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25 Fun Easter Games to Play with the Whole Family

After all the eggs have been found, keep the festivities going with these fun Easter activities for all ages.

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Playful girl wearing rabbit ears headband while holding Easter Eggs at home
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Fun Easter games

Easter Sunday is time for families to come together and share their favorite Easter traditions. From going to church and sharing a family feast to watching Easter movies and creating Easter baskets, these yearly rituals make the holiday special and memorable. This year, consider adding some new Easter games and activities to your festivities, and make more happy memories that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Children on an Easter Egg Hunt
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Easter activities for everyone

For many, the classic Easter egg hunt is the activity of the day. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there. We built our list to include games for every Easter scenario, whether it’s giving kids a fun activity in the backyard or riddles to entertain adults at the end of the evening. From egg races and bunny hops to Easter trivia and memory games, you’ll find something for everyone.

Easter decoration
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What games do you play on Easter?

If your annual Easter celebration includes a tried and true list of classic activities, like an egg race or an egg decorating competition, there’s nothing wrong with that. Those games are popular for a reason, and there’s something to be said for tradition. But we’re here to introduce you to games and activities you may not have thought of before, like Easter bunny bowling, an egg push, and fun Easter riddles for swapping. Our Easter game roundup may even spark some ideas of your own.


Easter egg hunt

Just in case you haven’t done this one, here’s how it goes: Hide your dyed Easter eggs all over your lawn, garden, and porch and set the little ones loose with baskets. Another variation is hiding hollow plastic eggs with clues inside about where to find the next egg. The last egg contains directions to the treasure (a Lego toy, stuffed animal, or other fun prize)! To avoid disappointment, provide some kind of treasure for each child. Hollow eggs also work well to style the hunt for teens (filled with age-appropriate erasers, easter candy, coins, and coveted dollar bills).

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Easter egg spoon race

Give each child a tablespoon and a bucket full of plastic or hardboiled Easter eggs.

  • Line up children side by side, with Easter baskets some distance away from each child.
  • Each child must place their egg on the spoon, and with the flat end of the spoon in their mouth, walk across the yard to drop the egg in the basket.

No hands allowed! Anyone who drops an egg has to start over.



Make a limbo stick from an old broom handle or similar long pole.

  • Start with the stick high and have the children line up and limbo underneath the bar as music plays in the background.
  • Lower the stick after each round.
  • If a player touches the bar above or the grass below (or falls!), that child is out of the game. The last player remaining wins a chocolate or stuffed Easter bunny.

Read up on these myths and legends about Easter.

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Easter parade

Provide a hat for each child (traditionally a white plastic fedora, but any kind will do) to decorate with flowers, ribbons, glitter, stickers, plastic fruit, lace, and paints. Once they’ve finished, have the kids line up to parade around (ideally in a back yard), and show off their Easter bonnet fashions.

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Easter piñata

Kids adore smashing things with a blindfold. Pick up a pre-made piñata from a party store or make your own, and fill it with Easter candy and small toys.

  • Let children take turns hitting the piñata with a broom handle.
  • Older kids should be blindfolded before they take a swing at the piñata.
  • Be sure to keep bystanders out of hitting range.
  • When the piñata breaks, kids can scoop up the candy and prizes.

Make sure that every child gets some of the loot. This is why bunnies are so popular for Easter.

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Jellybean hunt

Hide jellybeans all over your home, then set the kids loose with baskets. Make sure some are easy to find for younger kids, and that some are in more challenging places for older kids. And be forewarned, you may be finding jellybeans in interesting places for weeks to come.

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Excited little boy and his sister paint Easter eggs together
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Egg decorating

Buy a set of Easter egg dye to color hardboiled eggs (white eggs—brown don’t show colors very well), and encourage the kids to add their personal touch by decorating with crayon, markers, glue and glitter, or stickers. Try these Easter egg designs.

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Carrot scavenger hunt

  • Cut out 20 carrots from orange construction paper and glue on tops made from green construction paper.
  • Hide them all around the house—under sofa cushions, in the silverware drawer, in kitchen cabinets, or taped to the refrigerator door.
  • Send the kids out to collect and redeem their carrots for snacks such as a small box of raisins, a pack of gum, a bag of pretzels, or a piece of carrot cake.

If your kids think a scavenger hunt is fun, try making one of these fun Easter crafts with them!

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Easter bunny bowling

  • Cut out pictures of Easter bunnies and tape them to 10 empty water or soda bottles.
  • Set them up at the end of a hallway or in the driveway, and let the bowling begin.

Keep score and give the winner a special treat, or just play for fun.


Bunny hop

Need to get the kids’ energy out after eating too much sugar? This is the perfect Easter game to get kids moving.

  • Give each child a large pillowcase and three hardboiled or plastic eggs.
  • Set up a straight course, with kids lined up next to one another with their eggs. At the end of the course (a yard’s length if. your kids are hardy enough), opposite each child, line up an empty bucket (or their basket).
  • Each child must hop with their feet in the pillowcase while holding one egg to put it in the basket, then they must hop back to retrieve the next egg.
  • Whoever gets all three of their eggs in their bucket first wins.

This game, along with these happy Easter quotes, will help get your family in the Easter spirit.


Egg toss

Use raw or hardboiled eggs for this game, and to avoid making a mess, we recommend that you play this game outside.

  • Separate into teams of two, with partners facing one another, about 5 feet apart.
  • Partners take turns tossing the egg back and forth.
  • Every time someone catches an egg, they both take a step back.
  • They continue until someone drops the egg.

The pair that can get the furthest apart without dropping the egg wins.


Easter egg push

  • Create a start and finish line with tape on the floor (or on the grass).
  • Each player must push as many eggs as they can from start to finish in an agreed upon amount of time (say, three minutes).
  • The trick: Players can only touch the egg with a spoon, held by their mouth.

After you play this game, do one of these Easter crafts for kids to keep the fun going.


Carrot in the hoop

  • Create a standing line with a piece of rope on the ground.
  • Place two hula-hoops about six to twenty feet beyond the line (depending on room size and skill level).
  • The player that throws the most carrots into the hula-hoop wins.

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cotton wool balls
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Bunny nose race

  • Fill a bowl with cotton balls and put a small amount of Vaseline on your nose.
  • Move the cotton balls out of the bowl using only your nose.

Take turns to see who can get the most cotton balls out of the bowl. Since you’re spending so much time planning Easter games this year, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to get a few premade Easter baskets—trust us, there are some good ones out there.

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Easter egg memory game

  • Collect multiple pairs of same-colored eggs and hide them under plastic cups on the table.
  • Turn it into a memory game where players find pairs of matching eggs.

Guess the number of jellybeans

This great Easter game for kids is easy to throw together, and winners get a tasty prize.

  • Fill a mason jar with jellybeans and allow everyone to guess how many they think are in there.
  • Whoever comes closest to the actual number wins, and gets to keep the candy.

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Printable Easter Bingo
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Easter Egg Bingo

Download these printable bingo cards from Etsy to enjoy a game of Easter-themed Bingo. Keep it festive by swapping out jellybeans for the small chips to keep track of the spaces you’ve gotten. This is a good game to play while enjoying one of these Easter dessert recipes.

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Easter Bunny Banner.
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Pin the tail on the bunny

  • Draw a bunny on a chalkboard or poster board and hang it on the wall.
  • You can use a large cotton ball as a tail with a piece of double-sided tape on one side that will stick to the board, or you can just use a sticker as a makeshift tail.
  • Blindfold and spin each player around three times before their turn.
  • The players’ mission: to stick the round bunny tail on the bunny (in the right spot, of course).

If you’re looking for more laughs this holiday, share some Easter jokes or Easter memes to keep things light.

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Bunny Hop Game
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Bunny Hop memory game

This Easter board game is a great choice to keep little ones entertained.

  • Players roll the die, then push down a matching colored bunny.
  • If the bunny hops up into the air, the player collects the bunny.
  • The first player to have one bunny of each color wins.

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The Uncle Wiggily Game
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Uncle Wiggly

The Uncle Wiggly is an Easter take on CandyLand that will be a blast for the whole family, since elder generations will also have fond memories of playing it back in the day. Uncle Wiggly is a gentleman of a rabbit that will accompany players on their adventure to Dr. Possums house—the first to arrive wins the game.

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Easter Egg Challenge Game
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Easter Egg Challenge

Download the Easter Egg Challenge from Etsy and all you’ll need is a printer and some scissors to create the cards. Players take turns pulling cards from a bowl—will they get a challenge card, treat, swap or give?  Each card has its own instructions on what to do. This game is a great all-ages game that little kids will love too—except for when they get a card asking them to give a piece of Easter chocolate to another player.

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Easter Escape Room
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Easter Escape Room

The Easter Escape Room is another quick download from Etsy. It’s designed for four players, but is easily adaptable to fit a larger group, and makes a great party game for all ages. Just like in an escape room, teams have to solve puzzles and challenges to unlock the next step. Only here, the object is to help the Easter Bunny find their way home.

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Easter Candy Match Game
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Easter Candy Match

There’s a ton of Easter candy going around during the holiday anyway, so why not make a game out of it? The object of the Easter Candy Match game is to match the candy with its slogan. Sound easy? It’s more challenging—and fun—than you may think.

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Who Is Most Like The Easter Bunny
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Easter Icebreaker game

All you need for this fun icebreaker game is a printer to make copies of “Who is Most Like the Easter Bunny?” Each player gets a certain amount of points for each statement. For example, give yourself a point if your birthday is in March or April, and two points if you ate eggs today. The player with the most points wins.

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Easter Trivia
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Easter trivia

Who doesn’t love a trivia game? Print this game from Etsy and give each player their own copy plus a pencil. It’s more fun and social when one person reads each question out loud. The person with the highest number wins. Now that you know which Easter games you want to play this year, check out these adult Easter baskets, because you’re never too old for a little candy.

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