky if you've never had to deal with a boss like this.

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We had a better discount

After two days of heated wrangling, we got one of our vendors to agree 
to a 35 percent discount. As we were about to sign the contract, my boss, who had not been a party to the 
negotiations, walked in and tore it 
up, saying, “I’m going to teach you purchasing people how to play 
hardball. That’s the way you make 
it in this world.” He turned to the vendor’s sales rep and said, “We want a 20 percent discount; take it or leave it.” The delighted rep immediately agreed. As my boss left, he said to 
us, “I hope you learned something from that.” — Watch out for these signs that you have a terrible boss.

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Thanks, I guess…

When corporate came to visit, the CEO complimented me by saying, “You aren’t as dumb as HR made you out to be.”—

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Wrong language

My boss heard there was an opening for a plant manager in our South American 
facility. To better prepare himself, he decided to attend Spanish classes on the company’s time and at its expense. The only problem? The plant is in Brazil, where they speak Portuguese. —

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Stinky boss

My boss used to tell me and another coworker he hadn’t showered in days and wanted us to make sure clients didn’t get close to him at events. — These companies have the best bosses in America.

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I didn’t have any other choice

I work for a family-owned check-cashing company. One day, I was robbed 
at gunpoint. The next 
day, the owners deducted the stolen cash from my paycheck. They said 
I had willingly complied with the robber’s wishes. —

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You ate my chicken?! My chicken?!

My boss ate all the breading off 
of three pieces of leftover fried chicken I’d brought to work for lunch, and then he put the naked chicken back into the break-room fridge like nothing happened. —@RyanLostinTX

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I need to look good

“I know my plan won’t work, but don’t disagree with me in front of others.” If your boss hasn’t said anything like this, it’s probably one of the many signs that you have a great boss.

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Always be ahead of schedule

“If you are on schedule, then your plan was not aggressive enough. If you are behind schedule, you must be goofing off.”

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Is that my job?

“What this department lacks is leadership.” Make sure you never say these things to your boss.

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If you love me you’ll get more money

“Bonuses in my department are 
awarded to team players who have demonstrated an appreciation for 
my leadership.”

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Classic boss

I tried to email you to tell you 
that my email wasn’t working, but my email wasn’t working. —

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I was just stating the truth

I got a citation in my employee file because I told my boss that Bob 
Marley did not sing “Red Red Wine.” —@daberhasher. Next, read about the secrets your boss won’t tell you—but you need to know.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest