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18 Entertaining Easter Games for Kids

Once the baskets have been found, keep your kids’ spirits festive with some Easter games.


Easter Egg Hunt

Hide your dyed Easter eggs all over your lawn, garden, and porch and set the little ones loose with baskets. Another variation is hiding hollow plastic eggs with clues inside about where to find the next egg. The last egg contains directions to the treasure (a Lego toy, stuffed animal, or other fun prize)! To avoid disappointment, make sure you have a treasure for each child. If you like these Easter games for kids also try these Easter basket ideas that will leave your kids speechless.


Easter Egg Race

Give each child a tablespoon and a bucket full of plastic or hardboiled Easter eggs. Place large Easter baskets a short distance away from each child. Have the children place an egg on the spoon, and then holding the end of the spoon in their mouths, walk across the yard to put the egg in the basket. No hands allowed. Anyone who drops an egg has to start over. Once you play this game, watch one of these Easter movies to keep the fun going.



Make a limbo bar from an old broom handle or similar long stick. Start with the stick high and have the children line up and limbo underneath the bar as music plays in the background. Lower the limbo bar after each round. If a player touches the bar above or the grass below (or falls!), that child is out of the game. The last player remaining wins a chocolate or stuffed Easter bunny. Read up on these myths and legends about Easter.


Kids Easter Parade

Before the mini-parade in your backyard begins, give each child a white plastic fedora and let him or her decorate it with flowers, ribbons, glitter, stickers, plastic fruit, lace, and paints. Once everyone has finished a hat, have the kids line up and parade around to music, showing off the latest fashions.


Easter Piñata

For another Easter game for kids, pick up a pre-made piñata from the store or make your own and fill it with Easter candy and small toys. Line up the children and let each one take a turn hitting the piñata with a broom handle. If the kids are older, blindfold them before they take a swing at the piñata. Be sure all little ones are safely out of hitting range. When the piñata breaks, kids can scoop up the candy and prizes. Be certain that every child gets some of the loot. This is why bunnies are so popular for Easter.


Jellybean Hunt

Hide jellybeans all over your home and then set the kids loose with baskets. Make sure some are easy to find for younger kids, and some are in more challenging places for older kids. Be warned that you could be finding jellybeans in interesting places for weeks to come.


Decorate Eggs

Buy a set of Easter egg dyes for the kids to use to color hardboiled eggs. Have them add extra decorations with markers, glue and glitter or stickers. Try these all-natural homemade Easter egg dyes and get some inspiration from these Easter egg designs.


Carrot Scavenger Hunt

Cut out 20 carrots from orange construction paper and glue on tops made from green construction paper. Plant them all around the house—under sofa cushions, in the silverware drawer, in kitchen cabinets, or taped to the refrigerator door. Send the kids out to collect the carrots, and let them redeem their carrots for snacks, such as a small box of raisins, a pack of gum, a bag of pretzels, or a piece of carrot cake. If your kids think a scavenger hunt is fun, try making one of these 30 fun Easter crafts with them!


Easter Bunny Bowling

Cut out pictures of Easter bunnies and tape them to 10 empty water or soda bottles. Set them up at the end of the hallway, or if it’s warm outside, in the driveway and start bowling. Keep score and give the winner a special treat, or just play for fun. Also, get creative with these unique Easter egg decorating ideas.


Bunny Hop

If you need to get some of your kids’ energy out after eating too much sugar, this is one of the Easter games for kids that gets them moving. Give each kid a large pillowcase and eggs. Create a course with the eggs at one end and an empty bucket at the other. Whichever kid can get the most eggs into the basket while hopping with both of their feet in the pillowcase in 2 minutes wins. This game, along with reading up on these happy Easter quotes, will help get your family in the Easter spirit.


Egg Toss

For this game, you can use regular or hardboiled eggs. It’s recommended that you play outside to avoid making a mess indoors. Find a partner in your family and stand about 5 feet apart. One partner will toss an egg to the other. If they catch it, take a step back. Continue until one of you drops the egg. The pair that can get the furthest apart without dropping the egg wins. This is the Easter candy that everyone secretly hates – but no one will admit to.


Easter Egg Push

Create a starting point and finish line with tape on the floor. Each person has to push as many eggs from the start to finish line in two minutes as they can. The trick, you can only use a spoon to move the egg and it has to be held in your mouth. After you play this game, do one of these Easter crafts for kids to keep the fun going.


Carrot In the Hoop

Create a starting line by placing a piece of rope on the ground. On the other side of the room, place two hula-hoops. Whichever person can throw the most carrots into the hula-hoop in the allotted amount of time wins.


Bunny Nose Race

Fill a bowl with cotton balls and put a small amount of Vaseline on your nose. Move the cotton balls out of the bowl using only your nose. See who can get the most cotton balls out of the bowl to get more competitive.


Easter Egg Memory Game

Collect multiple pairs of the same color eggs and place them under plastic cups on the table. Turn it into a memory game and find the pair of matching eggs. This is why eggs are associated with Easter.


Guess the Number of Jellybeans

This is one of the Easter games for kids that involves a tasty treat. Fill a mason jar with jellybeans and have kids guess how many they think are in there. Whoever comes closest wins and gets to keep the candy. This is a great simple Easter game for kids that is easy to throw together.


Easter Egg Bingo

Print out Bingo cards from the Internet and play Easter Bingo. Instead of using small chips to keep track of which spaces you’ve gotten, use Hershey Kisses or jellybeans. Whoever gets bingo first can get a special treat. Give these Easter dessert recipes a try.


Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Draw a bunny on a chalkboard or poster board and hang it on the wall. Blindfold whoever’s turn it is and spin them around three times. Have them put a round sticker as close to the bunny tail as they can. This is the best and worst Easter candy, according to a nutritionist.

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